Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Waterdrops amid drought

Hi Hi dear sisters ...... The Arnoldo Bassini homepage has released a few more new pictures of our prince in some cheery spring colours. Hopefully these will brighten up our gloomy winter days.

Do you have days that even when you've worked darn hard, but nothing is accomplished? (and instead you could have completed 100 things that are on your list of urgent to-dos?) Sigh, I have wasted a whole day researching an onsen (hot spring) trip but comes out with no satisfactory ryokan (Japanese style inn) whatsoever. Sometimes I think I should just close my eyes and point to anyone on the map? (yikes, what if my finger landed on a public washroom?) Yes, pictures can tell 1000 words, but sometimes it can also lead to another 1000 questions! Oh well, what am I mumbling about? I do enjoy planning my own itinerary, then I kind of force myself to learn about the history and culture of the place too, but along the way I also make quite a few stupid 'touristy' mistakes too. Now Yong Joon dear, after finish writing your ''Beauty of Korea' book, do you mind doing one on Japanese onsen next? You said it yourself that you love to go to onsen in Japan :) Well, if he really does that, I think I will get buckets of rotten eggs being thrown at me cause our sisters' necks have grown by a foot already waiting for HRH to start on some 'serious' acting projects. In the meantime, hope these waterdrops can ease your BYJ drought :)

original from Arnaldo Bassini Homepage
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Hyds said...

Hi Jaime!
Tnaks for showing the new pictures..
Yes! Would like to see him acting too..
And with choosing this and that, I understand. I'm like that most of the times especially with perfumes.. I went to look for one but couldn't decide which new one to get.Default setting is Chanel. All I know I stood there for hours ;-(
Love, Hyds

jaime said...

haha hyds,

you have opened up a whole new can of worms for me. Lipstick, nail polish, I don't know why they have to make these colors so similar! hehe, chanel no 5, nice nice! A scent can bring back fond or sad memory, very powerful accessory indeed. Please take care!

love ... jaime

Anonymous said...

Wow, Jaime

You really know what we are thinking.
Really prefer to see him in front of the camera than behind.
But we have to respect his wishes. Sigh.

S'pore fan

myoce said...

Talking about necks....I suppose I'm a spotted tall giraffe now, waiting for BYJ's new works.....sigh...

I can't take photographs [too feel close to BYJ] forever to fill the time!...I see I have many things to learn from long time fans, waiting is one of them.

Thanks for the nice morsels Jaime !

jaime said...

Hi Hi S'pore fan,

Sorry for the late reply. Hehe, you are too nice. I guess we all have the same thoughts about Yong Joon cause we are family, right?

Yeah, it's impossible for us to predict his next move because this very intelligent man always has a mind of his own :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hi myoce,

Thank you for dropping by and leaving me a comment. Yes, actually I find it's even more challenging to be a new Yong Joon fan now than before. Patience definitely helps cause all we know about Yong Joon is 'unknown'! You are right, we just have to entertain ourselves with all sorts of BYJ activities, thanks to all our nice sisters around us, eh?

Let's keep encouraging each other :) Gambatte!

love ... Jaime