Sunday, December 16, 2007

A New Buddy

I read this interview in Chinese Baidu, and our super bb worked at lightning speed and has translated part of it already, thanks princess!

Hehe, our prince has a new buddy! According to an interview with Philip Lee (aka Cheoro) published in the TWSSG Photo book Vol. 2, he and Yong Joon have a great connection during the filming of TWSSG. They become buddy buddy right away and have been spending almost everyday together. They dine together (so happy that Yong Joon doesn’t have to eat alone anymore), exercise, play golf and talk about their work together.

Philip Lee comes from a prominent and successful immigrant family in the United States. He returned to Seoul to pursue his acting career after graduating with a Master of Engineering degree from George Washington University. Maybe because these two grow up from very different background and Lee is new to Korea, our Yong Joon being so kind and considerate, takes up the role of a caring hyeong and chinggu? Now our 'lone wolf' (hehe, quote from bb) has one more tongseng to spend his bachelor time with. Here're some pics of Philip Lee in modern attire :

Haven’t heard about how he’s doing since the discharge from hospital. Maybe that’s good news. That means he’s getting the peace and quiet that he needs for the recovery. Yong Joon ssi, sleep well!


gosijo said...

Hi dear Jaime,

thanks for your good wishes in your previous post. I can see a beautiful icy pattern in our kitchen window as I write. Glad to know hubby is safely back!

I also read our princess's translation about Lee Philip with interest. Seems even more likely now that he was the smiling man hovering behind YJ in those pictures from Jeju, no?

Heehee, this puts me in mind of a friend here who has watched TWSSG already also: she quite liked LP ;)
Also, she had a few funny names for some of the characters: Jumuchi was "Mister T" (remember The A Team?) and the evil Hwachun Elder was "Jafar" (from Disney's Alladin).

Stay well, dear friend...

HeippieH said...

Thank you my dear Jaime, for sharing this one. I missed the baidu posting and bb's translation for this one completely. Love to see they are buddies, sometimes LP's expressions reminded me of HRH. So LP to HRH is almost like Cheoro to Damdeok, following him, protecting him, giving him friendship and laughters. Love to see this new friendship developing. HRH seems to communicate with men better than girls, what do you think?

jaime said...

Hi dear gosijo,

Hahaha, your friend has great imagination! Yes, the evil priest does remind me of Jafar! TWSSG seems to have so many distinct characters like that short funny guy who is always with HyeonGo, or the loud, hot tempered General.

It must be nice to have friends who watch K-drama and you can discuss with them. Please take care!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

my dear h,

hehe first, I think our HRH is too shy to become close to other girls. Second, he is also too considerate for the other actresses that he tries not to give unnecessary topics for the media to write about. So he rather has guys buddies whom they can enjoy similar sport activities and hobbies so they can hang out. what do you think?

love ... jaime

HeippieH said...

Yes my dear, I agree with you, he is very shy and cautious. And I think he is very much goal oriented and has very strong self-control. Just don't see the light of the tunnel for him to reach out for a girlfriend, heehee...

jaime said...

you're so right, dear h. He indeed has very strong self-control, that's why he is so extraordinary.
And we love him for that.

love .. .jaime