Tuesday, February 10, 2009

BSJ Event II

Hi dear sisters ....... Thank you for your kind comments, hope I won’t disappoint you with the rest .......

BSJ events have known to be full of laughs and surprises. The wit was pretty obvious in the invitation email to the attendees. Each of us was asked to bring a favorite picture of Yong Joon to exchange with other sisters. On the back we would write why we love Yonsama as well as a message of encouragement, favorite poem or even your family secret recipe to share. As in any BYJ events, camera, alcohols, explosives and other Hallyu stars' posters are strictly prohibited! Since I don't want to upset other sisters' stomachs with my 'secret family' recipe, I went with the safe route :

It translates to "Yong Joon's smile is very kind, I love it very much". Message of encouragement is also from Yong Joon's autograph – "Once in a lifetime".

Hehe, no BYJ outing is complete without a good meal. Afterall, we need topnotch energy to see a topnotch man in a topnotch event, right? So cloudnine took me to Mikura, a topnotch Kyoto country ryori in Shibuya.

As the name 'country ryori' suggests, it is prepared with the freshest ingredients from Kyoto and is very healthy. We chose the bento box cause there’s no time for a multi-course cuisine.

Hehe just like in the Osaka Event, when you got off the train station, you really didn’t have to know which way to go. Just followed the streams of ladies and if they uttered the word ‘Yonsama’ once or twice, then you could confirm you were on the right track :) The Event Hall in Kawasaki city :

Hehe, our handsome 'host' was waiting for us @@

Yes yes, I did attempt to see how we matched up but the handsome hunk made me look like a little troll :(

Wowowow, I rubbed my eyes a few times, and another few more times! Were those genuine paintings from our famous pallet, kinkan, nagajun and hiyonn on display?!

Sorry, I was too rush to snap any properly-angled/focused/lighted pictures. Our Yong Joon would never have approved.

Was I dreaming? I was staring directly with my own bare eyes on the amazing paintings by the talented kinkan @@

I soooooo wanted to touch (you know where) but there were too many pairs of eyes around @@. I still want to keep my fingers, hehe :)

Satovic and flowerbossa were kind enough to reserve a special booth, so flowerbossa could stay with me for instant translation of the event! I don’t know how to thank them for their kindness and consideration.
Hehe, even Tomato san got curious and came in to visit us in this 'baby' room. I guess I just had to suck my thumb and pretend to be a baby so I could stay?! Cloudnine joked that this room is for the linguistically-challenged jaime, hahaha.

This 'multi purpose' room is directly behind the control center and has a perfect view of the stage. (this picture was actually taken after the event)

Speaking of stage, I think I am seeing a gigantic wine bottle just walk in!
to be continued .......


Hyds said...

OMG! I could feel the spirit of that event.I love, love love the pictures you showed Jaime. .made me wish I was there too sob sob sob..cheer up! Thanks for sharing your lovely experience.BYJ's everywhere.
Love, Hyds

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime and Bae sisters:
Thank you for sharing with us recent happenings. I admire your commitment to document such historic events. The sketches on Bae Yong Joon are revealed as great pieces of art that should be preserved and displayed in a museum!
Sarang Hamnida
josephine pasricha

bb said...

hee... can't wait for the wine bottle to start uncorking and speaking :p

thanks for this, lady J!

jaime said...

Hi Hyds,

Really? You can feel the spirit?? thank you thank you, I was worrying that I might bore you gals to pieces :) Please cheer up, dreams can come true, you know. Life has many twists and turns, these were impossible for me before. I just can't help but be very very thankful. Cheers!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Dear Josephine,

Thanks for your comments. Yes, these paintings are so beautiful and some of them have actually been shown in the Fan Art Exhibition before. As you'll find out later in my report that the artists behind the paintings are even more beautiful in their spirits in sharing. The BYJ family is just amazing and so loving!
Please take care!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hehe princess,

I think you are quite familiar with this wine already. will try to continue as soon as I have some time ....

love .. jaime

bb said...

when sisters T and C told me satovic dressed up as a wine bottle, and then a uniform... i had no problem imagining her in the uniform.

but the wine bottle? i had MAJOR problems! i mean, HOW?!!

until kind sister T gave me this link, and i saw this, and went 'ah...' :p

Hyds said...

Agree Jaime!! One of the miracles is knowing you and be a member of the Baeworld...Thank you again! Anymore?? lots of love, Hyds

Hyds said...

By the way Jaime, thanks to bb's link and I had a glimpse of our sis dressed up with a wine bottle. The drawing of Chateau Latour was so noticeable..I kept seeing that here but not too sure to try it.. this might be the time ;-)
Love, Hyds

Layla said...

hihihi jamie....

naughty you...actually, was thinking the same thing ie touching him (u know where)...well..they said great minds think alike, yes?...hehehe....

Love, Layla

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime

Missed leaving a comment in your last post. Just wanted to say that I love the 2 satovic stories you shared there. How I wish I read Japanese...

And you are equally beautiful too in your spirit in sharing...

-- touched

jaime said...

hehe bb ...... I don't know how the rest of our Bae family is going to do without the kind sharing of our Japanese sisters T, C & F :) oh, so do M & S too.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hyds,

Your words are too kind, I am so touched :) Hehe, Chateau Latour, is it Yong Joon's favourite? You recommend us to try it? For Valentine's Day, maybe :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hehe Layla,

If we can't touch the real thing, haha, we have to settle for that, right? I think the artist, I believe it's Hiyonn, had pour a lot of heart and soul (and imagination) into that painting :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hi touched,

Thanks for your kind words. Those are wonderful stories, eh? They left a very deep impression on me. I can't help but feel humbled everytime I think about it. You have the same thoughts? Happy to know you also enjoy it.

love ... jaime

Anonymous said...

Hi sweet Jaime, I just love reading your descriptions about BSJ and how it felt to be there! (Do you pinch yourself every single day to remind yourself how LUCKY you are to live in Japan, with all of our amaaazing Japanese sisters???)

When I read about how many sisters belong to these Bae-groups, I had to chuckle -- there are maybe 10 of us here in Vancouver!!

And thanks for the stories of the long chopsticks and the straw. I see our YJ-nim when I think of those stories -- he takes such good care of those around him, including all of us. No, you're totally right, this is not a phase, he is with us to give us profound joy and to help us live better lives.

Thanks for your blog, je chingu -- I lurk here often even if I don't leave messages for you. You always brighten up my day, komapda!!

love to all,

gosijo said...

First Lady Jaime, now Baby Jaime, haha!

I can just imagine how it would be to see our talented sisters' artwork for real, whaaaa!

Thanks for chronicling this event. The emotions felt on that day, at that place, can now ripple ever wider and even cycle back to where they originated, whether we take that to mean BSJ or BYJ.

Looking forward to the next instalment.

jaime said...

hi chief,

thanks for dropping me a comment. yes, I remember to pinch myself every time something like this happens. I am all bruised now :)

please take care .... love, jaime

jaime said...

dear gosijo,

thanks for liking this. I will continue, promise. Please take care!

love ... jaime

myoce said...

I enjoyed the journal very much and the comments besides !

Oh my, Satovic dressed up as a bottle of wine...BYJ loves wine...If I had to dress up, I'd like to go as a wine glass...then BYJ's lips ...would...err...time to wake up, myoce !!!

Thank you so much,Jamie !!

Btw, may I have your permission to put your blog in my blog-list ...and to repost the Tale of a very long chopstick & The Straw Millionaire story in my blog sometimes ???

So sorry to bother you in comments..

Love, myoce

Hyds said...

Oh Jaime, don't get me started with wine hehehe that's the other thing I inherited from YJ..Try the Australian Reisling which is sweet and my personal favorite is the St. Emilion's which YJ drinks too including Mondavi's and the Piedmont . I also recommend the Bordeaux and the Cotes d Rhone ;-)
Hope you have a lovely day.
Love, hyds

jaime said...

Dear myoce,

so sorry for my late reply. Please feel free to repost the Straw Millionaire and the Long Chopsticks stories. Thank you for considering linking my blog to yours, may I do the same please?

Hope you can read this. If not, I'll enter a comment in your blog :) please take care!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Thank you Hyds for putting up a few brands for me so I can ask hubby to get them. We usually just get Cabernet Sauvignon from Bourdeaux, mainly because we heard it's good for the heart. Hehe see, we really can't drink! I am sure there are much better wine than that :)

love ... jaime