Sunday, February 22, 2009

Perfect complement

Hi my dear sisters ..... a fan 'newbie' wrote me a comment :

"just wondering how in the world can a woman match up on ds guy? my mother always said that your partner/husband is your equal. I just thought that he maybe wanted a perfect woman,,,that's why his alone???or something?? do you think byj ever love a woman ever???i really wonder????"

Hehe, I am really as clueless as everyone else in the 'Love & Marriage' department of HRH. This is also a very sensitive topic that some family rather not interfere. I totally respect that, so I'll attempt to reply 'short & sweet', don't take it too seriously, ok? I think to any fans, whom an idol marries is probably the ultimate 'mystery solved'. Actually it's true for all of us too, your match to your spouse pretty much determines how the 2nd half of your life is like, huh? We set up criteria to choose our future partner, we fantasized about our dream wedding and we pictured our life lived 'happily ever after', right?

Because we love and treasure Yong Joon so much, we feel there is no 'perfect' woman in the world who deserves our prince. In reality, Yong Joon's wife really need not be perfect for the world, she only has to be perfect for him. You remember in Hotelier when DongHyuk and JinYoung saw the 2 wedding couples in Deoksugung Palace : he said that's what marriage is like, husband and wife are not the same but they COMPLEMENT each other? Haiyo, please don't start worrying. It doesn't mean that our prince is going to pick up any average Suzy or Jaime from the street.

Yong Joon is a man of very high standards, besides finding a woman whom he loves and cherish, maybe there is another factor involved? I personally think he is more likely to be attracted to a woman with exceptional quality/talents that he longs for but does not possess yet. It's the admiration, respect and that 'wow' factor for her that will capture our prince's total love and devotion. That's probably what we call 'opposites attract' or 'complementing each other'? Now think hard, what quality does our prince desire still? Hehe as I said, this is just my silly assumption.

As family, all I wish is he does not feel any pressure from us in rushing him to do anything he's not ready for. Please take whatever time you need, dear Yong Joon. Never mind the publicly announced 3-years promise. To us, our silent 30-years/300-years promise to each other is what lasts :)


gosijo said...

Hee hee, Lady Jaime, what a fascinating question you pose and what an ingenious answer too! Quite general, though, so it should be fun to try and come up with specific examples of what he longs for but does not yet possess.

Hmmm. Or, if we're Yong Joon, Hmmmmmm - he does consider his answers extra carefully, no?

How about beeing taller than he is? Didn't he once say he wished he was taller?

No, not what would wow him in a woman? Okay, how about if she's an accomplished dancer? That's not really his forte, after all. Shades of Dancing with the Stars?

Alright, I agree, those are very superficial attributes and our YJ is the type who would be even more impressed with someone's inner qualities. Here's one: he seems to value graciousness; he is very gracious himself. However, I get the sense that means he cannot always say what he thinks; he has to temper his words so as not to offend others. I think he would be greatly impressed by a woman who can say exactly what is on her mind and yet retain her graciousness while doing it.

My two cents worth....

Looking forward to hearing what others have to say.

Anonymous said...

My first name in Spanish call for my family to do the diminutive on it.
wich is Mary,
Do not worry as I'm not offended,
as I'm not average at all,
so I don't feel is about me.

And since BJ is a bit far away from me and I can't marry him,
yeah you do know is just for that,
I can get my hands on him.
*puts fingers in her ears*

Yeah I think you make a very good point,
she only has to be perfect fopr him.

And it might be wrong, but if the lucky lady turns out to be a dancer he might learn to dance just for her,
you know how dedicated he is when he puts his mind to something.

Somebody I know says
we all have that someone that completes us.
Let's hope he finds her other half,
just at the time that is right for them.

So I wont wory,
as I know somebody like him,
will find his girl, and that day we will be very happy.


Hyds said...

Hello Jaime,
My partner in life is almost the opposite of me so I agree with what you said above. I was the aloof, serious, anxious etc. but he relaxes me and believes on my abilities (number 1 fan) and most of all makes me laugh.
It must be difficult for YJ to be with the right woman because of his job.
There might be someone head over heels inlove with him but there's always a question if is she's inlove with the real BYJ not just his money, fame, beauty or the character he portrayed. It's tricky.
'It's not about finding the right partner but being the right partner..'Until the time comes we would not know.
Love, Hyds

myoce said...

Wow, interesting discussion.... contribution then..

Since we all love Yong Joon sooo much, we tend to look at this one-sidedly. His happiness is very important [which is sooo true]and we want him to marry someone who will love, take care and adore him very much. But if the time comes, I hope Yong Joon will be able to make his 'one and only' very happy...and put her 'in front of him / first' in his life...make her the super star of his life. Isn't that what all of us want as a woman?

That way they will both give each other great joys.

My hubby is 'the wind beneath my wings' [hence the song in my playlist :) ]. I hope I am being the same for him.

With love, myoce

Anonymous said...


thanks for answering i really appreciate '!i guess,,it was wrong for me to think that the loneliness that i see all the time on his pictures,,,will be gone when he found his love of his life.....just wondering!!!!!


Lin Chen said...

Hi all nice sisters,
so interesting topic to talk about!
May I add something...

His woman could be not perfect, even with him, but love, as always it is, we will never know... The most important thing is he will be happy with her, she will bring happiness to him, cherish and comfort him, is that what we all want for him?
Sometime I feel sorry for his loneliness now, as a man - and so good as him, he should has someone beside him, take care and love him.
So, I wish from my heart he could find out the one - his sweatheart - even - dont laugh or scold me - man or woman not a matter, I badly wish he has happiness.
I am waiting for the day he tell us that he found, finally.

With love

yudi said...

Hi Jamie.

I've been checking your blog every day, when there is no new post, I read the old ones. I want to let you know I like it so much.

Thank you so much for your answer, it makes me feel much better about the fact that YJ still hasn't find his loved one.

Also to Lin Chen sister: Your comments made me burst into tears. Thank you.


Lin Chen said...

Thanks yudi,
It is nice to know you. Nice to share with me the thought. I am afraid that you will not accept my way of thinking...
We all love him, so much, badly.

May we have a hug...

Hyds said...

I agree with our sisters here. There's something missing and his eyes tells us all.. I pray that the time will come that we see that certain spark in his eyes although that's also the time to let go..
Love, Hyds

myoce said...

Dear Jaime...
and sis Lin Chen...and all..

I agree with Lin Chen, the important thing is he will have happiness and someone he loves to share the rest of his life with. Nothing else about it matters.

Love, myoce

chakachan said...

i'm a single women who's now in my late 30's. i'm independent, hardworking, financially stable and not so bad looking...but I'm not married. it's strange because society pressures me to be married at my age..coz' I will miss the ship and i would regret it...but you what, the outside world thinks differently about women like me, coz' this is not the way things should be. People tag us easily as being "lonely" and "sad". Lonely is a state of mind, but if you're happy with what you've got and take responsibilities of your actions and accept the fact that there is something beyond being'll be fine. Marriage is a dream world..but being married is another thing. It is sacred and it should only happen once in your life..there is a special person for everyone, but you're given a choice if you should stay with this person for the rest of your life or go your own path...i believe that BYJ is single because he wants to be single. yeah, he's telling the world that he loves to be married and all that, but if he really wanted to be married, he should have been married a LONG TIME's not a matter of whom he should marry, but can he stay married. his career and his businesses is always his first priority, this wouldn't change overnight because his got someone..come on...a perfect woman?? there's no such thing, and with his high standards, even if she was, he would always find loopholes..there would always be a problem. even if she was the MOST UNDERSTANDING woman in the world..SHE would get tired of being in the bottom of his list of priorities and the pressure not just from the public, but in their private life would be too much for someone to sounds too glamorous to be part of his world and his life..but there's always reality hitting you and waking u up from the dreamy state..meaning, it's not all beautiful. since she's not here yet, i like the fact that he's taking his time to be single and to be loved by ALL of U Baesisters!!! he's a man..he's the hunter (in caveman prospective) he decides and goes after the woman, not the other way around....everything will fall into place one day.....

Anonymous said...


i'm terrified to think about the other way of thinking,,guess i do not want to entertain that idea,,,u know whats that??? bec. he doesn't have a woman...maybe bec. he preffered the other way around...thanks Lin for bringing that out....

yup he needed to let go,,,,if he chooses that sad!!!crying!!!

if that happens that's it i guess for me,,,yup!i'm a narrow minded person when it comes to admiring somebody...but if it's his happiness i'm all for it......


Anonymous said...

you know why i'd say that bec. i saw a lot of women from young to very capable one there's a lot to choose from.....

i will accept if his not married but he should had have atleast a few women...u know! that's the law of men....of human...that's the way it to a guy and that's the truth they needed a woman...

just a piece of me that i really wanted to blurt it out!peace!


jaime said...

my dear gosijo,

it's always wonderful to hear your thoughts on this. I also feel Yong Joon would like to be with people who are gracious and discreete. That's almost like a requirement in his profession, right? Please take care.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Dear moontime,

first of all, chongmal miahnae for using 'Mary', I've changed it already. I know you are a very special girl and u know i don't mean any harm, right? I should have known better to use my own name :)

Thanks for your comments and we'll patiently wait for his time :)

love ... Jaime

jaime said...

Dear Hyds,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Really? Something is missing in his eyes now? I can remember the happiness & sweetness written all over his face during the Untold Scandal period (when he announced about his GF). Are you looking for that expression again?

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Myoce,

Yes, we all hope there'll be a superstar in his life too :) This reminds me of that K-drama 'Goong'/'Princess hours', when Yoon Eun Hye yelled at the prince, "I'm also a princess too, in my house!" So for every prince, there is a princess somewhere out there :)

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and please take care!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hi newbie,

thanks again for bringing up your question. you have raised many interesting issues - heavy but realistic. Hahaha, I am thinking if we are opening up a floodgate on 'love & relationship' which is such big part of our lives. Cheers!

regards ... jaime

jaime said...

Dear Lin Chen,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Hahaha, don't worry, we won't laugh or scold you. We fans really don't know him, so we can only support and trust what he decides. I am like you, I only wish him happiness, nothing else matters. Please take care!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hi yudi,

welcome to my little home and I hope you will find love and comfort with other BYJ sisters here. Thank you for writing me a comment. Cheers!

regards .. jaime

jaime said...

Hi chakachan,

thank you for your heartfelt comment. I totally agree with you that a person has every right to decide his/her own destiny, whether to stay single or married. We should never be pressured into making a life decision based on outside factors. Especially in the area of love and marriage, I think relying on your instincts is most importanat.

Yes, it's impossible for us to comprehend the high profile life BYJ is living. He is under intense microscope every minute and even he can hardly breathe on his own. It would be very complicated dragging in another person for media and fans to scruntinize. Sigh, many sacrifices a celebrity is making!

I sinecerely hope the best for you. Please take care!

regards ... jaime

Anonymous said...


i'm really sincerely happy to have found ds i've said i'm a newbie just admiring his smile makes me go gagah!hehehe

wow!it is a heavy topic there's a lot to be's fun thou,,,

yup yup yup! we can only speculate but we really an outsiders...we really don't know the guy period..

we only know what he wanted us to see...

i saw a couple of clips in youtube maybe ds was 3 or 5 years ago...the bright and amazing smile that really caught my eye...

i haven't seen that smile lately,,i had a glimpse of that when he did the promotion of his drama in japan..there's tons of japanese women adoring him but that's's a short live happiness i suppose

i'm so wanted to see that happiness in his eyes and his aura again....

ey, jaime! love to see the expression that he has when he announce he has a girl back then...

you know i'm only a year old when it comes to admiring the MAn...


jaime said...

Hi hi newbie,

I feel the same way, we really don't know the real BYJ. He is a real pro and he maintains his perfect image to a T.

Actually, I also came after his GF period. I only read it in some old news but it was around the Untold Scandal time, so you can watch his interviews during his promotion tour in Asia. He looked glorious!

love .. jaime

Anonymous said...

I told you honey no ofense taken,
so you could have left it with Mary.

And now you now my Nickname.

Sorry I did not got back in time to response, my family needed me for a wile so,
I ended disconected from almost everything for a wile, but here Iam.

Your right this went much deeper
than I though, and I agree with you all,
whatever makes him happy.

Anonymous said...

Sorry that was me


jaime said...

good to hear from u again, moontime. please take care!