Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Up-close Handsome

Hi Hi sisters ..... after you suffered 4 lengthy wordy posts from me, I promise I won't bore you with any more alphabets. I am going to redeem myself with the help of HRH :) These are pictures from the Image II album - Premium Days which is just released on Feb 14. I almost stop breathing when I saw how gorgeous he is, these pictures are much better than those published in the magazines! I guess they really keep the best for last. I have chosen a few of my favourite close up shots here. Please enjoy while monitoring your heartbeat closely, ok?

from byjfan/kaorin


Hyds said...

ohhhhhhhhh thanks for showing these pictures Jaime!!! I heard of these being out on the 14th. I'm dead!!!


myoce said...

No Comment !

My heart's beating to fast....

Anonymous said...

hi Chinggu!

Golly, I'll be following Hyds to whatever she's going through after viewing these pics! Thanx so much and these are so droooooooolable!

Take care & hugzx2.


xiaoyi said...

Hi hi dear,
Long time no 'chat'...ha ha! Hope you are doing great! The Premium Days photobook has a really good collections of YJ's cute pictures.
Thanks for posting!
Take care.

Loves, xiaoyi

jenny said...

Hi Jaime

Aiyo u post so handsome photos for all of us to see, no need to work already.

Worst still, hyds said she is dead after seing this photos. Then how after all dead nobody see your posting . He he he he he he he joking only.



jaime said...

hahaha hyds, miahnae! you can't die yet, there are 10 times more pics to come :)

jaime said...

hehe myoce, according to Dr. jaime, this is totally a normal reaction when faced w/ an ultra beauty like HRH. I've been drooling non-stop too :)

jaime said...

Aiyo chinggu, I thought after all these years and thousands of yummylicious pics, you have developed an immunity to HRH already. Hehe, looks like you need another dose of Yonsama vaccination :)

jaime said...

hi dear xiaoyi,

how're you doing? busy with your little princes? Have you ordered this album yet? Looks like a 'for keeps'. My BOFi id doesn't work again, sigh! Please take care!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hi jenny,

hehe only if he knows how much damage he can cause to women :) but then, like he said, "this is the face I am born with, what can I do?" tsk tsk ..... we can only be grateful while feasting our eyes :)

love ... jaime

xiaoyi said...

Dear jaime,
Yalor... my eldest is in afternoon school, while my younger son is in the morning school. And as they grew older, they are now involving in more activities.. Seems like never ending loads of tasks... ha ha.. Worst part is being their driver, rushing in and out. Hope I didn't bore you with my complaints.

How about you? Hope you and your family are doing great. By the way, I'll be going some where in this June, and I'll email you later on the details.. :P
Take care!!
Loves, xiaoyi

aiko23 said...

ms. jaime..i love the first photo!!!his smile is really something....thanks!!

jaime said...

Hi Hi xiaoyi,

SO nice to hear from you. I can totally relate to you, ah well, I mean before I came here. Being a chauffeur to our kids is a foremost requirement to be a mom these days :) DO you bring things to do while waiting? I know a lot of moms just sit and watch their kids or talk to other moms. I used to do that too until I have HRH. These 1-hour waiting time here and there enables me to write most of my BYJ articles while listening to his drama OSTs on Ipod, did my research on the art series, watched BYJ drama on my portable player. Hahaha, my car has all kinds of gadgets to keep me entertained. What about you, how do you spend your waiting time? Now since I don't have a car plus I have to study my Japanese, I only bring along my homework, sob sob :(

Really, you are going away in June, where where? Wow, your family must love travelling, your boys are still so young. Have fun with your princes!

love .. jaime

jaime said...

hi aiko23,

Welcome here! Yes, I love the 1st photo and the next one too, his face and skin is flawless! Thanks for your comment.

regards .. jaime