Friday, October 10, 2008

Beautiful bride

Hi Hi sisters ..... Just come in to quickly post these wonderful pictures. Wow, this is one of the most romantic and dreamy wedding pictures I've ever seen. Hehe of course, it helps that the bride is beautiful too. Hm, doesn't Jumoochi's eyeglasses remind you of a certain handsome one??

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Actually Dalbi (sorry, can only remember her TWSSG name :) is probably the only classic beauty in TWSSG. EJA is cute, MSR is mysterious; Dalbi then portrayed a traditional woman who fed and cared for her love. Jumoochi, with his eyes gazing at a far distance, projects full confidence about their future while Dalbi resting her head on his chest, evokes imagination and total trust on her future partner in life.

Hehe, enough about others. As princess posted, the big question now is how is our handsome one going to divide himself up to attend his chinggu's wedding and that probable cultural award? Now I suggest to our prince, instead of venturing into so many different business (after 'beauty of Korea', the latest one is that online travel agency). I think he should SERIOUSLY consider getting into the business of cloning himself into (say, a million copies) so we can all have our own HRH :) Hehe, before this great invention materialise, we just have to make do with these ultra BIG faces of HRH ....... @@

from BYJFAN by kaorin


Jenny Chee said...

Hi Jaime

How are u ? Having seen Jumoochi's and Dalbi wedding photos and other's star wedding, don't know when our king will be getting married. Sure he will be the most handsome of them all. Do u agreed with me. Thanks and have a nice weekend.


jaime said...

hi Jenny,

I 100% agree with you that our king will be the most handsome groom of all. Hehe, what I am worried about is : is the bride going to measure up? I know I know, it's the inner beauty that counts, but I really really hope our HRH will have a very beautiful and kind wife with some very cute kids :0

Thanks for leaving me a comment.

love .. .jaime

Anonymous said...

So sweet hope they are very happy.

Oh that sweet man I hope we get to see some pictures in the probably very secret wedding, so we can rejoyce in his happines.

Of curse he will be the most hansome of them all.
The bride?
I can offer myself but he might have someone else in mind.


jaime said...

hehe, nice try moontime.