Monday, December 10, 2007

Introducing an Artist ...

I am very honored to receive some very beautiful drawings from a talented BYJ sister who likes to share her work with me. She prefers to be called Rg and she is gracious enough to allow me to post her works.

It’s my pleasure to introduce Rg : She’s been a BYJ fan for almost a year now. Like a lot of us, she’s captivated by the romantic love story, beautiful cinematography and the melodic tunes of Winter Sonata. Along with that, she has also fallen for our handsome prince and his wonderful acting. Rg loves art and enjoys drawing the most. These are among the first of her BYJ artworks. So Rg, can I safely assume there will be more coming?

I love the refined pencil strokes that Rg used on Damdeok’s hair and costume. Under that pink shade, Damdeok has this very delicate and peaceful countenance. She mentioned that she was listening to Winter Sonata’s ‘My Memory’ while drawing this. Breathtakingly beautiful!

Rg’s other interpretations of Damdeok using 2 different styles :

Dear Rg, thank you for sending your beautiful sketches to me. I wish I had more time to draw BYJ, what a wonderful experience you are going through. Since this post is all about you, please feel free to share anything about yourself or respond to any comments.


HeippieH said...

Dearest Jaime, I love these drawings, they do look unique and beautiful. Thank you for sharing Rg's work and thanks Rg for her talents and efforts. For the first picture, I like DD's clean glowoing face and the light treatment on his hair. Very good work. Looking forward to more of Rg's work and your work too my dear!


bb said...

hey jaime, thanks for 'hosting' RG's work :)

i've encouraged her to share her work on quilt, but seems like our friend here is abit shy. i hope that eventually she will share with more sisters :)

love how wuri yong joon inspires so many in so many different ways.

vegasbyj said...

hello dear jaime!
HI H and bb!

These are fantastic. RG is very very talented indeed. Look at how she was able to capture wuri Yong Joon - love them all! Hope to see more of her work and as H said, "yours too".

Hope you are doing well despite your busy busy schedule these days.
Take good care of yourself!

hugs to you!

jaime said...

hi my dear h,

yes, I agree w/ you. I like Rg's light treatment on Damdeok's hair too. it's nice to hear from you. thanks for dropping by.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hi hi bb,

I agree with you, Rg's beautiful drawings should be posted in Quilt so more sisters can enjoy them. What do u think, dear Rg?

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hi dear vegas,

thank you for your comments. Yeah, Rg is a very talented sister and hope she can share more of her works w/ us.

I miss you too when I am away in Tokyo. Didn't have much access to a laptop. Hehe, I miss drawing too and writing about art too. Hope I can do it again in Tokyo.

Hope you had a great week!

love .. jaime

rg said...

Dear H, bb,vegas and jaime,

Thank you for all of your kind and encouraging comments. I'm delighted that you all enjoy the drawing of our king.

Love n peace,

bb said...

ah... and i was wondering when rg would show up :p