Monday, January 5, 2009

So it's Guam

Hi Hi sisters ..... So the news is out, our prince went to Guam for the CF shooting of Arnold Bassini. I guess I can pack those face masks and wonder cream away in the drawer and resume my night owl lifestyle again since I won't be seeing HRH anytime soon anyway (haha, as if he notices :) I remember my dad took our family to Guam when I was very young. My memory of Guam is nothing more than a deserted island, clear blue sky and lush green forest. Now many many moons later, Guam has become a popular beach resort for many Japanese and Asian visitors. This is also not Yong Joon's first visit to Guam. He actually took a break there after finished shooting 'First Love' in 1997. I lifted these pictures from bb's blog when she posted about this trip, thanks a bunch! Sorry, too lazy to crop these pictures in Photoshop :)

Our prince tanned and relaxed, oh so young and handome @@

Can you still spot a trace of the rebellious 'Chanwoo' in him here?
Read that he actually offered to take pictures for a newlywed couple honeymooning there @@
Looked like our energetic and growing boy was a bit 'grumpy' that everybody preferred to sleep in and missed breakfast ;-o
Our slightly 'chubby' baby was so playful :) You noticed it was raining and the pool area was deserted.
Hehe, trying to blend in as a regular tourist here (wave to princess - those long hairy legs again! @@)
I read that Guam is 33C hot hot hot! . But with the heavy security around him now, I guess it's impossible to see THIS MUCH of HRH anymore, eh? Well, let's just use our imagination, ok? :)
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Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime,

When I knew HRH went with Brian, I was thiking it must be a English speaking country in Asia, like Hong Kong, Singapore... So it was Guam! (For me it's in U.S.A! )My impression of Guam is 'nothing but ocean', but I do have a good memory of meeting some good people there.

Hotels and shopping malls concentrate in a rather small area, so it means tourists have more chances to meet Him. Oh Yong Joon, you should have told me!

cloud nine

bb said...

haha, me too, cloudnine, suspected that it's gonna be an english-speaking place when i read that brian went along.

but nay, not singapore... i should be so lucky....

and... the princess waves back at those sexy, hairy legs...!! *bb squeals in delight!!

and oh, he's supposed to go back on the 7th.... wonder if he's gotta some R&R at all.

you know, i was just thinking if he's sporting short hair and wearing a baseball cap really really low, he might just get away incognito. but with his long hair now and fave fedora... hmmm....

thanks for this, jaime!

jaime said...

hi hi cloudnine,

echoing you, Yeah Yong Joon, you should've told us!

You know, I was crazy enough yesterday after the news release that it's Guam and the hotel. I actually started checking out flights to Guam and the room availability in Sheraton Laguna! (since u know I have the next few days free) But after I thought about this probably constitutes stalking and disturbing his work, then I felt so guilty of not even having basic self-control and common sense :(

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hi princess,

really, back on the 7th? so short, not much rest in Guam then. You know, I don't mind Yong Joon going to Singapore, then it'll be BIG news! But if he goes to Hong Kong, then I'd really bang my head on the wall (seems like I keep missing HRH)

Hehe, I am sure all the Japanese, fans or not fans, on Guam Island are on HIGH ALERT knowing Yonsama is there. I agree with you, it's impossible for him to go incognito this time :) Hopefully, he can still roam around freely to restaurants and stuff! Afterall, everybody is on a vacation mood :)

love ... jaime

jenny said...

Hi jaime

With all his bae family's who are so imaginative and high alert on his whereabout,it is impossible for him to have a quiet holiday in Guam. Ha Ha Ha poor yoon joon.

But anyhow hope there some bae sister bump on him and have some news and latest photos to share with us.

Take care


Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime:
Greetings from Philadelphia. We are snow bound today so we can only watch and remember First Love and Winter Sonata. It is only now that I realize winter is supposed to be a metaphor for tragedy, but Bae Yong Joon has transformed WLS winter into victory living and loving!
Happy New Year to all and to Bae Yong Joon.
Sarang Hamnida,
josephine pasricha

Hyds said...

Ohh Jaime.. trip down memory lane... I'm not looking, honest!!! makes me blush! I haven't seen him in those underwear .. but yes agree with the playful stints he showed in those pictures. Thanks for posting..

Much love, Hyds

bb said...

hehe... funny... so far it has NEVER struck me to check out flights and hotels each time he travels... am i weird or just plain dense...?

haha, i don't even know which i 'prefer'... :p

jaime said...

hehe jenny,

i think your wish came true. you saw his blurry pics, blocked by Brian, at the Guam airport, right?
hehe, better than nothing, it satisfied all our curiosities :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Dear Josephine,

It's nice to hear from you again. Happy New Year, I wish you all the best in 2009! I understand how brutal Winter can be in the States and Canada (and now Europe). Yong Joon and Winter Sonata certainly help to relieve some of the pain. Please take care of yourself and your family.

love .... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hyds,

Really?! You have NEVER seen our prince like this? You meant just this set of pictures, right? Cos he has similar ones from the Image album. If not, maybe it's time for us to repost them, hehe :)

love ... jaime

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime

Thanks for the pics. Seeing them makes me miss Chan Woo.

I really like his playful poses. Haven't seem him with such poses nowadays.

S'pore fan

jaime said...

hehe princess,

funny that this is also the first time I bothered to check out the flights and hotel. I think it's because they actually published the hotel name even when he's still living there! I remember his whereabouts were strictly confidential when he was in Japan and continental US and of course the duration was much longer. Hehe anyway, this is after the fact now, he is safe and sound back in Seoul and the daydream is over :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Dear S'pore fan,

Me too, I miss Chanwoo so I am re-watching First Love now. Hehe I am fastforwarding all non-BYJ scenes, so it goes pretty quickly :) this story is so heartwarming and Chanwoo is just the cutest and most stubborn guy! I love how this guy singlehandly stood up against those streetgangs asking for protection money! I can see under the gentle smiling Yong Joon, he is also this tough underneath. Hehe, itchy to re-watch?

love ... Jaime

Hyds said...

Yup, it's my first hehehehehe it makes me go red know that kind of feeling but anyway. I suppose I have to just not look...;-) promise! mm!
I didn't see all the Image pics nut saw bits of his muscles!!! Ha! Thanks. Love, Hyds

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime

I totally agree with you abt Chan Woo. I can see bits of BYJ in him and Frank Shin which I like.

Yeah, lots and lots of ff when watching FL.

Really impatient to see him in another drama. In the meantime, rewatching TWSSG.

Wishing him a complete recovery asap.

S'pore fan

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