Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Goodies to share

We all know this is HRH's hibernation (= slow news) period, we are lucky if we can get some news tidbit like his sightings or when some kind-hearted insiders release a new picture of him to the public. This is our picture of the day, from joseijishin about his model cellphone.

Since there is not much happening (and our bb is soo busy with her work), maybe I share some goodies I bought from cafe-B here. These are Japanese products only as I have never seen them before in Yesasia or Broasia. This is 'April Snow on Making Film', a hard cardboard case with a 'making' picture album of the handsome Insu. The bonus I found is the Press book about the cast, characters and interviews in both Japanese and ENGLISH! Yes, finally a BOF production I can read (I really have been feeling like an illiterate in the last 2 months).

Next, this big package is Winter Sonata - but what's inside the box? Now your guess is as good as mine cause they are all sealed. I scooped up this 'boat anchor' anyway and carried it all the way back to the subway station. Boy! My shoulders, arms and back had not talked to me for the next few weeks :(

Wow! Look at all the goodies inside ..... there is a thick picture album of all the WS memorable scenes, picture cards and a giant poster. Oh oh, remember those cute little stars that MinHyung stuck on the ceiling of his white Explorer? And that tear-jerking cassette tape that the young JunSahng sent to Yujin to wish her 'Merry Christmas'? Yup, yup, all here!

Last, I can't resist posting this droolingly-handsome artwork of him, please enjoy :

Thanks to cafe-daum.net/byjfan by kaorin


Anonymous said...

Wow!! how I wish I have that Winter Sonata package.
This Winter Sonata will be in my heart at a special place for ever. No matter how excellent dramas come out, for me, nothing can top Winter Sonata.


jaime said...

me too me too Yee, Winter Sonata will always be my #1 BYJ drama. Sorry, if only I knew, I would have snatched up another one for you. I think I just happened to be at cafe-B that day when they were selling these boxes. They were gone really fast cause WS is so well loved in Japan.

love ... jaime

Anonymous said...

Oh, me too me too me tooooo!!

WLS and Min-hyung all the way, hahaha!

I'm so jealous, haha! But I'm also very glad that one of these treasures ended up in your very worthy and loving hands, my dear Jaime -- please enjoy it for all of us!!

And thanks so much for sharing these great pics with us!

love you,

Anonymous said...

Aaaaw Jaime, you are so sweet ... just reading your reply makes me feel like I get it. Thanks for thinking about me.
Like coco said I am glad you have that treasure, because your and BB's sharing everything YJ are so precious to us.


HeippieH said...

Wow wow wow, I envy envy envy. Thank you so much for sharing, look at those pictures in your post, I feel like I have them already.

Love and take care,

jaime said...

hi chief, yee, and h,

thank you for your kind comments. I will try to share more things I see about BYJ in Japan.

love .. jaime