Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Ivy-League Handsome

Hi Hi sisters ..... There has been quite a bit of HRH's reports and pictures released recently in Japan media. First, Nikkan Sports on Jan 4 and 5 with his New Year's greetings and interview. As you read in bb's blog, our considerate cloudnine is tirelessly translating the interview for us. Then there's the TV commentary about SkyPerfectv 'Yonsama matsuri' for the next 3 months (sob sob, should have signed up at the Yokohama Christmas Event). Well, what am I trying to say? Regardless of whether we have SkyPerectv or not, the bottom line is : we'll be seeing more new pictures and footages of our prince and that's good news, huh? :)

From Sankei Sports (thanks cloudnine, it's Japanese Fuji Sankei group) 2009-01-07
This is a change from the cool & sexy look that we have been seeing since last year, you like this gentle image? So gentle and nobly, kind of remind me of an Ivy League college professor :)

I'd be staring at him like a little puupy too if I were listening to his lecture @@

Aiyo, who cares what course he's teaching?

I for sure would be crashing into his office everyday after class :)

Hahaha, it'd be even better if he flunked me, I could retake the course all over again! :)
from by miemi


Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime:
Yes, he is looking like the prestigious and well dressed Ivy League professors and businessmen at UPENN. Perhaps one of this months, Bae Yong Joon as the top earning actor and businessman of the Hallyu Wave, would think of enrolling in a business executive course in the Ivy League like Wharton School or Harvard Business School. Nobody will stalk him here.
Sarang Hamnida,
josephine pasricha

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime!

Hahaha, if he is teaching, you will definitely have me as a classmate! We can flunk together!


Anonymous said...

Hi hi Jaime,

Sankei is a Japanese newspaper, and there's a media group called Fuji Sankei group. Fuji is Fuji TV (in Odaiba). Japanese newspaper companies closely tied with TV stations (except NHK which is public) such as Asahi newspaper with TV Asahi (in your neighborhood), Yomiuri with NTV (in Shiodome) and Mainichi with TBS (Akasaka Sakasu).

I love the idea of Prof. Bae flunked us. I'll only write in my paper 'Sarang Hae', and I won't mind being a regular failure, haha!

cloud nine

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime,

I find your post so entertaining, hahaha...
I would like to be included in the student that flunk *wink* so that we can all enroll again next sem.

You think we would all be listening to his voice and drooling at his face but not actually understanding what's being said, hehehe...

I can see all our eyes dreamy while listening to him..

Isn't it crazy???? hihihi...


Hyds said...

Hello Jaime,
Naughty professor, I meant cheeky smilling professor.. You would think, one might be daydreaming instead of listening and yes agree with everything you said!!!

Love, Hyds

jenny said...

Hi Jaime

He can't be a professor, cause if he become professor all of you want to attend his class only, How about others professor than. Ha Ha Ha Ha.

The college will also packed with all the naughty bae sister. Is a disturbance to others.

I love all this photos. You were so lucky to have shifted to Japan, where you can see a lot Yoon Joon photos & etc whether in TV, newpaper or magazine.

Thanks and take care


jaime said...

dear josephine,

Sorry for the late reply.

I agree w/ you. I really think one day BYJ will be a lecturer on some filming/acting/business courses in university. I am patiently waiting for that day to come :)

Thanks for your enlightenment always!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hi touched,

Thank you, I love having classmates to flunk with me. Doesn't feel too good to be at the bottom always, you know. Hehe, trust me, I know that feeling :)

sorry for the late reply!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hehe cloudnine,

you make me laugh so hard! I can imagine how cute you look when you write 'Saranghae' on your paper :) I can even imagine how heartily our prince will laugh when he sees this! Good luck!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hi Jelen,

So if we all flunked in HRH's class, will that get our prince in trouble? You think he will get fired? ok ok sorry, I should think positive, that is we fail our test, and we need to stay after class for extra tutoring from HRH, hahaha, much better :)

Thanks for writing to me!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hyds,

Yes I agree, it's daydreaming. We Bae fans are EXPERTS at that, right? We're always daydreaming about him already :)

Have a great weekend!

love .. jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hi Jenny,

Yes yes, if everyone takes his course only, he will have too much workload. What if the university says we have to take an admission exam before being allowed to take his course?? Fast, let's grab a a book and STUDY!

Thanks for writing me a comment!

love ... jaime

phuong said...

Hi jaime , have you ever have a chance to look at another charming korean actor as So Ji Sub ? For me he is a prince charming , a cool gangster ,and he can act well in historical drama too , very round up actor . i hope with your talent you would make some beautiful posts for him as well. Thanks.

jaime said...

Hi phuong,

Thanks for telling me about how you feel about SJS. To be honest, I know about him through BYJ in bb's blog and soompi. I have never really looked into him or his work. So many sisters have mentioned that he is their No. 2 man after BYJ. After reading your comment, I get a bit curious in his 'attraction'. Please give me some time to check him out, ok? Thanks for letting me know and I also hope I can see what you 'see'.

Btw, thank you for your kind words. Hehe, I really have no talents in anything, just learning from the other pros in the Bae family :) Please take care!

love ... jaime