Monday, March 3, 2008

Black Crutches?

As some sisters know, my son had an accident on the ski slopes and injured his ankle. My poor baby, he was on his last run on the last day of his ski trip. His ligament in the ankle is severely torn and has to wear a cast. When the doctor told me that my boy has to use crutches to walk for the next few weeks. This picture immediately came to my mind ..... Boy! I am hopeless.

You know I started checking out those crutches and tried to figure out how did Yong Joon's managers spray-paint them black. OK, the spray paint part is straight forward, but the tricky part is that rubber-cushioned handle thingy that Yong Joon was holding onto. We all know Yong Joon sweats a lot, especially so many flashes were aiming at him. How did they prevent the black paint on the rubber from smudging onto HRH's royal hands? Wax? Clear topcoat? Should I even think of experimenting it on my mini-HRH's crutches??


vegasbyj said...

Oh dear Jaime!

I'm so sorry to hear about your son's accident. How awful! I wish him a speedy recovery. Crutches are not fun, but you can make them look cool.
As for the rubber parts, I wonder what they used, unless they had them custom made.

Here's to your son's speedy recovery - wish him well for me.

Take care of you too!!

gosijo said...

Hi Jaime, here's hoping that your mini-HRH heals fast and without complications and that he remains reasonable with the demands he places on his omoni.

I see what you mean about the practical considerations for turning ordinary crutches into the 'coolest ever'. I think a clear topcoat would work for the cushions but, then again, I'm no expert.

Anonymous said...

Dear jaime,

Oh that's too bad.I'm sorry for him and your family.It might be painful first and now irritating for your son at a very active age.
I think your son and YJ will get rid of crutches aroud the same time.
Please take care and wish him earlier recovery.

See you later !


flowerbossa said...

Oh Jaime!

I'm so sorry to hear that your son has to go through this ordeal...
But I know young people heal faster than adults, so I'm sure that he will be enjoying his favorite sports sooner than we think.

AND I really admire his mother's sense of humor even under a trying situation as this^^

You take care too, alright?


jaime said...

hi hi vegas,

thank you for your well wishes. I just sent my boy back to school. The doctor's order : he can't run, but he can study! Needless to say, he's disappointed.

yeah, I think HRH's crutches are custom made too. But you are right, so inconvenient. A cane actually is easier to manage, his knee must still be hurting.

love ,... jaime

jaime said...

hehe my dear gosijo,

sorry for wrecking everybody's brain to think about that black crutches. As you know, we people in N. America are so used to these DIY home projects and this one sure looks like a fun and easy one.

Thanks for your nice thoughts. We're fine, omoni and son, both still in high spirit :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

dear moichan,

thank you for your warm wishes. My boy is doing fine and the doctor says he recovers really fast.

I too wish HRH can walk, run and exercise like anybody else. It must be really hard on him being so active before. I wish he can really go travelling like what always wanted before embarking on another filming project. He deserves to be away from all the attention and crowds, and just relax with his loved ones.

Please take care and I hope to see u soon.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

dear flowerbossa,

Thank you for your kind words. I was about to launch a formal investigation into this whole incident (hehe, just kidding), but it's actually my son who calms me down and puts me at ease. He keeps assuring me that he had a great time in his ski trip and does not want to make a big deal out of it. As my hubby puts it, it's part of growing up, every boy has to go through it. I guess I am just thankful that it's not more serious.

Is it what they call 'growing pain' or does it mean something else?

love ... Jaime

Anonymous said...

Oh .. Jaime, among our N.American bae sisters, you are the closest to HRH, makes me jealous >.<
Enjoying Japan like him, especially at his grand restaurant with sisters who love him, now your little love one's giving you the opportunity "How to be with a handsome person with crutches"...
Just kidding .. wishing mini HRH speedy recovery.
I had this experience with my older daughter, 5 years ago, At that time she was still at College, she came home for summer break and she was dancing around in the kitchen and somehow fell down and got fractured ankle. The doctor putting the cast told her "So you did break dance" so funny .. She was on crutches for 6 weeks ...


jaime said...

hi yee,

I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter's fractured ankle, it helped to have a funny doctor, eh?

hehe, please don't be jealous. HRH is still very far from me. Actually I feel the presence of his Japanese family more than him. The Japanese sisters are the ones who are spreading his warmth and love. I truly hope the N. American sisters can feel it too.

love .. jaime

bb said...

oopsies.... hope mini HRH is not in alot of pain. is it school hols now? hope he's not having to miss school or anything like that :p

jaime said...

oh princess,

sorry for the late reply. the little one is doing fine. doctor's order : you cannot walk but you can study :( what a bummer.

love .. jaime