Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Ending of TWSSG

Warning : for sisters who prefer to find out TWSSG’s ending by watching the drama, please stop here. For sisters who like to continue to read my 'nonsense' analysis, please also stop here. Hahaha trust me, not that I know the details myself to warrant any intelligent analysis. I just can’t help but slip in my silly thoughts :)

To me, even though Damdeok is the chosen Jooshin King by heaven, unlike Lord Hwangwoon, he is still a human being. He feels guilt and remorse when he realizes he has accused Kiha wrongfully all along while she still loves him and even bears him a child. Our wise King has to make a royal decision on the spot after Kiha explodes into the black Joojak. After all, he cannot leave the fire-y Kiha dangling in the air for a few days while he takes his time to explain to his sacred guardians why he decides to destroy them. Or for that matter, to say a long lovey-dovey goodbye to his ‘2000 years’ love interest. So our dear Damdeok makes a quick noble and manly decision not to leave the mother of his child to die by herself, or should we simply assume that he gallantly walks into the affected site to try to extinguish the fire?? Maybe this later assumption is not that ridiculous since our Damdeok is always considerate and kind? Hehe, just kidding. I know this ending is probably more captivating than him and Sujini lived happily ever after in his palace, but still it’s heartbreaking to see our Yong Joon die one more time. It still bothers me to watch Cho Won and Jae Ho died, or even my beloved MinHyung going blind. Anyway, here’s my humble conclusion drawn from this last episode :

Damdeok is a fun buddy – he hangs out and laughs with his friends into the wee hours of the morning.

Damdeok is a protective boss – he fights for his employees’ territories and even their lives.

Damdeok is a faithful husband – he still loves the same woman even after 2000 years.

Damdeok will make a wonderful daddy – he teaches his son how to wash his hands before eating.

We will love and miss you, Damdeok! Yong Joon ssi, please rest well and have a speedy recovery :)


HeippieH said...

Dear Jaime, Welcome back - briefly! I left you a comment in the previous walking in the cloud posts but it was disappeared, maybe I hit the wrong button.

Like your analysis, he forgave Kiha, that's good. And love your humous summary of Damdeok, especially teaching son washing hands part, he looked like a real good father. Is he a faithful husband, I bet that was sujini that he was holding. He has been faithful to Kiha too. He is a double faithful husband! Don't hit me, running away, hopefully this is being seen as a joke, heehee...

jaime said...

hehe h, this is a first, double faithful husband? actually, I was wrong. Damdeok is married to neither girl, so he is still free to choose the right girl - could be any of us, hahaha!

love ... jaime

Tamar said...

I don't know if I'd call DD a "faithful husband". He loved one woman for "2000 years" yet also fell in love with another woman (Kiha) and she had his child. But DD and BYJ are NOT the same person. : )

Oh, BTW, I have my second recipe up on youtube. Turkey kimchi fried rice. Check it out! : )

Anonymous said...

haha... jaime onni...

you really made me laugh here...
Damdeok will make a wonderful daddy – he teaches his son how to wash his hands before eating.

:p! have a nice week!

jaime said...

Hi Tamar,

Kimchi fried rice, sounds yummy! I remember seeing in a lot of Korean dramas that they mix everything they have in the fridge to make fried rice. Is that the same?

thanks for dropping by.

love ...jaime

jaime said...

hi my dear mymy,

glad to talk to you here. sorry for missing you in Tokyo. we'll see each other soon.

love ... jaime

Tamar1973 said...

Jamie...yep. It's basically the same thing except I included turkey, which I don't remember seeing when I was in Korea but is pretty common in America, especially after Thanksgiving when the leftovers are clogging the fridge! LOL!