Thursday, March 13, 2008

New Picture, new phone

Remember that BYJ Phone? This comes from byjgallery/hyejun, she reposted this Brokore news with HRH's newest picture. @@

Now my Nihongo is still limited to ordering (or should I say pointing) in restaurant. Just today, I ventured out to actually mailing packages in the Post Office, using my very few postal vocabularies. So, to those sisters who are supposed to receive stuffs from me : if you don't get your package in a month, that means it is probably still circling somewhere in Istanbul, sumimasen :)

Well, I tried to pull my son over to read the characters to me one by one, hoping I can at least make some sense out of the news. BUT after reading just "Ba e Yo ng Jo on mo bi le .....", the kid protested that he is too tired and ran away! So guessing from the Kanji, I think the news talks about the phone will be available in late March. It is made by Toshiba and the model is 'fanfun Softbank 815T'. Hehe, I'd better be more patient and wait for some kind sisters to translate for us :)

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