Saturday, October 11, 2008

'I wish' megane

Hi Hi sisters ... I had a little 'BYJ journey' last week. Well, I finally got my own pair of 'I wish' eyeglasses from Megane Ichiba. My old pair broke to 'a point of no repair' on the day we left TO, so I have practically been living like half-blind for the last 9 months. Hehe, I guess I could have used this as an excuse whenever I acted stupid here :)

As usual, cloudnine was so kind to accompany me, and we met on a cool rainy day in the Shibuya Megane Ichiba store. Yonsama's pictures are present everywhere to greet us @@

We went up to the 3rd floor where Yonsama's frames are displayed. Wow, his collections are growing fast. I remember it all started out with just a few styles in the Serpente series, now there are so many to choose from in the 'I wish' collection.

Hehe, cloudnine even recognized the staff who helped princess bb when she was in Japan this year. These are Yonsama's gift cards you can get for a fan/friend - but if you pay cash to buy it, you can actually use it on your own glasses. Hehe, my simple mind just think of it as buying myself my own gift :)

After I selected a style, Megane Ichiba can have my glasses ready in 25 minutes. And there is this sitting area where you can relax and enjoy Yong Joon’s CF making video. Here, they play the video over and over again, yum yum @@

Oh oh, one more promotion offer – when you buy 3 bottles of these lens cleaner, you’ll receive 5 giant picture stickers of these infamous shots. (hehe princess bought it last time and gave one to each sister :)

By the time we left the store, I was carrying 2 bags full of Yonsama goodies. Gosh, I thought I was just going in to get a pair of eyeglasses! Here, 3 big posters :

Hehe finally, my new pair of Yonsama’s ‘I wish’ eyeglasses :

Now, I am no longer blind, and no more excuse to be stupid, thanks to Yong Joon (and cloudnine too)!


bb said...

boohoohoo, how come i got only one poster when i went in may? :p

and... your lens case is nicer too... now now am beginning to sound like a spoilt brat :p

glad you've gotten an I WISH pair of glasses :)

jaime said...

hehe princess,

I actually like the pink one that flips inside out (cloudnine said you liked this too) but it's too small for my eyeglasses. So I had to pick the bigger Japanese pattern one (cloudnine has the same one), but then the salestaff was so nice, he also gave me that pink one too!!

Hehe honestly, I don't really wear eyeglasses that much, but the 'I wish' project is a good cause, eh?

love ... jaime

xiaoyi said...

Dear jaime,

Wow! Wow! Wow! Ha ha... i've never noticed that visiting the spectacles shop would be so rewarding!
Thanks so much for sharing!!

Loves, xiaoyi

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime:
I also broke my pair of eyeglasses so I am using my colored Christian Dior sunglasses with grade for nearsightedness even at night. It is really very funny. I wish, wish that I could also get one like you did, although it will take me sometime to go to Japan. Do you mind telling me how much the average glasses cost?
Have a nice day and sarang hamnida,
josephine pasricha

bb said...

yea, i remember that pink one! i really liked that one, but like you'd said, it was too small for my pair. so i ended up getting something wuri yong joon would probably get... a nondescript black one :p

p.s. hope you didn't have as much trouble with the eye testing as i did... it was soooooo... difficult to do it on my own!

jaime said...

Hi Josephine,

Hehe, prescription sunglasses at night, you sound like a movie star to me :)

Hehe remember Yong Joon always say in the CF "All in one price"? Megane Ichiba offers most of its frames w/ lens at 1 price of 18,900 yen (about US$185). BYJ's frames all fall into this category, including the 'I wish' styles (all made in China, not Japan). You can have a selection of lens' thickness, weight, colour etc. Btw, eye examination and all taxes included. Megane Ichiba is the largest eyeglasses chain in Japan, they do not offer contact lens service.

I have seen some smaller stores which offer cheaper packages ranging from 5000 - 15000 yen. I don't know if they will start charging for better lenses though. Of course, there are also the expensive designer eyeglasses shops which the frame and lenses are priced separately depending on what you like.

I think the Megane Ichiba eyeglasses are really reasonable comparing to Toronto stores which offers mostly designers frames and consumers have no choice but to pay $500-700 easily if they need prescription eyeglasses. And then prescription changes next year and you have to start the process all over again! Fortunately part of it is covered by insurance. Is it the same in the States?

Hope you will get a new pair soon!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hehe princess, my 'eye exam' only took 1 minute simply because I have a prescrption from my optometrist already. I don't think my eyes change that much at this ripe old age, Megane Ichiba just need to confirm, real quick and easy :)

Yes, I can imagine how much work it'd take to test them from scratch. Hehe or maybe the optician got too attracted to your big round beautiful eyes and wanted to look at them longer :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

yes yes xiaoyi,

me too. didn't expect that I had to carry so much. Real clumsy that day, cloudnine can attest to that :)

going to book my airline tickets now. keep thinking maybe it's too early.

love ... jaime

Tamar1973 said...

I just got a new pair of glasses recently but since we don't have Megane Ichiba, I had to make do with my non-BYJ glasses. ; P

jaime said...

he he tamar, no rush. u can always get a pair when u come in japan. some sisters make it to sunglasses or reading glasses, although i don't think you need one yet :)