Monday, October 20, 2008

From inside to out

Hi Hi sisters ...... thank you for writing back to me in the last post and thank you princess for mentioning in your blog. You know, it was really a joyous day for Yong Joon and his family. So many of our blogging sisters are recording this memorable event : of course our princess bb, the ever diligent xiaoyi and liezle, our elegant camille and flowerbossa. The last time I saw him looking this radiant and happy was that MBC award last December. Especially when you compare his appearance from the Ambassador Event last Tuesday, can u see the difference?

Hehe, as if he is walking into an examination center?

Hehe, he's practically sliding into the hall :)

He looked so out of his 'elements' in that Ambassador Event. Of course he was still distinguished-looking and every bit deserving to be an ambassador for his country, but his uneasiness from within showed through, eh? Our pure and sincere prince really could not lie, it seemed like his thoughts were so far apart from these politicians ......

His eyes gazing to a faraway place .....

Hehe, our prince had been starring at this event program for so long, bet you he can even recite it backwards now :)

Hehe, see how naughty his smile was while walking to receive his award @@

His ever-so-sweet and gracious smile waiting patiently :) WHAT?! Now when was the last time our prince had to wait for his turn???

Actually eventhough these 2 ceremonies were both government-driven events related to promoting Korean culture. To Yong Joon, besides being an honour, the Ambassador Event was also an appointment of an official role to promote tourism. Now with the appointment also comes responsibilities and demanding engagements. As I mentioned before, this is a tall order and he's definitely treating this very seriously.

With his plate already being so full, our prince was probably thinking to himself, "Now where do I find time to fulfill my '3-year promise' to my family?" And honestly, even though Yong Joon is a great communicator (and a charmer too!), I wonder if he feels comfortable mingling with those bureaucrats for the next 4 years.

Comparatively, this Cultural Award is a recognition of his accomplishment and establishing a place for him forever in the cultural history of Korea. As a patriot, he must feel very gratified and proud that he can honour his family name.

Aiyo, look at that boyish smile and cute posture, don't you want to give him a big congratulatory hug?

Hehe regardless, this has been a very joyous week for Yong Joon and his family. We are never far from his thoughts, at good times and in bad. He always share his joy with his family and even credited these achievements to us! Now, how can you not love this handsomest Ambassador in the world!

- origin of all pictures credited as shown

- copied from soompi and baidu, thanks ladies for your great effort


Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime and Bae sisters:
Just as I have taught in the university for forty years, I have also worked as a journalist, with culture as my beat, for about twenty five years. We have sifted a lot of pictures to be printed in the newspaper, and this picture with Miss Hong dusting off Bae Yong Joon's coat, would never have been published by our tasteful standards. No, she is not touching anything sensitive, not the seat of manhood, but only the classy black and very expensive coat. Touching it is out of class or not in protocol.
But anyway, think of it as a Noh drama, where the black clad prop men who hold the sleeves of the kimono of the actor, for instance, are not supposed to be seen -- they are in black, so they are invisible!
But I like your quick vision with your new eyeglasses, passion and wit, Jaime, keep it up.
Sarang hamnida,
josephine pasricha

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime

Great comparison between the two events! I felt something was amiss when I saw those photos from the 14th and finally attributed to bad angle by the cameramen (heehee ignorant me...). But you definitely painted a fresh new picture for me! A baebie is still a baebie, me that is :P

Now the photos from the 18th... wonderful!

-- touched

Jenny said...

Hi Jaimie

I like all the photos where he attended the wedding and the award ceremony on the 18th. He look so so so ooooo handsome and stunning on that day. As you have mention, really wanted to hug him on that day but sadly we can't. ( Can do it while dreaming. He He He ) I think from now on he have a big responsibility to fulfill and hope that all his bae families from around the world will forever support this amazing man. Shall we? And lastly thanks for all the photos and update posted.



Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime

You're so insightful.
I thoroughly agree with your comments on YJ on both events.

He certainly looked absolutely fantastic on the 18th (although with due respect to you, I think he would look more fantastic with short hair).

Sigh. He's going to take his job as an Ambassador so seriously. I'm also wondering where he's going to find the time for his "3year" comment with the travel book and everything else. It seemed he's changed it to when he's 40? Sigh.

S'pore fan

Anonymous said...

Dear Jamie,

Love reading your blog everyday....
there's always something different...
With the new added responsibilities to the Prince, do u think he has time for marriage then? i wonder........

Anonymous said...

Don't worry sisters, if he meant to get married, he will find that person (a lucky one) no matter he has time or not. Who knows he might fall in love with someone from that field, while he is working as an ambassador. Like Song Il Gook (Jumong), who married to a Judge ( I mean from different field from the show biz)
Thanks for all these wonderful pictures and your ever brilliant and witty comments Jaime dear.
I was at the monastery for 5 days event, when all these exciting things happened.
Hope our dear princess has time to have fun at Moscow.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures. In the second to last one, he does have a grin like a little boy who just received candy. So adorable. I suppose that's not the correct term for someone his age, but what the heck, HE IS ADORABLE.

jaime said...

Thanks Josephine for sharing your experience and knowledge.

To be honest, I am so overwhelmed with the hundreds of pictures pouring in the net. There is absolutely no editing from the publishers at all - I mean some of them are blurry or BYJ is blocked by his guards. I guess this internet medium has given the media a lot of liberty, speed and computer capacity, thus saving them the effort of even editing out the inappropriate pictures.

I consider the picture with the stylist is of a tabloid nature, with no significance but for laugh :)

regards ... Jaime

jaime said...

Hi touched,

Hehe, baebie, what a cute name :)
Thanks for reading my post, you are not ignorant at all. these are just my silly thoughts out from being overprotective of our prince - don't want him to be hurt or unhappy, you know? hehe, maybe it's so far from the truth. Thanks for writing me a comment.

regards ... jaime

jaime said...

hi jenny,

hehe, you want to hug him too? HRH does have a broad chest built for girls to rest their heads on :) The challenge is how to tear ourselves away from him. My son has figured out a way - just drag me out of the bed!

Thanks for your comment!

regards ... jaime

jaime said...

hi s'pore fan,

You know, I have also thought about him in short hair again when I saw his old pictures recently. The fact that he still left his hair long even when he attended these formal government functions show that he really really loves his current style.

I really love him in both, he looked more mature in short hair, hehe like a husband material. The long hair is ohhhhh sooooo sexy @@ Yeah, according to the 3-year promise, he will be married at 38. And now Jumoochi said 40? actually, married or not, I hope he'll at least meet a wonderful girl so he can experience the beauty of love :)

Thanks for writing to me.

regards ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Anonymous 1,

Thanks for visiting my blog everyday, eventhough sometimes I am so busy with my family responsibilities that I am too tired to blog at night. This is a little place for me to share my love for BYJ with you nice sisters.

Hehe, I honestly feel his girlfriend or wife has to be so independent and mature to handle all these commotions around him. He certainly would have much time, like other men, for courtship and dating. but with his sincerity and gentleness, I think he'll make a great husband.

regards ... jaime

jaime said...

hi yee,

good to hear from you again. monastery for 5 days, is that a retreat? is there a Buddhist monastery in where you live?

yeah, hopefully he'll get to meet many wonderful and capable ladies in other fields with his new role.
miss the princess too and hope she has time to do some sightseeing in moscow.

please take care!

love .. jaime

jaime said...

hi hi anonymous 2,

yeah yeah, what the heck! he is adorable ...... and cuddly and dreamy ...... love him biting his lower lips in the last pic too, u notice?

thanks for leaving me a comment.

regards ... jaime

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime,

It is Burmese Buddhist monastery is in city of Azusa, 38 miles from my house. For us Californians that is nothing, I go there at least once a week. It was a 5 days non stop Pa Htan chanting performed by the monks. It was a big event and my family is one of the sponsors.


jaime said...

ee, soo desu ne! thanks for sharing Yee :)