Friday, February 20, 2009

36th Birthday

OMO OMO sisters ..... just about to sleep and found LL posted these birthday pictures. oops sorry, just read from mariko san in soompi that these are actually pictures from the BYJ mobile site. If you subscribe to the BYJ mobile phone, you will receive these pictures on your birthday :) Hehe, it's the most precious present any girl can receive!

Thanks to LL from BYJ Gallery and YJ影之国 in baidu


Hyds said...

ohhhh would loooovee to have that on my birthday!! don't you think a phone call would be available next time? ;-) just wondering..thanks for showing these Jaime. I love his black beaded bracelet. I managed to get hold of one from Venice ;-) have a lovely weekend !
Love, Hyds

jaime said...

Hi Hyds,

Yeah, I think there is also a voice message of him saying Happy Birthday too. How sweet!

Hehe, you have good taste, that's the Luis Morais bracelet. I remember blogging about it last July :

You saw something like this in Venice? I love Venice, really romantic city. I had a wonderful time with hubby there - shopping, dining & exploring :) Sigh, those carefree days before kids. Please enjoy your precious time now, dear Hyds. Have a great weekend!

love .. jaime

Hyds said...

hehehehe Don't think I could afford that much Jaime. By then I was desperate to look for the bracelet when I first saw him wearing it. But couldn't find one.Thanks for the info. When I went to Venice I was so delighted to find a similar style. I don't think I could afford an LM although I might go wacky and buy one. Yikes!!! Take care.
love, Hyds
p.s. we love Venice and would want to go back during the carnival..that would be spectacular ;-)

Tamar1973 said...

I wish I had that in my inbox on my 36th B-day!

jaime said...

hyds ... a similar bracelet, is it Murano glass? please show us :)

jaime said...

hehe tamar ..... inbox? I dream about he comes to my door and gives me that cake. hahaha, too early for daydreaming :) good to hear from you!

love ... jaime

Hyds said...

maybe a murano next time hahaha.. I am actually looking for a replacement now.. saw a Tiffany bargain..couldn't cope with YJ's style..too expensive.. hehehehehe
oh sooo tempting....

chakachan said...

ms. jaime...does the phone come with a cake?? he he he..just kidding!!!