Thursday, March 27, 2008

It's all in his Voice

Hi Hi sisters … this is from Manager Yang’s regular update on Yong Joon, but this time it’s actually written by someone working with Yong Joon on his Japanese language. I just made a crude translation to English here :

Original from BYJgallery 2008/3/24
Translated to Korean by vento
Translated to Chinese by wonchun

Dear family, anneohaseyo!

This time I will be writing in place of Manager Yang on some ‘behind the scenes’ details during BYJ’s voice recording for his new mobile phone.

In 2008, I flew to Seoul with the business of recording BYJ’s voice for his new mobile phone. My objective is to work with Yong Joon ssi on his Japanese linguistics. In addition to more Japanese dialogue this time, there are some very difficult pronunciation and tonal emphasis in certain lines. I am so amazed that only after listening to the dialogue for a couple of times, BYJ can already perform up to standards. Those are not the common Japanese language that he knows already. For him to be able to grasp the essence, it makes me realize his superior attribute as an actor.

Since we cannot do the voice recording in the studio due to his injury, therefore the quality of the sound is not as desirable. Because BYJ wanted his family to feel the joy after listening to his voice, he endured his pain and worked very hard in this recording session. I hope everyone will consider and appreciate his hardworking attitude.

The season is changing, please take care of your health and do not get sick.

Oh btw, you know today is the official production announcement meeting of animation ‘Winter Love Song’ in the Tokyo International Animation Fair. I read that BYJ plans to make public a video message containing his thought on participating in this production as a voice actor. So we’ll know and see more about our favourite JunSang very soon! Have a great weekend


HeippieH said...

Dearest Jaime,

Thanks for the translation. It is absolutely beautiful, high quality translation! A new translator is in the coming, we are so blessed!

I love the pictures too, he is always so handsome, and the color of his shirts are so good on him. Have you got his phone yet, you can listen to his melting voice everyday!

love ...

jaime said...

my dearest h,

This style of shirt is not often seen on him, he's so cool! Hehe, I still haven't checked into the phone yet. I would love to get my hands on the phone and ring :)

love ... jaime

Tamar said...

His has a beautiful voice. I'm glad to see that he's doing voicework on the Winter Sonata anime.

jaime said...

me too tamar, just his voice alone will guarantee the success of that animated drama :)

Tamar said...

If he was a traffic cop instead of an actor, his voice would certainly stop traffic on a dime!