Thursday, December 27, 2007

Is he really going?

Hi Hi sisters ...... You see, my brain and my body are having some power struggle. My brain is trying to fool my body that I am still a young woman, but my body is making a point to prove my brain wrong that I am actually an old bag of bones! So, after 2 days of nonstop walking and heavy lifting; my 4 arms & legs, 2 feet and 1 crooked back have suffered major defeat and declare themselves total losers. So, eventhough I managed to get myself 2 more pairs of shoes (giggling) today, please excuse me that I am too beat up to take any pictures now.

On a brighter note, looks like MBC is making plans on security and seating based on Yong Joon being present in the Awards Ceremony. According to a post by wonchun in Baidu BYJ thread : MBC will set up 3 giant screens and 250 seats outside of the venue for the fans. This is a first for any Korea TV stations, it proves once again the popularity of Bae Yong Joon in the hearts of Korean fans.

We can watch this fabulous show and the wonderful appearance of our prince on Sunday, Dec 30 at 9:30pm Korea time. Now that translates to Dec 30, 7:30am for East Coast sisters and 4:30am for West Coast sisters. We can still dial to TVants - MBC (just like TWSSG) to watch the show, remember this, ok?

On a side note, don't know how reliable this news is : KBS is also planning to broadcast all of Yong Joon's previous drama clips during its Grand Awards Ceremony on Dec 31. Wow, the irresistable charm of BYJ and the power of TWSSG!

picture from bb's blog


Tamar said...

I can't believe KBS. BYJ hasn't done a drama with them in a long time (at least 5 yrs) and they are riding his coattails? LOL! The power of BYJ!

Anonymous said...

hi jaime onni!
belated merry christmas ^^
thanks for the posts :)

gosijo said...

Hi Jaime,

How wonderful it was to see you and wish you well before you set off on your next adventure!

Thanks for the reminder on the time and mode for watching the Awards!

Hope you'll have a chance for one more entry here before lift-off on the 1st.

In case I miss you, thanks for EVERYTHING and all the very best to you and your family for this landmark year of 2008!

jaime said...

dear mymy, gosijo and tamar,

I guess by the time I reply here, we already know he indeed went and is the big winner! thanks for your comments

love ... jaime