Sunday, October 5, 2008

Yonsama no kimchi

Hi Hi sisters .... there is a Korean Food Festa happening this weekend.

Hmmm ..... I have a hunch that our prince (I mean pictures of course) will show up somewhere. Afterall, who wouldn't think of Yonsama when you mention Korea? Hehe, look what I found .....

The famous Japanese actress Midori Utsumi is the ambassador of the event. She seems to be involved in quite a few Korean events. I remember she was also in the tape cutting ceremony (with Ryu Si Won) for the Hallyu Expo in Japan last summer. Hehe, isn't that giant Bibambap way cute? (it's real rice in there, you know?)

They have invited 2 young Korean singers to perform the songs from some famous Korean dramas. He is 'Just' san, he sang the theme songs from 'Green Rose, 'Kim Samsoon' (notice Hyun Bin's face in the TV monitor), ......

Then this is 'Chuon' san, sorry I have no idea who they are but apparently they have quite a few 'mature' Japanese fans in the audience cheering for them :) He sang the theme song from 'Beautiful Days', so sweet ......

Hehe of course, my mind was on that handsomest man's big picture. Haha, I deliberately stood very very closeto it as if we were on a date attending a concert together! (aiyo, just kidding, don't throw your mouse at me :)

There is actually a booth promoting Gosireh's kimchi, you know they are now available in Isetan, Matsuzakaya, Keio, Odakyu and all the major department stores across Japan, huh?

When I went there last night, all the kimchi were sold out! So I had to go back today to get my own little tub :)

Hehe, I know what I am going to have for dinner tonight :) Oh btw chief, in case you are reading this, I found Kim Rae Won in the Festa too. So you can have 'him' as banchan for dinner tonight, ok?


xiaoyi said...

Dear jaime,
Thanks for sharing!! Can I repost some of the photos on my blog?
Take care.
Loves, xiaoyi

jaime said...

hi dear xiaoyi,

sorry for the late response. hehe, i was at megane ichiba today, more pictures of yong joon to come :)

please repost as you like, my pleasure :)

how's your planning go? you know which one i mean, right? ;)

love ... jaime

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime and Baesisters:
I do not know if it is a mere coincidence but I live in a residential facility where the ground floor has a Korean restaurant and just opposite is a Japanese restaurant. The first thing I did upon arrival here is to eat Korean food. And I eat Korean food at least three times a week; the Korean owner always gives me extra servings of rice, and additional side dishes or salads or cake. I miss eating rice after all the hamburgers and steaks and pasta. There is really what is known as gut level food that one hungers for, just as one has gut level heroes and stars like Bae Yong Joon.
Sarang Hamnida,
josephine pasricha

xiaoyi said...

Dear jaime,

Thanks a lot!!

Ha ha! Have almost done with my 'plan', now just waiting for any last minute promo on the tickets and etc. How about yours? Have you fixed the dates yet?
Really tired from my daily schedule, can't wait for it...ha ha!!

Take care & lots of loves.

vegas said...

Hello My dear Jaime!

So, how was the kimchi?
How exciting to have a Korean fest in Japan. In LV, there is a "Korea Town Plaza" under construction, so hopefully we'll have our own Korean Festival in LV soon.

I hope you and your family are doing well. All OK here in LV...just busy with life. I'm catching up with everyone slow by slow.

Thanks for your wonderful posts. Always great to catch up with you here.

Take care!

jaime said...

hi josephine,

yeah, when I was in Seoul, I noticed Koreans love these hearty meals like soup and everything mixed together. I felt like I was eating home cooked food in my mom's kitchen. it really warms the hearts.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hehe xiaoyi,

i have kind of fixed the dates but haven't booked anything yet. I'll seend you an email.

love .. jaime

jaime said...

hi dear vegas,

hope everything is fine w/ you. have u been very busy? haven't seen u around lately. hope you are settled in your new place already.
I'm so busy w/ my son's work and activites.

really, a korean festival in LV? hehe, look out for HRH's picture, I'm sure someone will put him there. Have fun!

love ... jaime

p.s. hehe, kimchi still in the fridge, it's for my eyes only :)

love ... jaime

vegas said...

your kimchi is still in the fridge? will wait to hear from you...if you ever decide to try it. LOL

since school started, it's been one thing after another. it's Homecoming this week with many activities and the football game this Friday, so terribly busy helping where I'm needed.

I hope your son is doing well in school and enjoying this year. Keeps you busy, doesn't it? Sometimes I feel like I'm back in school too.

I'm sure if we ever have a Korean Festival in LV, HRH will be #1! Would be nice if he showed up too. A Hotelier reunion!!

you take good care!!!