Friday, December 21, 2007

Don't you wish ....

Don't you wish to have a childhood neighbor as cute as HIM to laugh, play, argue, fight and walk your dog with?

Don’t you wish to have your high school crush as cool as HIM to skip class with and get punished together?

Don’t you wish to have your first love as handsome as HIM so you can never forget even if you have amnesia?

Don’t you wish to have a boyfriend as romantic as HIM so you have enough flowers to open a florist?

Don’t you wish to have a lover as sexy as HIM so all your girlfriends wish they were you? (hehe, either that or you are on their assasination list?)

Don’t you wish to have a husband as understanding as HIM so you can be as obsessed with HRH as you want?

Don’t you wish to have your child’s father as loving as HIM so you can put your feet up and spend all day watching TV?

Don’t you wish to have a soul mate as heavenly as HIM to hold onto and grow old with?

Hehe my dear sisters, if you can only have 1 choice, which 'HIM' do you wish to have? :)


Yee said...

Oh Jaime ..Jaime ..
Today is my last day of work for this year, suppose to relax and take it easy.
But this morning before I left for work, the girls got up and give us the Advent Calender (they are so busy, so instead of 12 days to Christmas, it's 5 days to Christmas) So I had to complete a task before I enjoy my treat for today.
Now you are giving me a harder task with this posting.
My dear I do .. to all.
If you force me saying that you will band me from coming to your blog, I wish him to have a boyfriend as romantic as him so I have enough flowers to open a florist ... I love flowers.
Now your turn, what is your choice??

jaime said...

hi hi yee,

obviously I wish to have ALL of HIM! but if I really have to choose, hehe (blush blush), I would pick as HIM as a lover. I know I'm running the risk of being squashed like a smashed potato :(

Hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

love .... jaime

gosijo said...

Hi Jaime,

Sorry I’ve been ‘absent’ lately but, seriously, you didn’t expect prim an’ proper ol’ me to wade into the previous discussion, did you?

As for this one, let’s see… I can pick only one?

Ah, I think you put that lying-on-the-floor pic there just to tempt me, tsk, tsk! Want me to volunteer to be on everyone’s assassination list? Hmmmm, must say this is probably the best of 2007 in my books outside all the gems in TWSSG. Still, I see I’m too late. You’ve already claimed that one! Btw, perhaps now is the right time to let you know that I’ve been mashing, smashing, squashing them potatoes since I was old enough to help my maman in the kitchen – it’s all in the wrist!

Okay, okay, I promise to restrain myself if/when we next meet!

And right below is one of my fave AS DC scenes! I think I’ve already gushed enough about that one in Zoom a few months ago!

Ah, with that last one, now you’re talking! Called it first! It’s MINE! A heavenly soul mate to grow old with! And before we get there, unlike Hwang-woon and Se-oh, we’ll surely have gone through most of the other stages, including THAT one, heeheehee ;)

jaime said...

dear gosijo,

I still remember very well on your 'travelling eyes' story with that irresistable lying down picture. That's one of my favourite and 'most painful' (neck pain) picture too. I was torn between a lover and a soul mate too. At the end, hehe, my weaker side prevails.

Hope you have a great weekend ahead w/ all your shopping done already!

love .. jaime

gosijo said...

Heehee, Jaime, I still like that pic even without going "west", honest! But I'm with you on the crick-in-the-neck effect.

Funny you should mention shopping as I did most of it today!! How about you?

Have a great weekend too!

bb said...

let me stake my claim first... i want him to be my child's father :p

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime and girls,

My pick is a childfood neighbour but it is only natural that We go to the same high school so He becomes my high school crush, which
also means my first love.

It is an unavoidable destiny that He becomes my boyfriend, then my lover, then my husband, then the father of my child, and then my soul mate. Calm down girls, I only picked one!!
Have a happy, merry Christmas!

Hi Jaime and gosijo,

Are you having a white Christmas there? For me it's so envious but I know the life won't be easy sometimes.

cloud nine

judy said...

Hi Chinggu!

Hmmm, don't yah wish your boyfriend is HOT like YJ? My dear Chinggu, this sounds like the song of the Pussycat Dolls(though I look like a Pussycat VOODOO Doll, hehehheeh!).Who wouldn't want to have a lover as sexy as HRH? I will endure all the risks being "enlisted" in everyBAEsisters' assassination list(as long as I fire the weapon first before anybody else does, hahahahahah!).

Okay, being squashed like a smashed potato, you forgot that I am an expert in the chopping, mincing, grilling, food processing, mashing, bashing & laundering & torturing & tassering(not cooking terms anyway this last 4 but will gladly do this since we're all in the ING terms, heheheh!) anyone who'll be a great disturbance on my way, LOL!

Thanx so much for another episode of the Jaime Funny Chronicles before X'mas. And Hi! Jo Onni! You are right. With Chinggu's super resourceful ideas, she cannot & won't expect any Miss P & P(Prim & Proper) ladies here to just sit down & let her get her way! Hahahahahah!

Merry Christmas everyone & Happy & Blessed New Year too!

Love, Judy

Anonymous said...

Oh I just can't pick one
so I will just take them all.

*ducks under a big couch*
*just in case*

Much love to all of you
Happy holydays


HeippieH said...

Practically I can't have any of HIM. So I just want to be that little girl. Is this practical at all? But can think no more when being obsessed by the thought of wanting such a sweet, intimate, clean, innocent, sincere kiss by such a perfectly hair-styled handsome young man. can't think if he is the father or boyfriend or lover or teacher or anything, just want that kiss so badly ...

flowerbossa said...

Dear Jaime & sisters,

If I have MY pick, is it going to make it in Santa's bag on time? (Christmas is drawing VERY near Japan time! And I'm already using up my time choosing... impossible task!)


Anonymous said...

Hello Jaime and all baesis!

This is my first time here sis Jaime.
Can I also take my pick?
I'd like to pick him as my husband but if accidentally my hubby will read this he's going to get crazy hehe... so instead I can dream of him being my lover. We are near each others age anyway.

Before I go i just want to great all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy new year! may all of us have a fruitful 2008. I wish that I can meet a baesister this 2008.


gosijo said...

Hello dear cloud nine, as I write these lines on the morning of December 23rd, we are seeing heavy rain outside our windows. A fair amount of the snow we got last week has now melted. However, we might get a fresh sprinkling tomorrow...

Dear Judy onni, good to have you on board to keep things in balance with our chinggu Jaime!

Dear Heippieh, such a wise choice!

Hi, hi, bb, with the majority of men, this might be a very poor choice! With wuri YJ, ah.... you are very wise...

Jaime, Yee, bb, cloudnine, Judy, moontime, heippieh, flowerbossa (hello!), Jelen and everyone who visits here: Have a Wonderful Christmas!

jaime said...

dear gosijo,

I'm very sorry to be so late, my computer crashed on me a few times yesterday and couldn't respond :(

Hehe, I am also looking out at the heavy rain which (in the suburb), still has a long way before melting the snow away. I am glad you have managed to brave the crowds and got some christmas shopping done. I still have a few last minute gifts to get, wish me luck!

love .... jaime

jaime said...

Hmmmmm princess bb ...... the father of your child is HRH, so we should expect another cute little princess? how adorable! what if he kisses the little princess too much instead of the big one?? :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hi dear cloudnine,

WHAT?! How convenient ... from childhood neighbour to soulmate? This is a clean sweep, HRH would not have time in between to breathe, my onni! I beg you to leave me a gap to sneak in as his lover, even for a few day? :)

love ..... jaime

jaime said...

hahaha chinggu,

I know I will be the first in line on your torturing list OR from my very optimistic view, I'm honoured that you see me as your prime opponent :) So, what weapon of mass distraction are u brewing next, my chinggu?

love ...jaime

jaime said...

hi hi moontime ,

can't decide, eh? hehe, HRH is so tempting from young to old. I love to have them all too :) thanks for dropping by.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hi dear h,

u want that innocent fatherly/brotherly kiss from Papa? Hehe, I'll go for the passionate one from April Snow (blush blush). I don't mind if that perfecty- sculpted body comes along with it too :)

love .... jaime

jaime said...
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jaime said...

hi dear flowerbossa,

it's so nice to hear from you again. Wouldn't it be nice if HRH is like Santa and drops by all his fans' house on Christmas Eve? Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and Pallet.

love ....jaime

jaime said...

hi hi jelen,

nice to hear from you. who can resist a lover as handsome as BYJ? We can all dream, can't we?

love .... jaime

Tamar1973 said...

Y'all are very spicy. I'll settle for being his chef...afterall they say the way to a man's heart is through the stomach! LOL!

jaime said...

hi hi tamar,

after kimchi pizza and kimchi fried rice, I wonder what yummy kimchi dish you will show us next? guess a good cook like u must be very busy around christmas :)

love .... jaime

Tamar said...

I already filmed the next one....Chuncheon wings (basically buffalo wings in dak kalbi sauce). YUMMY!!! I probably won't have it uploaded until after New Years though.

bb said...

oh... adorable little princess!!! i wish wish wish i could really see that one :p

and what if he kisses the little one too much? no problem, the bigger princess is completely capable of dreaming up delicious punishment for HRH :p

Anonymous said...

:( first love never suceed....