Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Can't resist

The Korean sisters are really kind and thoughtful. When there is not much news about HRH, they will repost all the gorgeous old pictures of him to keep us drooling. Hehe gosijo, you know me. How can I resist this set of pictures .....

I know these are not those confident and sexy looks that he is so ultra-cool in now. But I think he is really beautiful (even feminine) in these pictures. He radiates this softness, gentleness, happiness and warmth that makes you feel so happy the whole day.

original in by vento, reposted in baidu by 梦想飞扬.


bb said...

yea, it's become a tradition already... fans posting old pics, old clips to fill the void... but at least these days, the 'blank-out' periods are shorter :p

can you imagine how he used to literally vanish for a stretch of 1-2 years...?!!

bb said...

and those were the days when the there was either no internet, or when WWW meant whole world wait.... (remember how slow web pages took to open when we were still using dial-up...) :p

gosijo said...

Heehee, most definitely, this set of pics is so "Jaime"!

I agree with your assesssment. I like them as well.

Btw, I read in an earlier post that Jan 30th was a beautiful day in Tokyo. Over here, rather than the gentleness of Nature, we are experiencing her awe-inspiring power. Gusts of wind rushing in the long narrow space between our house and the next kept me at the edge of sleep most of last night. Luckily, there were plenty of pleasant SUBJECTS to keep my mind occupied!

vegasbyj said...

I have been playing catch up on blogs lately. Had a good belly exercise this morning when reading about the dog's leg position, hairy legs and transparent clothes.... (-_0)

Thanks for the pics - regardless of when or how long ago, it's always a joy to see and puts a smile on my face.

Take care!

coco said...

Yum, yum, YUMMY!!

I love these pics of him as a sweet young YUMMY man! Sighzzz....

Yes, Jaime and gosijo, we are having strange weather in VCR also -- this fluffy white stuff is coming down from the sky -- does anyone know what it is?? We don't recognize it here, hahaha!

Much love to all,

jaime said...

hi princess. ....he does have a lot of loyal 'old' fans in Korea who stand by his sides for so long. No wonder he loves his family so much.

I think w/ internet today, we become more 'information hungry'. It's like we want 'things happening, not stagnant', news news news several times a day. That's why I appreciate we have your blog, byjgallery, byjfan (and other BYJ sites) and the Japanese magazines to keep us informed.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

oh dear gosijo, I remember those howling winds. It feels like it's going to blow your house away. Now wait a minute, it did blow my roof away last year, remember?

I hope you will take care of yourself. The cold plus the wind is not fun to deal with. Just remember MinHyung when you are walking to work, ok?

love ... jaime

jaime said...

my dear vegas,

I've been checking your blog and wondering if you are not feeling well. I hope not and so happy to know you are ok.

hehe, you read that 'naughty' exchange w/ bb too? So, what do u think? If only that dog could talk and give us an account of its impression??

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi chief,

WHAT?! white stuff from Vancouver sky? are you sure you Vancouverites know how to handle that? If not, just call in the national guards, ok?

hehe, I am glad that you enjoy his yummy pictures. Please take care when you are walking outside chief, the ground can get slippery if you don't have the right shoes. Stay away from the dark patches, it could be ice. Walk on the white stuff, just like MinHyung or Insu, ok?

love ... jaime

vegasbyj said...

thanks Jaime for checking in on me. Just been busy lately...

I am envious of the "regal beagle" - sitting there next to HRH and looking all sharp and putting it's paws who knows where and making us jealous. Yeah, if dogs could talk... lucky dog!

i wanna 'see' the transparent clothes... ;P

(LV has been having below freezing temps and wind so these pics are a warm warm welcome to those cold cold mornings)

Yee said...

End of February, early March of 2006, after watching WS, my world was changed ... I was back to High School days, collecting and saving very little things I like, wanting more and more .....
Because of very far away from his land, and K dramas are not that accessable here, internet is the savior. Thanks to Joons family, Tiffany's and BB's blogs, I was able to know more of this wonderful person and now I even get more sisters around the world.
You girls' blogs are my haven in this crazy and stressful world we are living.
This series of his pictures are my favorite, he looks so fresh, so pretty, so light, so innocent and pure, so everything good .... There is one taken at this time, he had a blue shirt with white pants, very casual look standing with a bike, I love it very much. So I printed it out, framed it and keep it on my desk at home.
You sound like you are enjoying Japan, which is me and my daughters' dream land.


Anonymous said...

....the last photo.... m(_ _)m
jaime onni... (=_=; )
where is the warning sign....?

Anonymous said...

Dear Jaime.
Always I enjoyed reading your blog.
See you again!

from tama

jaime said...

hehe vegas,

LV stands for Las Vegas, I was thinking of something else. Anyway, please take care in the sub-zero temperature. Think of BYJ's warm smile :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hi hi yee, oh, you love that picture of him standing by the bike, I like that too! So, you must love his WS's hairstyle then.

Me too, I am happy to think and write to you sisters. It has become a part of my day now. Yes, I remember you mention that your daughter can speak Japanese, right? Oh, How I wish I could too :(

Thanks for visiting!

love ... jaime

jaime said...

my dear mymy,

Hahaha warning? I thought we are taking a chance on our hearts every time we open up a Bae site, not so? Hehe, with your young and strong heart, your survival rate is much higher than ours.

busy studying? my son has so much to catch up on the lost work :( please take care, ok?

love ... jaime

jaime said...

dear tamatama,

It's so nice to hear from you. I appreciate you coming to my blog and leave a message for me.

Sorry that I didn't get to talk to you much cause there are always many sisters coming out for the gatherings. I hope to see you at Gosireh so we can talk.

Please take care during the cold weather.

love ... Jaime

HeippieH said...

These pictures are truly beautiful. Love them all! It's such a treat to see them again. Never get tire of them.

Jaime and everyone, you take care too, love ...