Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Hi Hi ... promise this one's going to be short, sorry for being so late in finishing that wonderful TWSSG day. Remember that was a Monday eh and every Monday night at 10pm, NHK broadcasts TWSSG on its BS Hi-vision channel.

One way to learn our Japanese is to keep listening, so our next task was to purchase a TV in the weekend (plus I need a TV to watch my BYJ dramas too, right?). Now we are not the type of consumers who demand the latest and the best in audio/visual experience, as long as there is some moving pictures on the screen and we are happy. I know that NHK BS-hi is a subscribed channel, only TVs which are equipped with Hi-Definition can watch hi-vision. So when that poor store clerk (who can speak no more than 10 English words) was trying his darndest to explain to us the features of different models, all this crazy woman kept asking him was "BS Hi right? Hi desu ka?". Thanks to the good fellows who invented those internationally-recognized electronic jargons, or is it simply a case of 'man understanding man'? While the salesman could not entertain my silly question (since all new TVs have HD, boink!), he and hubby were actually speaking in electronic language!

Hehe anyway, come Monday night; both TV and us were all settled and ready for the King. BS-hi is showing another Korean drama 'Bluefish' before TWSSG's timeslot, the actress is Ko So Young (remember her in Barefooted Youth?). I had no patience watching other male actors but hey hey, wait a minute! The background was a hip and modern looking restaurant, it looked very familiar. That's none other than our Yong Joon's Gorilla in the Kitchen! Haha, they used his restaurant for filming, how come HRH keeps popping up everywhere here :)

Then right at 10pm, the opening song of TWSSG started playing and our handsome Damdeok riding gallantly on his horse towards us. I have to commend on this Hi-definition technology, the picture is soooooooo clear that I could see every single strand of MSR's eyelashes covered in mascara, isn't that something? Ok, next time I'll pay more attention to HRH's long eyelashes :) No wonder the Japanese sisters actually went out to buy a HDTV just to watch TWSSG on BS-hi. What a great way to end this wonderful day


Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime,

Hurray! You got the HDTV at last!
Really?? Is the program just before TWSSG Ko So Young's drama?and they use HRH's restaurant for filming? Thank you for your info.
As for BS-hi I'm a newbie too

In return here's a piece of info-
mation from me. NHK's channel 3 is an Educational Channel so they offer several language learning programs.
Japanese lesson program is on every
Thursday night, from 24:00.

Hope you'll have a wonderful time at 'Mochi tsuki' event of your son's school. Be careful not to catch cold.

cloud nine

gosijo said...

Hi Jaime,

Up 'til now, I thought the only reason a new TV would enter our house were:
a) the old one broke
b) my hubby's favourite team made it into the Big Game.

But now everything has changed and I find myself planning for the day the official HD DVDs come out and I too can count each strand of shiny hair hanging over HRH's beautiful eyes. Under the circumstances, that'll mean not only a new TV but a new DVD player. I'd better start saving right now! Not to mention hubby's favourite team lost during the first round of the playoffs:(

Hello cloud nine!

Just finished watching a Japanese drama from a few years back, Nodame's Cantabile, but haven't seen/found the new Paris episodes yet. We enjoyed it very much!

jaime said...

oh thanks my dear cloudnine, I will sure watch that learning channel. It's kind of late eh, midnight?

hehe, I hope I have enough muscles to pound those mochi :) Have fun watching the handsome YoSuk today, sorry that I have to miss it. I'll go cry under my pillow now :(

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hahaha my dear gosijo,

the 'problem' with today's TV is 'THEY NEVER BREAK'! I still have my big bulky 'boat anchor' style TV back home and it looks like it's still going to last for a few more decades!

hehe, maybe you can persuade your hubby to switch his favourite team? :) I assume the Maple Leaf?

love ... jaime

gosijo said...

Ah, no, Jaime. If there is any Big Game coming up in North America right now, it's gotta be the Superbowl!

As for the Leafs, I'm old enough to have witnessed them winning the Stanley Cup! Except I was an ardent fan of the "other" team, the Canadiens, quite naturally for a then recent ex-Montrealler! In those days, most people still had B&W TVs, often the smallish "portable" kind, heeheehee!

bb said...

hey, me like mochi :p

p.s. me just got myself a HDTV too... now i just have to wait for the singapore tv station to start airing it... if they do at all :p

jaime said...

Hi princess,

thanks for dropping by amid your busy move. If Manila is going to air TWSSG soon, I guess Singapore will air it too, right? Yong Joon has so much fan support in Singapore and Malaysia. Just read from tiffany that Part 1 of TWSSG DVD is out in Singapore, I guess it's the Chinese version?

I just watched episode 7 last night on NHK, so cloudnine told me Wald9 cinema will start showing it today.

love .... jaime