Wednesday, October 22, 2008

From here to eternity

Hi Hi sisters .... promise promise, I'll just do one more quick post on his award, ok? Hehe, I still have to pack as we are taking a short trip to Kyoto tomorrow. You know how much I love history and old stuffs :) Hey, I don't mean OLD MAN (hmmmm, the best kind is 36 years old, 180 cm w/ long hair and speaks Korean, hahaha @@)

When Josephine shared her view on the publishing standard exercised in journalism, I too feel that sometimes we readers are being overloaded with excessive materials. Because of the accessbility and availability of the internet, speed and volume of data are often favoured in lieu of journalistic quality and integrity. Have you noticed some pictures posted by the media are out of focus and Yong Joon was blocked by other people? When it comes to HRH, I know we all want as many poses from as many angles at as many moments as possible. Hehe, the result is after this weekend, our BYJ picture folders have probably grown by the hundreds and our fingers are aching from all the '.jpg renaming', right? :(

Hehe of course, I am no journalist, but I thought if I had to pick 10 of my favourites to capture the moments of that eventful day, these are the ones ....... What about you, among so many pictures, which one is your favourite or you think is representative of that day?

A Grand Entrance!

Absolutely handsome, need I say more?

Dancing with the star ~~

Glory and honour, as witnessed by his countrymen!!

Coolest hunk @@

All eyes are on him @@

Mommy & daddy, aren't you proud of me?

Never forget his family, that's why we love him so much!
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vegas said...

hi hi dear Jaime!

How was your trip to Kyoto? Hope you enjoyed yourself!

Great post - can't get enough of HRH... So many beautiful pictures and yes, my folders are bulging and overflowing. Must use an external HD just for HRH alone.

Waiting patiently to hear about your Kyoto visit!!

take care!

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime

Thanks for allowing us to see YJ's beautiful photos again. As Vegas said, we never get tired of watching or reading about him over and over - be it photos, dramas or articles.

Your comment for the last pic is so correct. YJ looked up at his fans more than once. He's really the grateful type and so gracious with his actions.

S'pore fan

Layla said...

Dear Jamie,

our HRH is really an outstanding man....but i really think he should drop the curly hair....anyway i love those photos u posted....thanks again

jenny said...

Hi Jaimie

Thanks again for all the photos. Is great. We really won't feel bored to see HRH photos especially the way he smile and walk. I really love that and everytime he will never forget the family who support him all the way. Do enjoy your trip to kyoto and take some nice photos for us to see. Hope you don't mind.

Take care


Anonymous said...

Dearest Jaime and Bae sisters:
Thank you for your kind understanding and openness about my comment, a kind of "affirmative inquiry" for the good of everybody and Bae Yong Joon himself.
Have a nice holiday in Kyoto. one of my favorite ancient places in Japan.
Sarang hamnida,
josephine pasricha

Yoko said...

I really enjoyed your recent 3 postings now. As others said, your comments are not only witty but from your warm heart.

To see those photos again today ,yes he is gorgeous but, I'm more than glad to see him super happy and radiant in every photo. Have we ever seen this happy YJ-ssi before? in every moment photo?

Yes,I also like his tie. It really fit to this honorable ocasion.


phuong said...

Hi Jaime, thank you for all your posts . He is truly prince charming, but i like his short hair than his curly long hair , too feminine .

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime

Agree with sis phuong. Looking forward to a macho looking YJ with his very own great thick unpermed hair. He'll look great.

S'pore fan

jaime said...

To all the dear sisters above (vegas, s'pore fan, josephine, yoko, layla, jenny, phuong),

Thanks you so much for your wonderful comments. I am so sorry for replying late as I was in Kyoto. I agree with you wholeheartedly that we can never have enough of his handsome pictures and warm smile.

Hehe, S'pore fan and phuong : me too, as much as I adore his cool & sexy long-haired style, my original love is MinHyung and his shorter hair. Like a lot of sisters have mentioned, we might as well enjoy his long hair now before he decides to cut it. Cos I have long hair and I know how long it took to grow them (well actually about the same time as HRH as I followed his hair style, remember?), so maybe Yong Joon likes to think twice or thrice before letting his beauitful locks go?? Hehe, just my guess :)

appreciate all your comments, please take care!

love ... jaime