Friday, March 7, 2008

Prayer for a sister

Hi ... just read this baidu post translated to Chinese by wonchun, but the original post is actually from KOB #47610 in Korean. A Chinese sister Noah_Ark will be receiving an operation tomorrow to treat her cancer (sorry, no mentioning of the details). I guess a few other sisters whom she exchanges comments with in KOB have contacted her. Ark mentioned that she watches Jaeho in 'Have we really loved'. Apparently she has a 6 years old son, she teaches him to learn from the way BYJ lives his life.

Even though I don't go to KOB often and don't know Noah_Ark, but I feel very sad about her son. A lot of us are mothers here and we all know how precious is the presence of a mother in a child's life. I think that's one of the reasons why we love Jaeho so much and can't bear to watch him struggling through the hardships in life. I pray here that Ark's operation will be successful tomorrow and she will be on her way to recovery.

BTW, you probably have read from bb already that Broasia is having a final sale. So many items are at US$1! Hurry now and order a whole bunch, they will be closing their website soon. Hope you get what you want :)


gosijo said...

Hi Jaime,

Thanks for letting us know about Noah_Ark. I remember 'seeing' her on KOB. I too pray her operation will be a success.

Thanks also for re-inforcing bb and Vegas's messages about the Broasia sale.

Just wanted to pass on some info about the manga 'Kami no Shisuku'. I'm really interested in getting copies once it becomes available in French - not aware that English is planned at this point but will let you know. In searching for the best way to buy it from here, I found what many of you may already know, i.e. it's available in Chinese from Yes Asia. The way I found it there was select Comics and type "Gouttes de dieu" in the search box. They have up to volume 13, and volume 14 is expected to be released March 29th.

HeippieH said...

Dear Jaime,

Thank you for bringing up Noah_Ark's operation matter, this name looks familiar, I saw it on KOB, but did not know the details. Now through your posting I got to know more. I'll pray for her recovery. The 6-year-old needs the mother, my sons are in middle schools but they still need a whole lot of me, I hope she recovers soon!

Also thank you for reminding us about broasia sale, sorry to see it closing business. Sent you an email about it, hope you got it.

love lots, please take care.

jaime said...

my dear Jose,

Thanks for the info about Kami no Shizuku in Yesasia. Now I really look forward to knowing if he will be in it. I just hope there will be no dangerous stunts anymore.

Btw, hope you have fun shopping w/ BRoasia.

love .. jaime

jaime said...

my dear h,

thank you for your comments. you probably know already that ark is doing fine after the operation.

i have emailed you, please take care

love ... jaime