Monday, March 31, 2008

Nature's Wonder

Hi Hi sisters ....... I thought I had a soothing and relaxing weekend at an onsen (hot springs) in Hakone, blended harmoniously with nature. Only to come back and greeted by another nature's wonder - HRH! But in contrary to having a calming effect, my blood pressure is shot up to the ceiling by this natural beauty :)

Hehe, these are actually HRH's gorgeous pictures in his 'BYJ Classics - Scenes' CD sets (posted by byjfan/kaorin). I have received the 'Love Story' set (a surprise gift from a very dear sister, thanks so much) which consists of the CD and a small photo booklet. I'll be posting more later. Please enjoy!


Tamar said...

Our BYJ looks wonderful in grey...maybe I'll start wearing grey once in a while, too! LOL!

jaime said...

oops, so sorry tamar. I guess I miss your comment. Hehe grey, not pink, I read you now! :)