Monday, February 23, 2009

Missing puzzle

Hi dear sisters ....... You know, I just dragged my old weary body in the door after watching MamaMia again tonight. Hehe, please don’t be mistaken, I wasn't a 'Dancing Queen' in the cinema even though I was soooo tempted to dance. I actually had my Japanese dance lesson the whole afternoon and my back and legs are protesting like crazy! How delightful it is to come back and read all your thoughtful comments. I'd like to gather some of your thoughts and add my own 2 cents on relationship .......

Hyds brought up this issue which I think some Yong Joon fans are concerned about : "the question if the woman is in love with the real BYJ; not just his money, fame, beauty or the character he portrayed". Dear Hyds, I personally think every person comes in a package - BYJ is a super star, a successful business tycoon, a perfectionist and probably a romantic lover. These are what make up his whole package, it’s impossible to separate or ignore any aspects. Just like when someone meeting a prospective spouse – the appearance, profession, characters, interests and goals all represent him/her as a person. A person’s profession and goals pretty much indicate how successful and fulfilled they are in life. The characters, values and interests will determine whether two people can get along. So, it's inevitable that a woman will be attracted to BYJ becasue of his person as well as his wealth (his fame will be more of a detriment actually). Hehe, but I honestly can’t imagine any woman not melt for our Yong Joon based solely on the merits of his characters, can you?

As both our Myoce and Hyds shared how their husbands complement their own personalities (so happy for you both), dear Moontime also believes that "We all have someone that completes us". We always hear people use the term ‘better/other half’ to refer to one's spouse. As our society and family structure is rapidly evolving, demands on a woman and so as expectations from a woman have expanded. I don’t think a spouse is only someone who spends time with you and share your feelings anymore. I honestly find it unfair to expect our spouse to fulfill all our emotional needs. We have our friends, our interests, our aspirations to fill that gap too, the more friends the merrier. The fact is, I am thinking of something more concrete, I hope a spouse is someone whom you can build your future with, someone who has a common goal and agreement with you on how you will both shape your lifestyles. I see a spouse more of a 'crucial piece of missing puzzle' in a person's life now, what about you?

It’s funny how our dear Gosijo and Moontime both mentioned about Yong Joon being attracted to a dancer. Hahaha, is our prince’s dancing really that bad?? The handsome hunk can master tough sports like horseback riding, snowboarding and martial arts, how can a little rhythm pose any problem to him? Hehe, Gosijo and Moontime, hope I don't sound too practical here. I was actually thinking along the line of a profession/skill. Remember Yong Joon had attempted twice on the university entrance exam to enter Law and Architecture? Wouldn't it cross his mind "What if I were a .......?" Then does a woman of the following qualities arouse any interests? How about an ethical lawyer who advocates for rights of the less privileged? Or an aspiring architect in designing eco-friendly buildings? Or a dedicated doctor caring for AIDS-infected children? Or ..... hahaha, it's all hypothetical, ok :)

Hehe anyway, there is no right or wrong in this topic. We are all sharing what we experience in our lives, in our corner of the world. What works for one may not work for another. Thanks to Lin Chen, yudi, newbie and chakachan and all the sisters for your precious comments. We are in this family because we love Yong Joon and value each other's friendship, we wish him happiness and will support him in whatever he does. Please take care!


Hyds said...

Dear Jaime,
Thank you for a well conceived summary..I understand your points and totally agree.
This goes back to the concept about the marriage of the mind. The personal attributes, status, responsibilities of each sides correspond to how both connect intellectually.
Even if both sides are equally wealthy, successful and famous if that certain 'it' is missing it's not going to work. Why did Prince Charles marry Camilla Parker- Bowles in the end? They obviously got along well from the beginning.
And yes, a partner in life is like a missing puzzle. It should help you grow rather than restricts.
In finding the partner in life I still believe part of it is destiny and the other is something else. hehehehe I enjoyed this topic thoroughly ;-)

Love, Hyds

Anonymous said...


i would be dreamy today i would definitely say DESTINY!

think of it how in the world meet a couple,,poor and rich,,,white and black,,,from north of the hemisphere to the south!!!!!

it's all about destiny period!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Well-said Chinggu! I agree on every word posted by everyone. More so, a partner in life would also mean a good friend and someone you can depend on come good or bad times.

A partner may have shown setbacks in the past but all-in-all, it comes to accepting ones' character and no matter what you still stand for each other and be responsible for everything you do or decide.

Thank you so much for this post and hopefully, our dear KING would be so lucky to find his Queen. May not be you or me(just kidding, hehehhe!but one who will be his constant friend and companion for the rest of his life.


chakachan said...

you're very very welcome..your blog ROCKS!!! it's the first thing that i log on into..even before my e-mails!!! ha ha ha.... well, men will be men..i'm sure he's got somebody, it's just a persona that he's not with anyone..(to make us all happy!!!) he's just careful for us to find out...but we will anyways...take care all U BaeSisters!!!God Bless!!

phuong said...

He's so perfect and he' public figure
too ,it's really hard to find the love of his life . For me he might
stay single for long time , was that
a fortune teller in Singapore saying
his marriage no where to be seen few years ago ?
If you can find another half to complete you and make you happy then
you so fortunate , but if not , just stay single .
For our prince , i hope he could find his his soul mate and be happy.

Lin Chen said...

Very dear sisters, Yudi, newbie, chakachan, myoce, hyds...
I feel warm when we all concern and think for our idol YJ' happiness.
As Jaime said it is no wrong and right here, we all think about and for him, all love him and wish him for the best. He deserves for all the best in this earth. All the same but we love him by different way of thinking, hehe. That is why I love all of you, from country to country share the love to YJ, I love your ideas, I feel I can touch each of you, seem you very close to me.

Jaime, I like your write so much, with very clear idea presentation to share your mutual thinking.
Most of us agree with you.

Dear sisters, could you tell us your country on your blog profile, then I can know where do you come from. I know some of you only. Sorry for that, may be since I just know you all not long...
or you can drop me a mail to

Dear Jaime, thank for having your blog circle then I can visit your friends' site.
Thank all of you.
With love

Lin Chen said...

Hi, jaime and sisters again,
Sorry I have a mistake, I mean Jaime has MATURE thinking, not Mutual.

Hehe, my English! Sorry.

jenny said...

Hello to Jaime and all siters

After seeing all the comments from all our sisters, I think single or married have it good and bad. There is no right or wrong on this issues.

As what sis chakachan said, I to received pressures to marry earlier but l have no regret now for not doing so although I am already in my early 40's. I also enjoy my life fully as a single woman.

Sometime to see our luck also and I also come across alot of my friends who have married but break up, not in good term due to husband have another outside, and etc.

Anyhow I hope he can find his other half and be happy forever .

Take care everyone

myoce said...

Hmmm...after thinking it over.... there's this fact that I got married to a man I knew for only 1 month actually I'm not qualified to give opinion on what are the right qualities a person should have in a spouse, a missing piece, or a life partner ^____^

Maybe I had some in mind...but it's too late, I've been married 14 years now. Ha ha ha...

Thank you Jaime and sisters !

I believe.. married or single, our happiness and satisfaction in life depend on us.

Love , myoce [ Indonesia]

yudi said...

Dear Lin Chen (hug back!) and all other sisters, thank you very much for sharing your thoughts. It deprived me from the blue around me these days feeling YJ's loneliness (I hope I was wrong). I think what we are talking about here is that YJ's happiness is more important than anything else, we are not in any way guessing who YJ will chose from, because we love and respect him so much. As Jamie said "We will support him in whatever he does." always.


Hyds said...

hehehehehe Myoce!!! I met mine in his last three days visit in the Philippines and proposed three months after. After all we've gone through I felt it's meant to be;-)
Thanks again Jaime..Love, Hyds

jaime said...

Dear Hyds,

Last 3 days? so it's love at 1st sight then? you mean you proposed, kudos to you! I am the type who didn't initiate a phone call even after we were engaged.

Yeah, Prince Charles, Diana and Camilla is the story that made me scratching my head at first. I love Princess Diana and her dedication to her charity work. I could never understand why Prince Charles did not fall in love with this amazing woman, who was also the mother of their 2 sons. But obviously Charles is a person who values the communication of the hearts and Camilla is his soulmate and destiny. Hehe, a perfect K-drama plot, don't you think? :)
Thanks for sharing!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hehe newbie,

destiny indeed!

jaime said...

right on chinggu, totally understand where you are coming from. I share the same sentiment, marriage also means consideration.

Sigh, we'll never be his Queen, maybe next life? That means we'll have to fight all over again?! Next life, hopefully we'll be in the same city, so at least I could get my claws on your hair :)

love ya .... jaime

jaime said...

Hi dear chakachan,

Thank you for your kind words. I feel honoured that you come to my little home even b4 opening your email?! Aiyaya, what if there is an emergency? like your boss needs to send you to Seoul on a business trip? :)

We fans think of everything, don't we? He is a star and there is an image to maintain for him to be desirable. But somehow i think one main reason we love BYJ is because he is very true to himself and his family. if he chooses not to publicize his relationship, i feel it's more of protecting the privacy of that special person than keeping his bankability as an available bachelor. don't u think?
thanks for writing me a comment.

cheers .... jaime

jaime said...

dear lin chen,

thank you for checking out my little home and my cirlce :) some sisters used to be active bloggers, but recently they may have other priorities in lives. We all share our love for BYJ and each other in our little ways. I am actually very touched when I read about how you feel about our prince in your blog. I'll go and update my profile now, sorry for the missing info.

cheers ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi Hi puhong,

me too, it's fine w/ me if he stays single so the 'jealous me' inside won't be heart-broken, hahaha :)

cheers ... jaime

jaime said...

hi hi jenny,

yes, there are too many broken marriages these days, huh? Sometimes, I think people just give up too early and too easily.
I agree with you, chakachan and phuong, there is so much to celebrate for a single life. Thanks for coming by :) please take care!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hahaha myoce,

14 years, I think this marriage works fine, don't you agree? thanks for dropping by!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

dear yudi,

thanks for your comment. I hope your blue will go away when you look at Yong Joon's warm sunny smiles. He is constantly surrounded and supported by his close friends and family, I hope he feels blessed rather than lonely :) Cheers!

regards ... jaime

chakachan said...

hi all u baesisters!!! cheers!!! what a successfull topic!!!

now, my dear ms. jaime, you've got the perfect opportunity to think of next topic, related to BYJ or not for all of us to talk about...this is fun! Thanks for your wonderful thoughts on my comment and to be able to share it thru your blog. I do write really long i thought it would be boring to read it..but..but..i am happy with the many new friendships formed. MWHA!!!

my dear ms. lin chen, nice to know u too!! i'll keep in touch with you thru your e-mail soon as i finish my report!! ha ha ha. By the way if anyone wants to drop me a note or can send it thru my email add:'s all talk and make a BYJ difference...Take care everyone!!!

jaime said...

hahaha chakachan,

your wish is my command, I post the next topic about the same time as you write me! coincidentally enough, it's about your comment too :) so happy that you can find friendship and warmth in this BYJ family. he is really an amazing human being! have fun dear!

cheers ... jaime

Hyds said...

Dear Jaime,
No I didn't, he did several times actually ;-)
Love, Hyds

Anonymous said...

Oh I wont worry to much about the dance thing,
that was and example so I agree with you on that .
For all we know the girl might be a
Green Peace activist that fights for Wale rights.

Or the oposite of him,
*yes some of us have a naughty smile on our lips thinking of the past*

Anyway knowing BJ if he has to dance for something *crosses fingers in hope of a project that recuires this* will do so amanzinly.

A true Quote from Karate Kid
"If you can fight you can dance, and if you can dance you can fight"

It is about cordination, flow of the body, strenght with in,etc..

(Imagines a lot of systers on the floor watching this Tango perhaps)


jaime said...

really moontime? maybe that's why I dance so poorly, I sure cannot fight :) But I love how Yong Joon does his back kicks, huh? he can lift his leg really high up!

love .. jaime

jaime said...

oops sorry Hyds, I should have known. Thank you for clarifying :) Either way, it comes out great!

love ... jaime