Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Pride & Joy of Korea

Wow, what a tribute to the TWSSG team from the Korean fans! As we know, they have been organizing a major effort to give BYJ his deserved support during this difficult time of his injuries. I sure hope our beloved Yong Joon's spirit is lifted and his heart warmed up after reading the love from his own country. What a wonderful idea ....

This is the full-page newspaper advertisement BYJ's Korean fans have been planning and it is on 2 of today's sports newspaper.

Our hot hearts, final report on support advertisement

It made a stroke
in drama history in our nation.

Tae Wang Sa Sin Gi.
Finished historic great march.
You really took much trouble all the while.

In Autumn in year 2007, we had 24 happy times.
We were enthusiastic about one piece of drama, and felt movement to the fullest of heart.
Dear entire production crew including Director Kim Jonghak and Writer Song Jina
and entire cast including Bae Yongjoon-nim!
You really took much trouble all the while.
Because there were your hot passion and efforts
during the past Autumn, we were happy as if we were dreaming.
Your unstoppable wills,
unbroken fighting spirits despite big and little injuries,
and the Tae Wang Sa Sin Gi..
We will remember for a long time.

Now, going beyond Korea
to Asia.. To the World..

To us, the Tae Wang Sa Sin Gi is
not just a piece of drama.
It is the Republic of Korea's sense of self-esteem,
the new direction for dramas,
and history and mythology.
We will dearly wish with hotter hearts than anyone
for the 'Tae Wang Sa Sin Gi' to make splendid expansion toward Asia and to World
going beyond Republic of Korea in the future.

All of Korean Fans who think dear of Bae Yong Joon

"Actor BYJ, who performed fierce acting to the end without succumbing to injuries, we pray and wish for your speedy recovery"

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