Thursday, December 6, 2007

Still my Greatest Hero!

Oh my mama (or more like Yong Joon's mama)! He finally revealed the condition of his injuries to us :(

My poor baby, how did he get himself into this state?!

Boy, you might as well put a spear through my heart now!

Imagine, a strong and proud man like our King had to lean on other people to support him.

The immense pain he endures to present his family with his masterpiece.

Despite that gentle manner and quiet smile; pain, fatique, helplessness and worry are written all over his face and posture.

You make us admire your determination and respect your work ethics even more. We know you are not doing this to fulfill your own glory or some perfectionism standards. You are always a considerate team player and a true professional, putting the big picture ahead of your own self. Along the way, hundreds of thousands of your family smile, laugh, cry and ache with you. We don't mind or complain because we love you so much like a real family. Yong Joon ssi, please rest well and I pray pray that you will not suffer any more pain and have no after-effects of any kind. You are not alone in this, we are all going through it with you. You are still the greatest hero in our hearts!

all pictures from baidu - wlbyj


HeippieH said...

Ouch! It's so painful to watch this part. But he still looked so handsome in that condition, adding even more manly and maturity. I hope he recovers soon!

jaime said...

yes dear h, he has so much endurance and strength. The more suffers like this, the more our hearts ache. How does he (or we) recover?

love ,...... jaime