Friday, March 21, 2008

Come Come Sakura

Hehe, just a quick one ... getting a bit excited as my sister is arriving tonight and visiting us for 3 weeks. Eventhough I don't miss home or feel lonely yet since I moved here (thanks to my dear Bae sisters :), but it still feels warm to see your family again. So, the apartment is sparkly clean (my poor muscles are aching), bedsheets smell fresh, the welcome rug is rolled out, next we will go to the airport and meet her.

Ok, it's not exactly like this, but we are still excited.

I have been putting away my plan of exploring all the sightseeing spots till now so I can accompany my sister. Can't wait to go to the Imperial Palace, Hakone and Kamakura (thanks my dear cloudnine)! My sister schedules her trip at this time because she really wants to see the famous cheery blossoms in Japan. So sakura, please come come ....


Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime,

Hope your sister has arrived safe and sound. It was such a beautiful day today, she brought the sprig sunshine!! Don't forget to tell her 'Yokoso!'

cloud nine

jaime said...

my dear cloudnine,

Thank you for your kind message. Yes, we had a wonderful day today shopping in Ginza with the streets blocked off for pedestrians :) The weather was just beautiful. Hope you had a nice day too!

love ... jaime

joyce said...

hi jaime, been following your blog for some time now, always like the sense of humour from your writings :)
glad that you are settling in well in Japan.
sakura in Japan is really beautiful, hope you enjoy a great time with your sis :)

jaime said...

hi Joyce,

Welcome and thank you for your message. Have you seen sakura before? In Japan or Korea?

Thank you for your well wishes for my sister. We had a very tiring and fun weekend in Odaiba. Too tired to blog tonight, sorry. Kind of miss Yong Joon and bb's blogging too.

Please take care and thanks for coming here again.

love .. jaime

gosijo said...

Dear Jaime,

I hope your sister's visit is everything you expect it to be, with the weather and sakura cooperating.

It will be a good while before the Toronto High Park sakuras bloom so we are watching a Japanese Cherry Blossoms documentary on DVD for the time being.

Great music!

gosijo said...

Me again. I mean great music playing in your blog! (The music in the sakura DVD is also pretty good, haha!)

joyce said...

hi jaime, yes, i saw sakura in Japan many years ago, remembered it was at Ueno Park. it's simply spetacular.

yup, me too, kind of miss our man :(

jaime said...

Dear gosijo,

Cherry blossoms in High Park? How ignorant of me, I never knew that. I promise I will take pics of the Sakura and show it here, ok?

please take care!

love .. jaime

jaime said...

Oh joyce, Ueno Park? Hehe, I heard that's one of the famous places to watch Sakura. I plan to got to Imperial Palace to watch, hopefully it's just as nice. Thanks for sharing.

love .. jaime