Tuesday, October 21, 2008

From land to air

Hi Hi sisters ... now now, you are probably wondering how can I not post any of his helicopter ride as it was the coolest act of the day? Yeah yeah, this brain of mine may have occasional malfunctions, but when it comes to HRH, no teensy weensy details ever escape this set of old eyes. Hope I get all the droolable pictures up .....

This is our gosijo's picks (from bb's blog). Boy, upon checking her posts again, I really have missed downloading a lot of pictures.
Ahhhh better.... it's BYJ!

Under heavy security, he's our precious prince la :)

Staying at the wedding for 1/2 hour, he left Gangwondo
I really love this angle of him, as if he's dancing @@ (not with Mr. Shin of course)

Hehe, you notice he's always buttoning up his jacket? I guess guys have to unbutton their suit jackets when they sit, right?

so so cool!

and away!

Arriving at Cheongdu, not a single hair out of place @@

Aiyo, no need to bend la, Yong Joon. I know you are tall, but the rotar is way up there!

Look at that noble air! If BYJ is not the most gorgeous man, I don't know who is??

Now, did I miss any good pics? Do tell me, ok? Hope you enjoy :)
all pictures credited as shown


gosijo said...

Now, since you ask, there is one I like that is missing. I think our Princess likes it a lot too because she used this caption "me thinks he looks really cool in this one!' in her 'arriving at hongcheon' post. It's by NEWSIS.

Great post again, Jaime! This is the first time I see the 'dancing with Mr. Shin' one. Fred Astaire'd better watch out once those two can take it a notch higher with their unison! Hehe, I love that pic!

I really enjoyed yesterday's too, with the contrasts between the two events.

And as for the 'lint pic/k' you posted on Sunday, well, must say, I too had noticed how the assistant that is not Ms. Hong got caught on camera with her hand perillously close to the cookie jar. Poor, kind lady, ensuring that He is absolutely 'Purpect!' and incurring our tsk, tsk, tsk instead ;)

jaime said...

hi dear gosijo,

thanks for bringing me back to the princess' posts again. We really never get tired of this man or bb's posts, eh?

Hehe gosijo, any woman unless she is

a. under 8
b. over 80
c. Yong Joon's omoni

should know better not to get within 2 feet of HRH, or else she will be in the firing zone from thousands of envious fans. Bless her for doing her job right!

love ... Jaime