Monday, March 10, 2008

BYJ 'sightings'

Hehe, almost! When you have a zilch chance to see BYJ, anything remotely related to him is the next best thing, right? So here it goes ....

A few days ago when I was walking around Shinjuku station, I spotted this BYJ painting in a fast food counter. Well actually I was lost in this underground maze and didn't know where I was heading. As much as I wanted to ask about its origin and story, I don't think the teenage server at the counter is the owner of this painting. So I just snapped a picture. I think the chance of me finding this place again is quite slim, it's called Mother's Crepes?

See, I am still such an amateur at this blogging thingy. I tried to take a closeup shot but was too embarassed to walk in, so I just post the actual picture of HRH in that painting. Ohhh ..... so handsome @@

Now, this one I have never heard about .... Cloudnine is kind enough to take me and another sister to this cafe that HRH went during his first trip to Japan. Lotus is a very small and casual cafe located in the back streets of trendy Omotesando/Harajuku area. You can have a relaxing time enjoying a coffee while flipping through your favourite design books and magazines here.

HRH sat in this secluded corner table in the basement floor. The backdrop is a huge lit-up Paris street scene, as if you are sitting at an outdoor cafe. The adjacent walls are painted this plum rose colour. Somehow I can't picture HRH in this type of establishment - too local, maybe?

Hehe, cloudnine said HRH has a sweettooth and he had 3 kinds of cakes! Of course, we ordered all 3 to try - milk tea chiffon cake, cheesecake and the Mango mousse cake.

Don't worry, the portion is actually quite small. We chat away about HRH and gobbled them up in no time! And we still had room in our tummies for sushi dinner right after, hahaha! Thank you to the other sister for these pictures. It was an enjoyable and relaxing BYJ outing, thanks cloudnine for taking us :)


bb said...

hee... i've been to this one too!

but honestly, like you'd said, it's so local and so 'back alley' that i don't think i can remember how to get there... :p

actually i thought that place was kindda young and hip, i didn't think mr sohn would know that place to bring wuri yong joon :p

p.s. so envious! you've been spending so much tim e with our lovely cloudnine!!

jaime said...

hehe princess, you've been to this one too!! Maybe next time when you are in Tokyo, you'll be my guide then :)

So you mean this place still looks the same as the time HRH visited? I too find it caters to the young. Maybe that's why the waitress were looking at us like we are there to look for our runaway daughters!

Yeah, cloudnine is really really kind and sweet. I can only thank HRH for giving me this blessing.

love ... jaime

bb said...

talking about shinjuku.... my first trip to tokyo, i stayed at the southern tower shinjuku... and oh man, i really hated going back to the hotel on my own... i couldn't seem to ever remember the right exit! and once you're lost, you're so lost! that place is really like a maze. and everyone's walking so fast i felt like i was holding up traffic when i had to just stop mid-track to figure out which way to go next :p

hee, so my subsequent trips, i stayed away from southern tower, although i did like the hotel :p

trust that you're settling in okay? and that your son is not in pain or anything like that from that ski-fall? :)

p.s. i might be going to tokyo for work in late may; let's see if i'm able to steal away to meet you (and the other sisters, of course...)

..... dare i even think it... finally meeting jaime...? :p

jaime said...

princess, you mean you will only come here for work? Aren't you going to wait for a special someone to arrive in early June??
hehe, I think I will be nervous if I really get to meet you :)

bb said...

yea... i heard about the possible fan meeting in early june... and nope, there's no way at all i can stretch my work trip by a week for that fan meeting...

am sure you know what it's like... one tends to be really busy with lots of follow-up to do right after a work trip, so max, i can only extend for a couple of days, if at all. stay on till early june for that special someone...? near impossible, i think.

and... i seriously seriously doubt my boss will understand how special that special someone is :p

p.s. you nervous...?! whatever for...? ask cloudnine, i'm really quite nice :)

Secretbear said...

OMG, this is another reason why i have to go to Japan!

jaime said...

hehe secretbear,

yes yes, come to Japan. BUT be prepared to go on a diet afterwards cause the food is soooooo yummy here :)

love .. jaime