Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Back in 1 piece

Hi dear sisters ….. I am back to TO safe and sound. Even though not as glamorous as I hoped for considering I had to slip, slide (even contemplating on crawling) across an ice-covered driveway to the front steps of my house. Nevertheless, I am back in one piece and I am thankful for that.

Yes, I managed to accomplish my mission in Japan. Normally I am a very indecisive person. It would take me half a day to decide what to order from the menu, even worse is I always regret it afterwards and wish I had the other person's plate! So I am surprised at myself that everything seemed so obvious and went smoothly for me this time. Maybe sometimes in life things are just 'meant to be', there is no need to try or think too hard. Why am I getting philosophical anyway?

The only thing that I regret is not having enough time to see the Japanese sisters in this trip. Sorry mymy and baba-san that we didn’t get to meet this time. I did see cloudnine onni (or should I say, oneesan?) and she is always so kind and hospitable. When she mentioned to me about the Untold Scandal screening on November 24, which happened to be on a Sunday morning; boy, was it a tough decision! Think about it sisters : a regular Sunday church service VS. this once-in-a-lifetime showing of our gorgeous HRH (um hm …. how should I put it) in his ‘full glory’ on a giant screen?? Obviously, I picked the prim & proper one and now I am still banging my head on the wall for missing it :(

Now, TWSSG has closed its curtain in Korea and has started its broadcast in Japan NHK on Dec 3, every Monday night at 10 pm. There is also weekly screening starting Dec 4 in Shinjuku Waldo cinema. I’ll be cheering for TWSSG’s huge success in Japan! Incidentally, just before I left my hotel room for the airport, the Megane-Ichiba CF came on TV! And to think I had been flipping channels continuously for the past 10 days hoping to catch a glimpse of it. Things just happen when you least expect it! Boy, I am getting philosophical again!

Last, I am relieved to hear that Yong Joon is admitted to the hospital awaiting observation and treatment now. Finally, he has some idling time for himself to think and do absolutely nothing but rest. You think maybe he is up for a joke or a riddle? ..... :)


vegasbyj said...


Very happy to see your posts and to know you are safe and sound.
I'm very happy to hear all went well for you in Japan!

Missed ya lots and wishing you a good rest from your trip.

Take care!

regie said...

Home sweet home! Welcome back.

It's good to hear that you have a safe trip and come back home in one piece...

Rest well from all the jet leg and take care.


jaime said...

hi hi dear vegas,

so good to return and have my computer back. miss u a lot too, hope everything is fine w/ you. Belated Happy Thanksgiving!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hi hi regie,

you're so right, i always suffer from jetlag. hehe, probably because I'm not a frequent traveller. hope everything is good with you.

love ... jaime