Sunday, October 12, 2008

Little trip down memory lane

Hi Hi ... remember some big jars of 'denjang' (soy bean paste) were the headlines in Bae world recently? Our prince has begun the 1st stop of his 'Beauty of Korea' project. Hehe don't worry, he ain't exactly going backpacking. As reported, he arrived in style in his Maybach with the shine of a superstar. The staff at the Denjang Maeul was so happy when BYJ bought an assortment of soybean pastes, but what caught my attention was he said he would bring some to Japan? When?? Where??? :)

Last week after the Megane Ichiba visit, cloudnine took me on a little side trip in Shibuya. 1st stop, CC Lemon Hall - this is the concert hall that Yong Joon had his first Japanese fan meeting during his 2004 visit.

I think he was pretty overwhelmed, he also asked to turn on the lights so he could see the faces of his family :)

2nd stop, behind CC Lemon Hall is the NHK HQ complex. Cloudnine and I were wondering : is this the road where the fans were lining up for him?

Remember he received an award from the NHK President on the success of Winter Sonata in 2004? The poor cutie was sick then, he looked so gentle and delicate

Hehe, and of course the most recent NHK press conference and TWSSG interview :) Still handsome as ever @@


Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime,

As for CC Lemon Hall, some sisters must be confused if they still remember the exterior of old
"Shibuya Public Hall", whose name was changed when the building itself was renovated in October of 2006.

Hope you had a relaxing weekend after hectic weekdays.

cloud nine

bb said...

no wonder!! i was wondering what's with that CC lemon thingy, haha!

thanks jaime! thanks cloudnine!

jaime said...

Thanks cloudnine for the clarification. Hehe princess, I was wondering about the name too as I have a bottle of 'CC Lemon' Lemonade (haha, what else?) sitting in my fridge! So the name is changed :)

Tamar1973 said...

I suspect his trip to that soybean paste factory was part factfinding trip for a source for his restaurants in Japan.

jaime said...

hi hi tamar,

oh, is 'daejang' a health food? or should i say fermented food healthy? is it the sauce we use in bibambap?