Friday, March 7, 2008

Born a leftie?

Well, I noticed it back in my early days as a BYJ fan, he always put his phone to his left ear. So what’s the big deal about it? Now, we all know HRH is right-handed. Isn't it more natural to use his right hand to hold the phone close to his right ear instead?

OK, you may argue that he’s smart to use his left hand for the phone so he can free up his right hand to do other things, right? Good point, but how do you explain this then? Isn’t this a bit awkward to use the left side in this situation?

Let's look at some more activities in his everyday life .....
First thing in the morning, shaving with his left hand

checking out his own handsome face

Oh poor dear, he hurt the same finger during the AS premiere in Korea, remember? Ok HRH, you’re excused in this one since your right hand could not possibly hold the microphone.

And …… to prove my point further : all you ‘rightie’ sisters out there, please try copying his poses here. Now tell me, is it more natural if you switch your arms the other way round?

Ha, I experimented with this one. He's definitely looking through a leftie's eye!

I heard that in older generations, leftie is considered not the 'norm', so some parents actually reverted the chid's natural tendency in using his left hand. You think it was the case with Yong Joon back in his childhood in Korea?

For a ‘rightie’, I imagine you would naturally embrace your loved one’s head to your right, huh?

Now gotcha! Even sleeping on your left side, and that’s a definite no-no for a ‘rightie’. Well handsome boy, if you want a chance to defend yourself, how about letting me sit by your bedside and observe your sleeping pattern the whole night? I'll be more than happy to disprove my hypothesis, fair enough? :)

OK now, it’s official, I'm definitely thinking too much of him. Hehe, never mind my nonsense babbling, this is just another excuse for me to pose HRH’s pictures. Have a great weekend!


gosijo said...

Hi Jaime,

Always glad to discuss BYJ trivia with someone who truly appreciates it.

Okay, with the shaving picture, could it be it was taken through a mirror? I looked for the tell-tale scars on the back of his supposed right hand and there not there. Btw, what is the story behind those scars? I'm dying to know!!

For the pic with the easel, notice how his hair is parted to the left. Although not impossible, your other pics show his hair parted to the right. Could it be this easel pic was rotated? I know, we've always seen it that way but try it. Just look at his face (Jaime! I said just look at his FACE!). I would buy it's been rotated.

I have to concede the point on the poses with the hands, though. And the classic BYJ phone holding IS peculiar. In an endearing kind of way, of course!

For the eye through the lens, maybe this is not so unusual. I aim true only with my left eye despite being just a regular rightie. When do I aim, you ask? Well, at the shooting range, of course! No, no, just joking. Try.... my brother's pellet gun eons ago and a bit of archery on a holiday a few years back.

When it comes to the hug, hmmmm, where's my hubby when I need him? Well, could it be hugging on the side of the heart?

Funny you should put that AS pic there, at the end! What puzzled me was that he was on that side of the bed for that scene but on the other side for The Other One. Bet he was asked that question at one of the Q&As.

Well, this was fun but now it's time to get back to my so-called life.

Have a great weekend, Jaime and everyone!

HeippieH said...

Wow, he is so handsome. Nice pick of the pictures. In different ages, different gestures, he looks always so handsome. Well you got your point across, I am convinced that he might be a corrected leftie. Nice job Jaime! oh, which side of his face is more handsome? left or right? remember bb said one of his sides looks better than the other, then we all agreed that he looks perfect on either sides. Gosh, such a nice looking young man.

To satisfy a little vanity of me, I feel closer to him if he is a corrected leftie, 'coz I am one of them. Still vividly remember my grandma corrected me when I was 5 and started to learn writing, I naturally used left hand to write, and even now I could forget what grandma said "H. (that's indeed my name, the initial of my nickname), you should write with right hand. Let's write with right hand, good child write with right hand". Gosh, good child write with right hand, then the little brain of me said to myself "I'd better change hand". Was that how HRH was corrected? You are right that the old generations did think the lefties are abnormal and try to correct them. Though I write with right hand, I found myself doing lots of things with the opposite hands, leg/foot, eye to the real righties. Guess HRH is the case as well.

I have never noticed this detail before, thanks for sharing your sharp observation.

love lots,

Anonymous said...

hm.... i remember that i read somewhere that yong joon oppa have a beautiful left hand and manly right hand. so maybe he practise to use his left hand everytime especially during photo shooting?

about the scar in his hand... i tot i read that he got that when he shoot first love? am not sure...
^^; ty jaime onni! nice post :)

jaime said...

Hi hi jose,

so sorry for this late reply. hehe, you are sooo observant. Yes, I thought about maybe these photos are being flipped or shot through a mirror. Looks like the shaving and drawing photos are in that category.

Hehe, after some major snow shovelling, did you manage to grab hubby for the hugging test? So, is it really on the side which is closer to the heart?

love ... jaime

jaime said...

my dear h,

So you are a corrected leftie. I guess it's much more productive to be able to use both hands, eh? hehe, you know what? I still cannot do his cell phone on left ear act, it's just not comfortable :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

oh really, mymy? The scar is from First Love? I thought it's from his early days of practising TaeKwonDo. Take care!

love ... jaime

gosijo said...

Hehe, Jaime, just when this snow-thing is beginning to get us down, they tell us we could beat an all-time record for Toronto if we can bear and grin (and heave with the shovel) through another 17cm.

Hubby stole some of the fun away from me by helping with the digging out - thank God! - so he got extra hugs this weekend. Heart-side.

Now, I'm left with wondering if he's a corrected leftie. Or perhaps I am??

Aja! Aja! Snowing!!

jaime said...

AJa Aja gosijo, I'm cheering for you guys. 17 more cm to go! Wow, 2008 winter will be in the record book.

btw, sorry to inform you that Tokyo's forecast for tomorrow is
a spring like 16 degrees :)

love ... jaime

regie said...

dear Jaime,

how r you? and how's your son recovery from the ski fall?
Thanks for posting this, I learned something new again about our HRH. I think he is a coreted leftie , because to shave, hold a handphone and fix the glasses using left hand isn't comfortable unless you're a leftie.I tried it myself while reading your blog....hehehe.....especially to fix the glasses with lefthand is kindda of strange to me.

well,talk to you later

love n peace,

Anonymous said...

I'm deaf in my right ear so I ALWAYS put the phone to my left ear. I also ALWAYS sleep on my left side, too. Keeps the sound out. LOL!--Tamar