Sunday, October 19, 2008

From top to bottom

Oh my oh my, dear sisters, have you regained your consciousness yet? My heart almost stopped when I saw the first few pictures starting rolling in at soompi and baidu. We just saw him at that Amabassador ceremony on Tuesday, I was quite content already and so I didn't have too much aniticipation, plus I was so so occupied in the weekend. Oh BOY, did he bowl me over yesterday with his helicopter gig and a cool style to match. How could a man be this beautiful and elegant with such a commanding presence!

Honestly, with hundreds of his gorgeous pictures coming in, I am a bit overwhelmed of what to keep. As princess said, unlike other stars, Yong Joon really doesn't have any bad pictures. So, regardless of any order or pattern, I have decided to just post according to how I feel - hahaha, that means free style :)

Should we start from the top? Um hm this curly 'number' is a new attempt on him. You know, I always thought Yong Joon is a pretty serious and even conservative kind of guy in real life. In fact, when he started growing his hair long, I thought it was so out of his 'comfort zone' and for sure he'd cut it off right after TWSSG. Hahaha, not only that he left his hair long, in fact, he is even trying out new styles with it! Hehe, I don't blame him, I bet even he's in love with his gorgeous looks in long hair @@

Oh that million $ smile! Hehe, I'm no doctor but my medical conclusion is he has a very healthy tonsil and definietly lucscious kissable lips :)

Love love him in that pair of sunglasses, it even seems like a match to the ring. You remember it's the same ring that he wore in Japan, eh? Princess has blogged about he bought this new one after he lost the old one in the snow while filming Winter Sonata. Hmmmm ..... can I assume that any lucky girl who finds it will be his 'wheel of fortune', huh? Hehe, just kidding!

That black suit is so slim-fitting and well-tailored, it showed off his toned body perfectly! And that very formal and classy grey/silver striped tie, which designer please? I want it I want it! Hehe of course for my other half, not me.

Now, One more look at this whole 'get up', a perfect gentleman!

Have you ever wondered how come Yong Joon's shoes were still so clean and shiny in the award ceremony after landing on sandy ground?
Who was lucky enough to clean the dust off his 'royal' shoes? Did he have to clean it himself during the short car ride or this lady is his 'stylist du jour'? She'd better be, otherwise I can't guarantee the safety of her fingers now :)

Hehe finally - sorry, don't mean to be disrepectful. I am sure these are very accomplished gentlemen in their own rights, otherwise they wouldn't be standing next to our HRH. But all I could think of is 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' - Happy, Sneezy, Sleepy, Dopey, Grumpy, Bashful and I'm pretty sure there's a Doc in here too :)

Thanks to liezle and the kind sisters in Soompi and Baidu for their great efforts in posting these pictures so timely. Good night, will continue to post more gorgeous HRH pictures later.


vegas said...

hi dear Jaime!

thanks for your posts.
you are always so clever and witty with your posts.
i always enjoy them and you put a smile on my face!
i also missed the picture of the woman removing something from YJ's jacket...but still... she's kinda close to the "no fly zone"

thanks again and take good care!!

Anonymous said...

Tell me that is Ms. Hong please dear one tell me so.

Or she shout start runing indeed.

Err... I'm fine just get kind of dizzy when I look at the pictures, each time.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha, Jaime, you crack me up!!

Yes, these are AMAZING pics, he is so beautiful and debonair and gorgeous and.....

And I just knew someone would mention that almost-risque pic -- thought it might be you, hahaha! I nearly choked when I saw it! Ms Hong must be so embarrassed, hahaha!

Thanks for posting all these wonderful pics -- I'm still hoping that I will one day see him in person, but until then it's such a treat to see all of these!

much love to you,

jaime said...

hi dear vegas,

thanks for your kind words always.

hahaha, the 'no fly zone'! She must be a trainee and is still insensitive to the sentiments this would create in the BYJ family. Hehe, this gal doesn't know she's treading into danger zone, may the force be with her :)

good to hear from you again! please take care!

love .. jaime

jaime said...

hi dear moontime,

Me too, I am overwhelmed by so many pictures, especially the ones with similar pose, which is better? The problem is I don't want to skip any.

This gal is not Ms Hong, must be the assistant. Our dear Yong Joon really trusts his staff to let them do their jobs, that's why he has such loyal and dedicated people working for him.

have a great day/evening!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hi chief,

hahaha, should I thank you for thinking of me when you see these risque pictures? Yes, I think the fans who saw him that day were ultra lucky because he was really gorgeous and happy.

I sincerely hope one day you will get to see him, as I know this has been your big dream. Hehe, please make sure you have someone or something to lean onto when you faint, ok? :)

Please take care!

love ... jaime

vegas said...

hi again!

I've been checking out all the lastest photos and enjoying the way he waves to the fans, his gorgeous smile, his healthy hair and of course his long legs. I know he's tall, but there's something strking about his long legs. *whew* Definitely swoon worthy!!

thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Jaime, I wouldn't even think of fainting when I see him -- what a waste that would be!! I want to be conscious and totally present for all of it, don't you?

So, I'll come to Tokyo, scoop you and a few other sisters up from there and we can head off to Seoul together, how does that sound??


jaime said...

hi hi again vegas,

yeah, he looks so slim and those long legs! I just gasped and swallowed saliva, can't remove my eyes from the screeen, hehe :)

sweet dreams, dear!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hahaha chief,

actually, I was thinking the same thing (Oops sorry, I was actually daydreaming while the priest was preaching in church yesterday). I was thinking if I could see him again (this time, say at a closer distance), I would not take any picture, or even wave or call him out. I would just concentrate and focus my eyes on his face and try my darndest to record his image in my long term momory. Hahaha, that must be really scary for him to see a crazy fan frozen like a popsicle there. but sorry, at this ripe old age, if I don't make an effort, I cannot remember things very well.

But sigh chief, that chance of seeing him in person is like winning a lottery, i have been borrowing the good luck from cloudnine and so many japanese sisters. would u also lend me some of your beginner's luck? hehe, who else do u plan to 'scoop up'?

love ... jaime

Tamar1973 said...

BYJ is certainly head and shoulders above the rest.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chinggu!

Hehehehhe, me am still drooling after last week's treats! My oh my!it would always be you or princess bb to notice such risky actions from people surrounding HRH!Remember the pic where his dog rests one of its paws on somewhere "where no one(as in any of us) has ever gone before?"

Tsk, tsk, just hope that the assistant hadn't lingered her fingers long enough to set anything in it's proper order into an uncomfortable state on HRH, hahahahahahah!

Take care dearie and thanx for the pics and of course, your non-stop quick eye & wit!

Love yah,

jaime said...

hi hi tamar ..... him always the star of the show!

love .. jaime

jaime said...

hi hi chinggu,

u know us, no little details of HRH can escape from our eyes. especially when it comes to the business of 'protecting and continuing his royal genes' :)

Have a great day!

love .. jaime