Thursday, October 30, 2008

Face Shop shots

Hi Hi sisters .... thank you so much for your warm words and encouraging comments. I am sorry that I am late in replying as I am so busy these few weeks with overseas visitors. I really appreciate you, my dear sisters, for taking the time to write in my posts. You know, with my aging and fading memory, if I don't record my trip right away, I am afraid I won't even remember where I went! I still haven't finished my remaining Korea trip journal and how can I not write about the exciting Great Barrier Reef and Rain Forest in Australia! So I pray I pray that I will have some quiet time soon to finish all these before 2008 ends :)

I wonder if you have seen this new Face Shop shot, our gentle, soft smiling man. sorry that it's not too clear ....
from 爱俊之家 by Wenny

You must have seen this first one already. Hmmmm .... I must say, it doesn't have the impact or any surprise element. From these 2 shots so far, looks like Face Shop is onto this mellow, natural and nostaligic theme. Hope to see some more :)

from BYJ Gallery by 권오경

Hehe, just read that TWSSG will be shown on big screen again from the week of Nov 13till Feb 19, 2009, 2 showings per week, 2 episodes each screening. Oh btw, it's in Roppongi Hills Toho cinema, every Tuesday and Thursday. Hahaha, no Nihongo class for me on those days :)

from BYJ Gallery by miemi


Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime and Bae sisters:
Of course, I am still very much interested in Bae Yong Joon, whose paper I am finishing for December.
It will be delivered in a round table discussion and printed in a journal. But here in Pennsylvania, the latest to do is celebrating the World Championship of the Phillies in baseball, so today there is a parade and tonight is also Holloween Party Night.
The weather this week is erratic; last monday it was 2 degrees celsius, and last wednesday it was one degree celsius. The World Series was postponed that day, although it eventually pushed through during the week and resulted in the Phillies championship. The McCain campaign in Penn was also cancelled; but Obama (like Bae Yong Joon would do)went ahead with his campaign, speaking under the rain with no head gear or umbrella, but wearing only a short rain repellant jacket, blue jeans and sneakers. It makes you think that if a presidential candidate does not run away from rain, is not afraid of rain, he will not be afraid of anything. Elections is on Tuesday, so that results will be the focus for about a month until the inauguration on January 20.
In the meantime, it is getting windy wintry, and I am no longer young. How do you take good care of yourself during winter, please advise me. What do you eat? What do you take as supplements? Thanks.
With the love of Jesus Christ,
josephine pasricha

phuong said...

Hi Bae sisters, to overcome Winter blue in N .America we just enjoy Bae sisters Art works , consume a lot of fruits , vegetables and contact friends frequently, don't follow stocks market any more . Thank you.

layla said...

Dear Josephine,

I love winter....but the aftermath is really disturbing when the ice melted...anyway was in New York a few years back when i was posted there, and to get warm, we really had to bundle up a few layers of clothing, do take a lot of hot soup, and dont forget the vaseline intensive care lotion (not sure if the product is still available) as your skin sometimes will get crack due to the extreme cold....bye n take care....

jaime said...

Dear Josephine, phuong and layla,

First please let me apologize for being late in replying. I had a 'guest' who came to Tokyo and stayed with us. We just saw her off 1 hour ago and I couldn't wait to jump back in front of my computer :)

Second, thank you phuong and layla for being so kind and helpful to answer Josephine's concerns. They are good advicefrom persoanl experience, really appreciate it.

Dear Josephine, I am sorry to hear that the cold is getting to you. Yeah, you having been living in warm climate for many years, the harsh winter in the north east can be brutal. The problem is it doesn't get better as years pass.
Yes, as phuong and layla suggested, warm clothing and healthy food. As I have lived in extreme cold most of my life, I have a few tips :

1. You remember What MinHyung and Yujin wore in Winter Sonata? That's not just fashion, they are very practical as Korea has the same climate as ours.

- Wear a high neck wool or cashmere sweater, if turtle neck is too tight, you can try a loose cowl neck.

- Layer a long wool muffler on top and wrap it around your neck like MinHyung's. That particular way of wrapping really keeps your neck and upper body warm.

- For bottom, if you don't mind the clumsiness, you can wear a pair of tights or leggings under your pants to keep your legs warm.

- For your feet, thick sox and boots. YOu can get a pair of wool-lined boots, the outer shell should be water repellent though because of the wet snow.

- A pair of gloves are a must, not the fancy wool knit ones, but maybe sheep skin to keep your fingers warm. A hat is great to keep your head and ears warm.

- Then finally a comfortable, loose 3/4 overcoat, not too long as you have to get in and out of the car, to keep the wind and elements off.

Sorry it sounds like a lot but actually they each serve their own purpose. Unfortunately the cold is going to get worse, as the snow comes and the wind can turn windchill to -30 degrees. I find keeping the first layer touching your skin is better to be warm, comfortable and fitting to keep the body heat in. And a big warm muffler like MinHyung's is like adding another sweater on you, really works.

2. As layla said, deep moisturizng skin lotion, you can get Curel or Lubriderm at any drug stores or better, shea butter at some skin care stores, have you tried Body Shop?

- Try to minimize your outdoor time, otherwise you can get frost bite.

- warm up the car before you drive, shop in more quantity and less frequently.

- try to go places that have indoor/covered parking so you don't have to scrap the ice off the windshield when you come out.

3. As for food, hmmmm, I always drink a lot of hot tea and soup, hehe even in summer. I think anything hot is good and maybe food that keeps the blood circulating. I know there are Chinese herb medicine for that but I don't know how to cook them :(

Hahaha, as phuong said, what's better to do when the snow is blowing outside and you snuggled up inside your warm home, watching BYJ dramas and talk to your friends. Hehe, right phuong, if Yong Joon is not even worried about his stocks, why should we worry about ours?

Josephine, I hope you will find it easier to handle the cold soon. It's not easy, but I always find Christmas is most beautiful when it snows. And now we have more reasons to love snow because of Winter Sonata and April Snow :)

Please take care!

love ... Jaime