Thursday, October 9, 2008

2009 desktop calendar

Hi Hi sisters ...... been so busy with personal matters, I am running around these days like a chicken with its head cut off. Fortunately, I have fabulous and selfless sisters like cloudnine and many others who go so much out of their ways to help me. For that, I am so so so touched and eternally grateful. Thank you thank you! I guess I am still not out of the dog house yet, have so much to blog about but no time to do it :( Please enjoy these new calendar pictures of our handsome one for now, love you all, please take care :)

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Lin Chen said...

Hi Jaime!
The Calendar is beautiful, how we can get one? sigh...
I want to be his agent in Vietnam selling these items (photos, books, like Image - Volume 1, 100 days of BYJ, etc).
How I can do that?
Thanks for photos.
Love u all

jaime said...

hi Lin Chen,

This is the official 2009 desktop calendar :

- in JOB and BOFi, it's 1575 yen

- also in BOFi, they sell the set of 3 for 6825 yen (desktop, wall hanging, TWSSG)

Yes, as bb explained, one needs to know Japanese and have a Japan address to order, maybe even a JOB and BOFi account.

But I see the calendars selling in Yesasia too for US$18.20. and I think Yesasia has free shipping for orders > $25. It's probably the most convenient way. Here's the link :

Oh, is there a big demand for Yong Joon's products in Vietnam? Is there a Korean town in your city?
Have you checked out what they are offering now? Good luck!

regards .... jaime

Lin Chen said...

Hi Jaime,
THanks for your guidance. I am thinking about the business seriously. Korean lives in HCM City (South of VN) is quite alot but not gather in 1 place. It yes I don't know the where. However, not only korean, target is anyone loves BYJ. But the price at USD18.00 for a calendar seems very high.

If I really want to do the business, I must do different way to get the better price which matching to VN living standard, printing should be in VN, then we need to talk with his agent on the right relevant to this business... Quite a lot of work!

Hey, but I dream of that!

Have a nice weekend!

Anonymous said...

he looks like a woman jaime, hope he would not turn into something....

cArLeTtE jEaN said...

I like Bae's pic on this page header. He looks like a rocker.

But, what's with the long hair?
Isn't he planning to cut it?
Or, will he shoot "Dream High" with this size?

sara said...

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