Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Bye to my Homeland ......

Oh my lord, I started this post last night and must have dozed off while writing it. That's how sleep deprived I am! Anyway, allow me to pick it up again this morning .....

Every night after I have done my washing and scrubbing (pot, pans, dishes, floor, you name it), I just dragged my old and exhausted body in front of the computer. This is my quiet time to unwind, to reflect and to greet my dear sisters. Now, where was I in my Tokyo journal? Oh yes, bidding goodbye!

Did I mention that this infrequent traveller always get hit with major weather systems whenever she goes? It was the first snow storm last month I came here, this time I was met with another major snow dump! The highway had practically turned into a skating rink as we watched cars around us spinning like bumper cars! I thought to myself, "Er ... I just don't think I am going to miss this!", but in fact my mind was not on the weather. My heart was still overcome with sadness after bidding goodbye to my parents. It was very difficult watching their frailing figures behind the windows becoming fainter and fainter as we drove further away from the house :( No matter how old and independent you think you are, I think parents and children always tug a special cord in one's heart.

Well, we finally arrived at the airport without incident, in fact too early. We decided to check out the Air Canada Maple Leaf Lounge (kind of like a private waiting area) :

Hehe, even complete with a soup/salad and latte bar for hungry travellers :

I'd say this is more for business travellers as it is facilitated with small conference rooms, internet booths, hehe even alcoholic drinks and showers! Frankly, I think the regular boarding area is quite spectacular and spacious, and the duty free shopping is not bad either.

As expected with this kind of weather, the usual 2 hours delay for de-icing the wings. Hehe, I don't know if you have seen it before, these guys are sitting in a stretch arm of a de-icing truck spraying some brownish liquid on the wings. When the wings turn green, that means the plane is ready to go (sorry for explaining it in such a crude and non-technical way :)

Now I was thankful that I had some bread and coffee in the lounge, otherwise I would starve into a skeleton before the stewardess had the mercy to serve us some food. Hehe, the menu they gave us was so long as if they were explaining how to fly a plane. I didn't hesitate and ordered the Japanese dinner, of course la, I was flying to Japan! Hehe, I couldn't make out what the appetizers were but I tried them all :

The main course :

I couldn't say they were that good, afterall this is airline food, what can I expect? Hehe, in my humble opinion, I think this is better :

Ha, why do I keep talking about food? Hehe, I blame it on princess bb's influence on fine wining & dining. The rest of the journey was pretty uneventful. We had a pretty comfortabe ride and by the time we landed in Tokyo Narita, it was quite late already. The cool Tokyo breeze welcome us and we took a deep breath of the fresh Tokyo air to begin our new lives here. We checked into our hotel and had a long hot shower, jumped into the soft downfilled beddings knowing how hectic and tiring the coming weeks will be like. Goodbye Toronto, Goodnight Tokyo!

P.S. Before I slept, I looked out the window and noticed RSW's buildings (& his pics too) are so close by. This is the same sky (well, close enough) as my love BYJ and RSW. I said a prayer to the night sky and thank the lord for bringing us here!


bb said...

keke, yea yea... blame it on the princess :p

but i really like to read these stuff and see pics like these... so, am so glad you decided to takes pics of the airplane food.... actually they don't look half-bad!

did i ever say? i'm abit nuts in this department. i love going to the airport, and i love love love taking the plane. i even like airplane food most of the time! well, i like the food on SQ, CX, as well as the japanese and korean airlines... :p

hehe... some of my closer friends said i've missed my calling... they said i should go work in the airport carting the trolleys and stuff :p

p.s. thanks for sharing.... and omo, you're really a snow-storm magnet? shudders.... :p

jaime said...

hehe princess ... I like to fly Singapore Airlines one day, it is one of Air Canada's star affiliates. I heard that its service ranks among the best in the world. Maybe a good reason for you to consider joining its workforce since you love the airport? :)

vegasbyj said...

oh jaime! you tugged at my heart strings when you talked about saying goodbye to your home and especially your parents. *sigh*

i am enjoying your Tokyo journal with pictures of the airport and the food. as bb said, it doesn't look that bad. i know airplane food leaves little to be desired, but i find that food on international flights have been quite good. my experience has been on both malaysia airlines and china airlines.

you take good care of yourself and enjoy your new home. to be so your 2 fave K-men.

can't wait to read more!

bb said...

well, i do think SQ service is consistent... and their female crew always smell nice and fresh :p

food's really quite decent on SQ too.

i remember not liking Qantas and BA much when i used to fly these two airlines during the days i was studying in melbourne... the food's only so-so, and the service abit 'rough' :p hopefully they've improved... but i haven't felt the urge to try them again since 2001 :p

p.s. haven't quite a chance to fly canadian tho...

jaime said...

hahaha bb, how close did u get to these stewardess? I am sure they are young and pretty too. Well, as far as Canadian is concerned, (how should I say it so I won't offend anyone) let's say you feel like you are being served by your mom, whether it is smell, looks or attitude :)

Come to think of it, being a Korean Air employee might give us a higher chance of serving BYJ, hmmmmmm......

jaime said...

my dear vegas,

thanks for reading my little (& late) journal. I know you had to say goodbye to your mom too when you left Hawaii. Was it hard? It makes us appreciate more of what they do for us. I hope life gets back to normal for you now. I heard Las Vegas is very cold, how are you dealing with it? Please take care , ok?

sorry, getting sleepy again. will write again tomorrow about the screening of Barefooted Youth and meeting of the japanese sisters.

love ... jaime

Yee said...

Hi Jaime,

You took me back to 1981, when I left my parents and sibblings. It's unexplainable feeling.
Thanks for sharing ....

vegasbyj said...

Nite Nite Jaime!

It's never easy saying goodbye and it gets even harder each time I have to leave....:(

It's not that cold here in Vegas. Can handle!

I can't wait to read all about your meeting other Bae sisters and your experience of watching Barefooted Youth.

Till then....

Good Morning Yee!

Tamar said...

I feel like I've flown on every airline imaginable, Korean Air, United, Delta, Continental, TWA, EVA, Cathay, AIr China. Yikes. I can't remember any of the meals though. LOL!

Mariko said...

I hope this will work. My first time to leave a comment on your blog.

Sis welcome to Tokyo!

Are you finally settled or are you still busy? Can you give me a call?

Hope to see you again soon!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mariko!

We were just talking about you and mymy today having lunch together with some Bae sisiters after watching 'Barefooted Youth'. I think she will answer your comment soon and also give you a call.

How's everything with you, busy as always?

cloud nine

Mariko said...

Hi cloud nine!

I am planning to watch TWSSG Epi 4 and 5 on Monday with some sisters.
I'm thinking if she could come and join us.

How about you? Were you able to watch TWSSG on the big screen?

My life is always on the run. There is no day that I'm not busy. Busy with work,home and BYJ related activities.

See you one of these days.


jaime said...

my dear mariko and cloudnine,

so sorry mariko that I haven't called u yet. I will call u saturday morning, ok? hehe I know, not too early :)

Oh yum yum, TWSSG episode 4/5, Damdeok looks so good there. I'll need to talk to you and cloudnine about the time. thanks!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hi yee,

I am glad you understand the feelings. I guess when you say goodbye, you also look forward to reunion one day, right?

I hope everything is well with you!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hehe tamar,

my conclusion is : if you don't remember, then they must not be that good, right?

love .. .jaime