Sunday, December 30, 2007

He is the BIG Winner!!!

Hi Hi sisters .... did u watch it? did u? Isn't he gorgeous? Isn't he the Best? Our King showed up in a black tailored coat and tuxedo, and he looked smashing! Hehe, even the crutches are painted black to match :) Yes, he still keeps his silky shiny long hair and donned a big warm smile to his fans. You can tell he is not exerting any pressure on his left leg, therefore only uses his right leg and both crutches.

Of course, he doesn't want his family to worry about him, so he took off his crutches and showed us his right index finger that he's fine. You look gorgeous Yong Joon ssi anywhere anytime in any shape or form. So please, do whatever is easy and comfortable for you, ok? We understand and love you no matter what.

Ok ok, back to the award, TWSSG is a big winner and got the BEST DRAMA award. Our Yong Joon almost made a clean sweep too receiving :

The Most Popular Actor Award
The Best Couple Award (with E Ji Ah)
The Grand Acting Award

Congratulations, Yong Joon, you deserve it! TWSSG is your blood and sweat, heart and soul, pride and joy. We are cheering for you and are so happy that your hard work and dedication is recognized. In our hearts, you are always our KING!

Now, will u be a good boy and rest well? :)


Tamar said...

What a cutie!!! Congrats BYJ. You and the TWSSG staff deserved every award!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime,

Today was a really BIG day for me. I have worked all day today and finished everything before 9:40 p.m. HIS appearance was indeed the great present for us fans. He made my day!

How come he is soooo gorgeous even on crutches? All I can say is "Thank you!" and "Congratulations".

Wish you and your family a wondeful and happy New Year!!

cloud nine

Yee said...

Hi Jaime,

Thanks for these pictures, this is a wonderful morning to visit all Bae blogs ad sites.
I cannot thank you, BB and all the sisters enough for these pictures, translations, etc.
Hope to see the whole award show somewhere very soon.
Wish you all have a Happy and prosperous New Year.

vegasbyj said...

Hiya Jaime!

I missed watching the ceremony, but thanks to you and bb and others I was able to read the wonderful news this morning.

Again, a wonderful way to conclude 2007 for him, his staff, TWSSG team and for us fans. I also hope he can now rest and heal his body and get ready for greater things in 2008!


All the best to you my dear Jaime!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie,

I wasn't able to see the ceremony either, but with the great help of dear sisters we, all, can see HIM and HIS warm and tender smile. It is wonderful ending of the year 2007 and fresh start of the New Year, also. Memory of Meeting and spending time with you in Tokyo will remain in my heart. And belated thank you for your present. They were so good. Looking forward to meeting with you soon.
Wishing you and your family very best for the coming year.

Happy New Year to you, all!!


jaime said...

Dear baba-san, vegas, yee, cloudnine and tamar,

Again I am so sorry for this late reply. We are all so happy for Yong Joon. What a wonderful way to conclude 2007 for him and his family. Fightig YJ in 2008!

love ... jaime