Thursday, March 27, 2008

Secret of his Youth

We all exclaimed how young HRH looks in TWSSG, that he hasn't aged a bit since Barefooted Youth. In fact he looks even more radiant and confident than 10 years ago. Of course, this amazing quality is mostly attributed to his beautiful heart and sincere personality, but applying a little ‘tender loving care’ to his outer appearance on a regular basis doesn’t hurt either!

So, you want to see where HRH’s beauty is brewed? This is Jung Saem Mool Inspiration Salon, not exactly the ultra-modern luxurious spa that one would expect. The interior is bright, natural and warm, a good complement to our HRH’s character.

I find this artcle clip quite interesting, so I just do a very crude translation to English. This is what his make-up artist Ms. Chon Sen-Mur has to say :

BYJ is a very professional person, also very tender and manly. I think he has that quality to embrace other people. It is amazing that besides the face, he is beautiful from head to toes. Sometimes his skin condition is not as optimal due to his extremely harsh filming schedule, so he will come to this salon to do his skin care treatment. BYJ is a traditional Korean man. Psychologically he feels uneasy for a man to do skin care treatment, therefore he is not fond of heavy make up. The skin care and cosmetics brand that he uses is Korea’s Amore Pacific and Hera.

Also from JSM Salon, Yonsama’s hairstylist Ms. Hyon Jin (from his Winter Sonata days) said this :

BYJ has full luscious hair, so it’s much easier to work with than people who have thin hair. When I am styling his hair, he will give me suggestions like “Does it not complement with today’s occasion?” Basically he trusts my judgement and let me work on his hair. I am also an ordinary person and cannot always do things perfect. Then at this time his suggestions on hairstyle and color become very useful like “I don’t want to go with colors too bright”.

In case you are interested to know more about his salon and the skin care lines he uses, these are the websites :

picture from BYJGallery/style
reposted from baidu/wonchun


HeippieH said...

I was thrown off the chair when reading that comment of YJ's make-up artist Ms. Chon Sen-Mur - "It is amazing that besides the face, he is beautiful from head to toes." I am sure I totally agree with her, but I want to know how she found that HRH is beautiful "from head to toes". Did she have first hand examination on him? I want to know how every part of him is beautiful, like how does his belly-button look? We are obviously impressed by his 6-pack muscles, but we haven't studied his belly-button yet.

Ooopeess, am I getting too much off the track, political incorrect?

Ok, the first picture is absolutely beautiful, more beautiful than a beautiful woman. He just looks soo delicate, tender, fresh, ... even ... deliciouso.

jaime said...

hehe my dear naughty h,

you're so right. so far no one has commented on the royal bellybutton yet. come to think of it, there are not too many of those pictures around except in the Image Album. Maybe you can shed some light on us later, wink wink :)

love ... jaime

Tamar said...

At first I found it odd that BYJ would go to the salon so often but now that HDTV is so popular, you have to have PERFECT skin.. .no pimples ever! A tiny pimple will look like Mt Fuji in HDTV so famous people like BYJ have a lot of pressure to make sure their skin is immaculate. So even guys who normally don't have to care about such things have no choice except to maintain a high standard for their skin.

jaime said...

really tamar? so maybe HDTV is not that welcome by actors/actresses then. how can any person can always maintain perfect skin and youthful look especially with their hectic filming schedule? hehe of course anyone except Yong Joon :)

Tamar said...

I don't think actors really like the idea of HDTV when you can see every freckle, blackhead, pimple, etc. A lot of movie sets have to have dermatologists, etc. on set to take care of any skin trauma because of the move towards HDTV and digital movies. Simply covering up with more makeup doesn't work with HDTV.