Thursday, February 26, 2009

Full-bodied Handsome

Hi dear sisters ...... We've had quite an emotional week, eh? At the start of the week, I've never anticipated we would pour our hearts out and engage in such heavy topics about 'Love & marriage'. I even had a few funny topics at the back of my mind to write, in the hope of lifting our monotony while waiting for HRH. Well, one serious topic led to another, and we ended this series with a surprise from chakachan sharing the beautiful love story of her amazing parents (thanks chakachan, understand it took quite an emotional toll and heartache for you to re-count the lives of your parents). What I appreciate and treasure most from you dear sisters are : we all have different backgrounds and our own baggage (good or bad) in life, but in the last few days, we were able to conduct a sincere and civilized discussion on these crucial issues without being opinionated or condescending. During the course, I have met and learned about so many sisters whom were new to me before. Thank you for coming to the BY family and leaving your footprints here in my little home. You have made me look farther and think deeper about love and life itself. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us .... love :)

Now, let's go back to Yong Joon, shall we? Gosh, I really wish he had some new & explodingly sexy pictures for us fans! I feel embarassed still posting pictures from last year's Japan visit?! But the gorgeous one has his own way of doing things, so we just have to be content in looking at this last batch of the Premium Days pictures. They are full-bodied shots of HRH, love his sexy long legs :) I have no complaints, do you? Please enjoy ......

original posted by byjfan/kaorin


chakachan said...

hi dear ms. jaime,
yeah you're right, this sounds like an Ophrah Winfrey show lately!! ha ha ha goes to show how flexible and smart BAEGALS are!! applause..applause..
i've been reading your entire blog today and commenting on the stuff that i missed...funny, but you know, even if we don't get to see much of him nowdays and look at the old stuff..We never get tired of looking at it/him. A korean pychic mentioned that "he's a powerful man and knows how to maintain that power." I'm glad he used it in a good way..just think if he became a mobster??? I would still FALL for too right?? Ha ha ha..

i also noticed that he likes white sneakers. He's the only guy that looks great in stays white. we know how difficult it is to wear white and let it stay white for the rest of the day?? but according to experts..a man wearing a white shoe/sneakers means that he communicates less. He dosen't open up in a relationship...hmmmmm

BYJ Fan Photo Club said...

Hello Jaime!!
Hope you'll have a lovely weekend. I'm going an ABBA night later..should be fun.
You know I love coming to your blog and I am very glad you have kept an open mind whilst keeping us entertained with your wits and humor ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime,

Seems your blog is full of love, love of ALL kinds!

I finally managed to watch the Premium Days DVD, piercingly trying to locate those places he was at. I think I need to go out to check some places with my own eyes, hehe. I spotted K and T in the footage of Gosireh.

cloud nine

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the blog name, I seem to have rumbled my blog name. I have deleted that one but don't know what's gone wrong. Anyway I better check it. see you ;-)

jaime said...

Hi chakachan,

You noticed the white sneakers too in Yokohama? I said to myself, It's got to be brand new, otherwise how can it be so clean!! Hehe, but then our prince didn't exactly take a bus there, he must be limo-driven all day :) Take care!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hyds,

Is that your new blog? Photo club? What a great idea!

Hehe, ABBA night? movie or musical? please tell us all about it :) have fun!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Really cloudnine, you are watching already?! I am so envious, your dried cuttlefish must be pretty tasty now :) Hehe, K & T are sooo lucky! double envious :) Have fun watching!

samui desu ne!

love .. jaime

Anonymous said...


yup yup the white sneaker is driving banana!!!!!!so clean!!!mine is so worned down,,,feel ashame here hehehe,,,,i like it kinda dirty thou,, so it feels that i travel enough...

love the picture when he looks very comfortable sitting... at the bench....

byj is on a mission now i suppose,,,hide as much as possible!!!!!!!!!!!hehehe no news for sad bae land is so quiet!!!!!!can somebody shout out!!!!!!!!!!yong joon!!!!!aaahhhhhh!wer r u!!!!!!

newbie smiles!jump and role around!

Anonymous said...

driving me banana hehehe!


jaime said...

yeah yeah newbie, I love his sneakers too. It's not those bulky types with all kind of gadgets on it, goes so well with the white hooded top :) I bet he was prepared to do a lot of walking that morning in Kamakura & Yokohama. We thank him for taking good care of his lovely feet, hehe :) thanks for dropping by!

love ... jaime

Hyds said...

Well it's supposed to be but scrapped the idea. The facebook BYJ Family Photography Group was born instead. If you're on FB, join us.. got to go..take care
Love, Hyds
I'll share when I come back ;-)