Tuesday, February 17, 2009

BSJ Event IV

Hi dear sisters ...... thank you for patiently enduring my longwindedness. The rhythm of the event itself was actually quite fast, fun-filled but also with an underlying solemn tone. As you have probably read Satovic/flowerbossa’s post in Quilt recently, you know BSJ has been supporting charities like the ‘Lee Soo Hyun Asia Scholarship Fund’, Asian Tsunami and the Mid Niigata earthquake. Donations from the past 4 ½ years have amounted to a whopping 21,360,324 yen!

I particularly like the interpretation of the Bible story "5 loaves of bread and 2 fish" quoted in the post :

"One day, five thousand people gathered to listen to the teachings of Jesus. Though he did not have the money to buy bread to feed the crowd, a boy offered him five loaves of bread and two fish. When Jesus split the food and distributed it, he was able to satisfy the stomachs of five thousand people, and there were still scraps of bread left to fill twelve baskets.

There are some people who say that this story does not imply that God had multiplied the bread and fish as if by magic. They claim that seeing the boy had offered all the food he had, the others also took out what they had in their pockets and bags and shared them, and that was how everyone was able to eat to their heart’s content."

I am a Catholic since birth and have heard this story in sermon over 100 times. We even joked about this in our younger years whenever we referred to things that are impossible to achieve. Never once have I heard this brilliant interpretation that : we, the average people, could contribute a little of ourselves to create a bigger miracle! I have been pulling my hair today trying to figure out how to write a grand ending to the legacy of BSJ, but I think nothing is more powerful than words that come straight from the heart and I quote Satovic’s words again : (hehe see, if I wait long enough, I don’t even have to write anymore :)

"We are like the people in this story. It was Yong Joon-ssi, who first offered us the bread and fish. Because he called us fans family and respected us, and offered us love, it made us happy. Because he entertained us always trying to look his best, we wanted to make him happy in return, and to share this wonderful joy with others."

A perfect end to the day for me was meeting Makishi san unexpectedly face to face! She has been providing our BYJ Family with all those yummylicious vods of Yonsama on Japanese TV - almost instantaneously too. Without her diligent effort, we could only wreck our brains to imagine how gorgeous HRH looks when reading about his TV appearances. Sometimes, an image kind of pops into my mind associating it with certain handle name, do you? Makishi san reminds me of Yong Joon the first 10 seconds I met her – tall, slim, gentle features, scholastic looking, even complemented with long hair and dark-rimmed eyeglasses! Hehe, so next time when you watch Makishi san’s vods, please thank our sister in her Yong Joon’s image :)

Lastly, I really have to thank our dear flowerbossa for her kindness. She could have enjoyed the event without any distraction with her chinggus out there, instead she was tirelessly translating every dialogue to me. We all know her translation skill is over and above professional. I dare say I got myself a more ‘kwenchanyo’ interpreter than those sitting behind Yonsama in Kyocera Dome :) Without flowerbossa’s expertise, my report would’ve read like this :

1:30 pm – butt on the seat
1:45 pm – wine bottle starts TALKING on stage
2:00 pm – school girl next TALKING to imaginary Yonsama
3:00 pm – hanbok lady continues TALKING to pale-faced Sohn san
4:00 pm – hanbok lady stops TALKING and walks off stage
4:30 pm – butt off the seat ....... thank you very much.

I remember Yong Joon mentioned in his SkyPerfecTV interview that he treats every project/every scene as his last one, and he pours his heart and soul into each one. I dare not claim I share our prince’s sentiment, but I sure feel the unpredictability as a ‘passersby’ here. I DO value every event I attend as my last in Japan, everyone I meet as the last we see each other; and I treasure everyone and everything I see, hear and feel here. To BSJ, maybe they also see things in this new light : an end is not really THE end, an end actually marks the new beginning of something better. You agree?

Phew, that's about all. Thanks for reading, dear sisters. If I've said something stupid, sorry I can't help it, it's just me :) love love


Yee said...

Hi Lady,

Thanks very much for the details of BSJ event and have to say this time my thanks go more to sister flowerbossa for saving us from your 6 sentences report ^^
Love you flowerbossa, are you going to see Takarazuka's Legend sometimes?? I heard the snow troupe is going to play a different version (this time closer to the drama version)in Tokyo.
Lady Jaime, I watched WGM posted in bb's on the whole Sunday, it was very entertaining, really made me laugh a lot. Just loosen up and try it again.
Coincidently, last night after we watched 24, we just flipping the channels and saw Boys Over Flowers episode 1 showing on KBS world channel. It will be showing on Mondays and Tuesdays.
Isn't it something?? This tells me that we have to watch this boy. Now this show is programmed to record every week.


bb said...

yee ah... brace yourself hor... it's the little prince's first attempt at acting. and, errr... suffice to say he's still acting :p

bb said...

lady jaime, lady jaime...

this post is definitely not your funniest, but somehow to me, it easily makes it into Best 10.

i really like this instalment, really really. love every word, every sentence, every recount, and every thought.

and i really do think what you said about the end not really being the end is quite possibly what satovic and company are thinking and feeling.

you totally 'got it'...

p.s. please... nothing stupid in your post, or in your entire blog at all :p

gosijo said...

Hi Lady Jaime and overseas BNN correspondent,

I don't have much to add to all the praise here and in the comments in the previous posts, except my thanks to you, Jaime, as well as flowerbossa, satovic and everyone whose hearts fashionned BSJ from birth to sayonara.

Adieu BSJ, i.e. we'll leave it to God to allow us the chance to 'meet' again.

Yee said...

Hi Lady,

Me again, what I said about your 6 sentences report was just joking, you know. I love all your postings ...


jaime said...

Hi dear Yee,

Looks like you will be pretty occupied with BOF & WGM for the next little while. Are you still watching Takarazuka? Heard that your family has a 'library size' collection of Takarazuka DVDs! :)
I will keep my eyes on the future shows, your daughters recommended me to watch 'Elizabeth', right?

Thanks for reading and your nice comments, please take care.

love ... jaime

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime,

Great writing! I'm sure you will never forget the day because Feb. 1 is also a big day for your family, which is your son's birthday, right? As a much anticipated BNN reporter, you abandoned the birthday celebration for your son, so we have to thank him and your hubby too.

I'm very happy that you found the BSJ event worth attending.

cloud nine

jaime said...

Thanks thanks princess,

hehe, best 10? never thought of it this way before. Funny sometimes the best ones are also the easiest and fastest ones to write. Guess thing works best when it follows its own natural path. I find the ones I struggled the most usually turned out quite awkward. But bet you have never experienced that frustration before since you are such a great writer and everything must flow so fast and smoooth for you :)

Thanks for enduring this long report. I have omitted many details, but I think many BSJ sisters have already written about them already. See you around, our BOF publicist :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Dear gosijo,

thanks for your kind thoughts. I sincerely wish you and any of our overseas sisters will have a chance to attend one of the large scale BYJ events. It is really an eye-opener to see the magnitude of love from the family to Yong Joon. He is truly a blessed man :) Please take care!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hi dear cloudnine,

hehe, I still feel guilty but lucky that son and hubby don't mind at all, in fact they were happy to get rid of the nagging old mama for a day :)

Thank you for taking me to the event again. Part of my enjoyment was the outing with you :)

btw, want to go somewhere next week since son will go skiing? Oopsies, forgot about the princess is watching. Um hm .... let me rephrase, want to go xx to yy on zz? hehe now, she'll never know :)

love ... jaime

Hyds said...

Well done jaime!! I enjoyed every bit of this journey. Thank you for your efforts in sharing your experience and providing us detailed info of the event. Even reading the last one never failed to put a smile on my face.. It must be a great honor to meet the 'women behind BYJ'almost seeing an A list celebs in the Baeworld.
Cheers and all the best for the future.
Lots of love, Hyds

jaime said...

Hi Hyds,

I have to thank you for having the patience to read through my long report. As I said to gosijo, I only wish every Bae fan can experience a BYJ event at least once. Thanks to the Japanese family whose sheer size and immense love for Yong Joon can hold and support events like these. I am also very grateful to be a part of it and will try my best to share it with our overseas sisters. Please take care!

love ... jaime

bb said...



p.s. what XX, YY, ZZ?? where are you gals going to play this time?!!

jaime said...

hehe princess, definitely not as exciting as Miss 'jetsetter' - you :) hehe actually, we're not sure yet.

flowerbossa said...

Hi Jaime-san,

Arigato for this detailed account on that special day we experienced together - we were so happy to have you with us!

About makishi-san,
yes, I heard some sisters joke "oh makishi-san is so lucky, everytime she wants to see YJ, she only has to look in the mirror!"

Please excuse me for addressing this to Yee;
thank you for your kind comments!
I hear only praise for Takarazuka's performance of TWSSG, and I realize it is getting more difficult than ever to get tickets!
It would be great if YJ could come see it some day! AND of course you too!!


jaime said...

Hi flowerbossa,

You are very welcome. I hope I have not portrayed anything wrong from the event. Thanks again for your help!

Really? So I am not the only one who think Makishi san has a resemblance to Yong Joon? Other sisters have said it too?! She is indeed lucky, so are the sisters around her, hahaha! Anytime she is going to make her next public appearance, I'll wait in line to see her :)

Yeah thanks Yee for telling us about TWSSG Takarazuka. Also, please thank your wonderful daughters for keeping me informed of future shows. I truly appreciate it. I am actually attracted to all of them : My dear New Orleans, Brocade pictures of the wind and Elizabeth. How do we find time to see them all w/ a young son?? Japan has so much to see and experience :)

love ... jaime