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Hi dear sisters ....... how are you? Hope you all had a beautiful Valentine’s Day with your loved ones! Nikko is so charming and dreamy, I just can’t wait to introduce it to you (haha, as if I owe it to the Japanese Tourism Board :) Before that, I’d better complete my BSJ Event. Sorry this post is a bit long, please bear with me ;-}

As I last left off, a gigantic wine bottle just walked into the stage. Smart gals like you must have guessed already this was Satovic san. But the question is : How? This was her ‘artistic interpretation’ of what we hope will be Yong Joon’s next drama – Kami no Shizuku.

In the views of BSJ sisters, this was not the end but more of a graduation ceremony. Meaning they are ready to move onto the next level with their love for Yong Joon? The first item on the graduation agenda was singing ‘the’ school song. We’ve all heard or hummed this one point in time, right? Born to be Loved - so appropriate for our prince.

Next came the speech from our Principal – Sir BYJ! Before we got all excited, it’s NOT really another satellite broadcast from Seoul. Satovic just pretended to call Yong Joon live on long distance. They skillfully edited some previous Yong Joon’s Japanese dialogue, teamed it with comically-enhanced pictures to deliver a lively and humorous gig. As our eloquent flowerbossa was translating the dialogue to me (thanks thanks), I was able to laugh heartily along with everyone else, what a brilliant act!

Instead of listing out all the programs, I’d try to pinpoint some fun and original ideas here to share with you, ok? Satovic threw up a chronological chart depicting the history of Japanese family with Yong Joon. From the time when Winter Sonata was first broadcasted in 2004 on NHK creating a Yonsama phenomenon, through the climax of 2 major fan events in Saitama and Osaka, up to his most recent Yokohama satellite gathering. Throughout these 5 years, Satovic highlighted to us that there were disproportionally much more DOWN time than UP time we spent with Yonsama! Hehe, she fittingly labeled these down times as the different ‘Ice Age’ stages like the looooong wait for the filming of TWSSG in 2006-2007 and errrr, like right now in 2009...... not even knowing what exactly we’re waiting for?? So what do we family do during the Ice Age?

Chewing dry cuttlefish, huh? We basically are left with no choice but to re-watch every one of his old drama frame by frame and to regurgitate every single story about HRH’s every move. We know each and every one of them so well that we probably can recite Yong Joon’s lines before he even starts speaking! Hehe, Satovic referred to these periods as ‘dry cuttlefish chewing’, it is very tasty and juicy in the beginning. As we chew and chew after a long while, the cuttlefish becomes tasteless and our gum muscles become weak, numb and we can't chew anymore! How's your cuttlefish now, still tasty?

One of the celebrity guests in the Event was Mr. Sohn, President of IMX. Even though he no longer involves in Yong Joon’s business, he remains a familiar figure with the Japanese family. He actually just returned from Seoul and rushed here to deliver his final greetings to BSJ. I have seen Mr. Sohn before in the BYJ Classic Concert last year. Both times he gave me the impression that of an impromptu appearance i.e. uneasy, unrehearsed, in a rush to leave (mind you, the man was suffering from a very bad cold) but always candid and witty. Sorry, consider I don’t even know the guy, I am being judgmental, ain’t I?

After we watched some clips of Yong Joon’s Japan visit, Mr. Sohn commented that : “My experience behind the camera was very different from your perception. While you laugh at some of the scenes now, but they were not laughable to me at that moment. I haven’t given you an examination yet. You have no right to graduate on your own. You are expelled!” We all laughed but I can appreciate the ‘tears & sweats' behind his words. It’s impossible for us to comprehend Yong Joon and Mr. Sohn’s pressure and mind set under the watchful eyes of media, government authority and thousands of fans in Japan.

This segment was quite fun, BSJ had done a categorization of our BYJ kazoku (family). Just for fun, are you any one of these?

1. Chasers - a stepstool was shown on the screen and I think any fans who had followed Yong Joon from Samcheok to Jeju knew it came in very handy when you tried to catch a glimpse of HRH above the heads blocking in front of you.

2. Collectors – pictures, magazines, phone straps …. we got them all, eh?

3. Crafters – BYJ cushions, bags, curtains .... did you make any of them?

4. Artists – those creative graphics and artworks by the likes of Pallet and Hiyonn

5. Korean buffs – from K-drama to K-pop to K-food to K-man (or men :)

6. Info seekers - from JOB to KOB to another dozen sites and blogs to satisfy our cravings for HRH

7. Philosophers – did you actually set your 2009 self improvement goals aligned with HRH's?

8. Practitioners – Yonsama is a way of life, guess it means you are wearing Megane Ichiba, donning a ponytail and walking with a dozen bodyguards behind you?

9. Unconditional lover – drama, BTS, events DVD, OST, CF ..... everything BYJ

There were many more segments that I enjoyed : like when a BSJ sister playing the piano and singing TWSSG’s Approval, LL san’s MVs, Appreciation awards for those sisters who have contributed so much for the past 4 ½ years with their talents. The screen showed the familiar names like makishi, nagajun, daisukibyj, tomochang and many more. It then dawned on me that these famous sisters were actually sitting among the audience today! Where? Where?

.... to be continued (last part)
picture from Quilt by satovic


Hyds said...

Oh Jaime! That was a wonderful read. I wasn't there but it made me laugh and been touched by the wit and humor surrounding the event. I think Satovic and the whole team planned a rather happy ending.
In terms of those categories , I could be a bit of everything if given the chance and will ;-)
BYJ's my fave photographer before Annie Leibovitz who awakened the third eye in me but doubt I could ever paint his face..I'll stick to landscape paintings..
As for the Ice Age we've been there, done this and that, it has become the fifth season. We could always eat or hibernate ;-)
Thanks for the details.. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
Love, Hyds

jenny said...

Hi Jaime

How are u? How is your hot spring trip in Nikko? Did'nt read your blog for more than a week. Just return from Hainan Island, China.

Very disappointed with the hot spring in Xing Long where is not hot at all but lucky there is a beautiful beach in Sanya and a big Guan Yin at Namsan.

Heard that our prince were in Australia for CF. Need to catch up later on his news cause busy in Office.



jaime said...

dear Hyds,

Thanks for reading and leaving me a comment. Yuo have to show us your landscape paintings, I am sure it's beautiful. Hehe, have you seen the new pictures of his Image II - Premium Event 14 Days? He looks so beautiful, even the lazy and untalented me have the itch to draw him :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi HI Jenny,

So you went to Hainan in China, is it a resort city now? Sounds like you were there for rest & relaxation :)hope you had a fun time.

Now please forgive my ignorance, does that famous dish 'Hainan chicken rice' with steamed chicken really come from Hainan? I always wonder about that :)

Thanks for your comments .... love, jaime

myoce said...

Hi Jaime ! Glad you're back...I've been following your posts faithfully..and came back here a few times in your absence..

Thanks for letting me link to you...and I'd be honored to be in your tell the truth, I've been in and out your blog when I wasn't part of Baefamily yet...I went around and read everything I could lay my eyes on about Bae Yong Joon [isn't it pathetic?]. I wrung every article dry...even if there's only a bit about BYJ there ha ha ha

Those cuttlefish are still tasty to me!!...cos I'm a newbie. As for the 1 til 9 points...I think I'm living most of them :)

Thank you for another interesting journal.

Luv, myoce

ps. please persuade Hyds to share those watercolors in her blog ...they are beautiful, I've seen them :)

jaime said...

dear myoce,

Thanks for reading this, hope it didn't bore you. Me too, everything about HRH is still fresh and new (hehe tasty too) to me even after seeing it 20 times :) I just keep rotating his drama from Love Greetings to TWSSG, re-reading his stories in bb's blog, Quilt and Joonsfamily. Everytime I read about his kind deeds, it just makes me fall for him all over again!

Thanks for coming by and sorry that I'm lazy and tired sometimes. Yes, I love to look at our sister Hyds' paintings. The art is so much more special and meaningful when you know about the artist, right? Please take care!

love ... jaime

bb said...

part III already? hehe, you're pretty fast :)

thanks much much for the sharing, thoroughly enjoyed it, really. so thanks for taking the time and trouble to put down in record one of the memorable events from BSJ. it's abit like taking photographs of the event with a pen (or rather, keyboard), ya?

about the 9 fan-types... aigoo, i read through them 3x and still can't fully fit myself into one category. haha, i see myself as abit of all nine, but really none of the nine :p

what about you?

jenny said...

Yes hainan chicken rise is originally from there. Eh their chicken is very good.Did u try steam duck before? Hainan is very famous for that also.

Enjoy the trip cause went with my friends and relatives. 13 of us in the group.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime

I thoroughly enjoyed this account. Thank you for taking time to post for us.

Congratulations to Satovic and her fellow planners on a very interesting program.

I always enjoy Satovic's comments - so reflective of what many of us think and feel. E.g her comment that there are more downs than ups. It's going to be difficult to pass 2009 without him in a single drama.

S'pore fan

bb said...

omo, you gals are making me crave for hainanese chicken rice :p

jaime said...

aiyo princess,

at least you get to eat hainanese chicken rice when you have a craving for it. For me, I can only swallow back my saliva ;-{

As for the types? Me too, I do a bit of some but don't think I belong to one type - maybe unconditional lover. I basically chew on everything he acted on, over and over again :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

thanks jenny for your reply. I think I will have a big revenge on Chinese food next time I travel to any Chinese-related countries in Asia! As for steamed duck, not really, eat with congee? Roast duck, Peking duck, chuao!

wow, 13 people! hehe, I would think it's a BYJ gathering :) Thanks for sharing.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

dear s'pore fan,

Yes, I agree with you. 2008/2009, not a new drama from yong joon. really hope to see another modern romantic love story from him @@
How do we survive another long Ice Age?

love ... jaime

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime

Another modern romantic love story! Exactly what I'm wishing for.

S'pore Fan