Saturday, December 15, 2007

Can't escape the BIG one

The BIG one is coming! Headlines on National Post says : 'You'll be telling your grandkids about this snow storm'. On the net, the forecast says it'll be the biggest snowstorm in 50 years. It swept through the midwest US and has crippled Oklahoma and Chicago in the last few days. The heavy snow and wild wind caused blackouts for thousands of homes and hundreds of flights are cancelled. Just to let you see the scale and the wide coverage of this storm :

This BIG one is hitting Toronto tonight and tomorrow and is estimated the storm will bring 30+ cm of snow to the city. Environment Canada has warned the public about this storm since Wednesday, so we have ample time to change our plans and prepare. It seems that this year the weather has been exceptionally brutal. Ever since I got back from Tokyo on Dec 3, there have been snow/ice/freezing rain every other day and now this BIG one!

Lucky (hehe, for me) that hubby has returned from Tokyo last night and is here to ride this big one out together with his family. Today while we were out, we noticed so many people were buying rock salt and snow shovels. Of course, it adds to the rush and stress that it's only 10 shopping days away from Christmas and the stores were filled with desperate shoppers.

So dear Gosijo, Heippieh and all sisters who live in the affected area, please stay warm at home and hope we can survive this storm with no major damage. Love :)


HeippieH said...

Dearest Jaime, thank you for your genuine concerns. We are hit big time with this snow. But all is well. Glad to know hubby is back to Toronto safely. I was concerned how you could get through this huge snow without hubby's help. Phew, he is like a knight, always appears at the right time, never gives a chance to HRH to replace his place. Please stay warm, especially with hubby around you, surely will be warmer.


jaime said...

hi my dear h,

Please take care in this kind of bad weather. Please make sure the house is 'storm ready' with salt, shovel, canned food and candles. Monday should be ok, right?

love ... jaime