Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mysteriously Handsome

Hehe sisters ..... you think you cannot breathe looking at his gorgeous face? Wait till you look at HRH's muscular arms and chest! Now, take it eeeeeeasy midear .... your eyes don't have to swallow them all at once, eh? @@ Keke, you can always stand up, open the window, take a deep breath before coming back :) Enjoy ......

from byjfan/kaorin


jenny said...

Hi Jaime

He look very serious in this batches of photos. Thanks a lot for posting it. Have a nice and cheerful weekend.

Take care


Hyds said...

hubby says nice hat!!! hehehehe he's got one one when he was 16 ;-) Love these photos!!
Love. Hyds

Anonymous said...


i'm a new fan!love ur site!awesome!!!
he love his pandora hat so much huh???can the poor hat rest for awhile??lucky thing always with him!


Anonymous said...

by the way can't think of any nickname hehehe next time i'll change to yjprincess or yjgeneral hehehe!


jaime said...

Hi Hi yjgirl,

Welcome to the BYJ family and thank you for leaving me a comment. Hehe, I agree with you. As much as we adore him in his Fedora when he first wore it in Osaka, but I think we are a bit tired of seeing him in the same hat for 9 straight months! Hahaha, at least we are not tired of seeing his gorgeous FACE! :)

I look forward to seeing him in some really HOT summer attire @@
Nice to meet you here, I like your name, yjgirl!

regards ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi jenny,

thanks for coming by, glad you enjoy this.

love .. jaime

jaime said...

hi hyds,

sorry, how can i miss your comment? a fedora at 16? hehe, your hubby is a fashionable guy!