Monday, January 19, 2009

Tears of Love

Hi Hi dear sisters ...... just like to let u know our outing to Gosireh Hwa was fantastic! We had so much fun and I can't wait to show you how the restaurant is like :) But being the busy mother of a budding teenager, my first priority is to attend to his demanding school work and schedule. So please excuse me while I turn myself into Einstein and Shakespeare this little while. If I am still not too tired after squeezing every drop of juice from my tiny brain to tutor him, I will write about Hwa, ok?

I am so touched looking at these pictures of our prince. Do you notice the tears swelling up in his eyes? (please enlarge the picture) He was so overwhelmed by the love of his family, 35000 of them in Osaka Kyocera Dome! Now how do you explain this 'love' for so many people who don't personally know each other, but are each other's reason for strength and living?

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Hyds said...

I think it's unexplainable Jaime, his eyes had spoken a thousand words that even him couldn't phrase them or put them all together to express how he felt on that day.
When I saw the event, I couldn't believe it. Up to all these years he drew such attention and love. I suddenly realize I have missed so much from being an absent Bae fan.I don't know what made me google him and found KOB but I think he has touched us in different ways and imprinted a memory that will last forever. It's true love indeed..has no reason.
Thanks for posting these images..
Love, Hyds
p.s. I was so looking forward to that picnic but will patiently wait. ;-)

jenny said...

Hi jaime

From the photos we can see his true happiness and do not need any more explaination. Did not regret to be a bae fan.



jaime said...

Hi Hyds,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and a bit of your journey. So did you start from Winter Sonata? How did you learn about him from an English town?

Me too, I also regret in missing so much history being a BYJ fan this late. I was re-watching 'First Love' this past week and I simply adore Yong Joon's acting in Chanwoo's character, so real! I only wish I were a fan back then :)

Hehe, let's savour our future BYJ journey together then, ok?

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hi Jenny,

I agree with you. Even though sometimes I feel I may have spent too much time on BYJ, but I never regret once knowing about him and our Bae sisters. It's a blessing in fact :) Thanks for sharing with me.

love .. jaime

Anonymous said...

i love seeing him happy...well, teary eyed happy?? love it means that love is indeed universal. I just don't seem to understand why there are still people, some are even koreans, who gives him a bad rep...?? what's not to like about this guy???