Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Heart of an Angel

There have been a series of unpleasant news in the past few days :

First, there are talks that the real reason he left the hospital for home treatment is to avoid causing any disturbance to other patients by his concerned fans.

Second, MBC Workers' Union has published a very biased and unfounded letter titled 'Arrogance of TWSSG and the Humiliation of MBC' singling out that Yong Joon's 'sky-high' fee contributed to the high production cost of the drama. (Which part of it that these people don't get? Don't they realize by now : If there were no Yong Joon, there would be no Japanese and overseas demand. No demand means production cuts, and their jobs would probably be on the line!)

Third (which is the most heart breaking), is his knee injury is actually more serious than thought. He is diagnosed with a cruciate ligament rupture which will take longer to recover and may require a surgery (let's pray not).

Imagine all these events concerning our prince directly, physically and emotionally. We family cannot do anything for him except just reading, worrying, praying and waiting :( But our prince never fails to surprise and impress us!

Despite his own serious injury and emotional burden, he is still being so considerate and loving towards his country and his family. I just read the news about our Yong Joon's generous donation towards the massive oil spill off South Korea's coast. This man does not only have the face, but also the heart of an angel! He does not have to respond verbally to any accusation against him, his actions speak for himself!

Speaking of angels, I am posting two more wonderful drawings from our talented Rg. She used a very interesting technique to sketch JunSahng and Insoo, dots instead of lines. Did you outline the shape first, Rg? It's fantastic to see different sketches of him. Thanks for sharing, dear Rg, so refreshing :)


Anonymous said...

Deer jaime,

Thank you for introducing an artist fan of our prince. Wish I had a talent for art.

I'm back home after a week tour and those unpleasant news made me
angry and depressed, but now I knew that art really calms me down. Arigatou gozaimashita!

cloud nine

jaime said...

my dear cloudnine,

Welcome back! Happy to hear that you return safely. You must be tired. Thanks for dropping by here.

You are so right, art and music both have such calming effect on us. I do hope Rg will share more of her works with us.

please take care!

love ... jaime

gosijo said...

Hi Jaime,

So true about our Joonie having the heart of an angel!

To Rg: welcome! Your drawings are fantastic! Looking forward for more! Love the variety between the styles!

To cloud nine: hello, dear friend. You are so right that art can have a wonderful calming effect!

Take care, everyone!

jaime said...

hi gosijo,

haven't heard from you for a few days. Hope everything is fine with you. Please take care, snow tomorrow, AGAIN! I've to go downtown, just my luck :(

love .... jaime

HeippieH said...

Hi My Dearest Jaime, couldn't agree with you more, YJ is an angel inside and out. Let the time tells and let the action speaks.

I love Rg's work too. She is so talented in drawing with different styles. Her talent can now be fully applied with a perfect model HRH.

Hi Rg, keep up the good work, I am sure you are having so much joy when drawing a beautiful person HRH, imagine when he sits in front of you, I am sure you will draw even more perfectly.

Love to all,

jaime said...

hi dearest h,

so glad to hear from you. Please take care during the snow storm.

Yes, we love Rg's drawings, don't we? Please keep them coming, Rg?

love ... Jaime