Monday, January 7, 2008

Where do I begin?

Hi hi my dear sisters ..... I miss him, I miss him more and I MISS YOU ALL! Thank you for dropping your warm messages to me, I am so touched as I am in the middle of a new country. Let me also wish you dear sisters a very happy and prosperous 2008!!

From January 1, the moment I stepped on the plane to this very late night sitting in my new home looking out at the Tokyo skyline, I wanted to record this milestone in my life in details, but where do I begin? I feel like I have re-lived my life events for the last 10 years again, just that they are all condensed into this past 7 days! Ok , one thing at a time, maybe I should pick up what I have left off last time.....

Before I left for Japan, I had a last gathering with my Toronto sisters Gosijo and Ivy. Since it was 2 days before Yong Joon's MBC Awards attendance, we were quite eager waiting to see how his recovery has progressed. We were also speculating (without base, of course) and hoping that he would win the DaeSang (Grand Acting) Award. Hehe and he did, and much much more :

He has earned the respect from his peers and the industry. The Korean public recognize that the name 'BYJ' is a power house and the undisputed force in Hallyu Wave. He brings his talents and pure heart to the table, and now he is being rewarded many folds.

Oh, back to the gathering, we always know BYJ sisters are generous and caring. No matter how much gifts you prepare for a BYJ gathering, you are always showered with even more :) I hope Ivy and Gosijo don't mind, I cannot resist showing the pretty pink scarf, the purple crystal angel and those gorgeous HRH pictures from them. Can you believe it, that beautiful pink scarf is actually HANDKNITTED by Ivy herself?! Thank Q Thank Q ladies!

Hehe, my BYJ New Year's wreath :)

I have taken these wonderful memories with me in Tokyo now (hehe, and the wreath too :)


xiaoyi said...

Dear Jaime,

Happy to know that you have arrived safely. How are you adapting to your new lifestyle in Tokyo? It must be exciting and tough..ha ha... But, you are now much more closer to YJ and me too... ^^
Hope my Japan trip can be materialized soon.
Take care.
Love, xiaoyi

judy said...

Hi Chinggu!

Happy Landing! So glad to read a new post from you after those grueling days of shopping for household items & furnitures. After all those hustles & bustles, how did those new shoes withstand the non-stop walking ? I hope they're still in their comfy condition, hehehehehe!

And oooohhhh, those perfect pics of our KING surrounding the wreath! Definitely a droolable bring-along while you were on the plane excited to be on your new country of residence.

Wishing you very fruitful, enjoyable & lots of blessings in more ways than what you expect in the coming years of staying in Japan & most of all, meeting "THE KING!" Just don't loose yourself too much when that happens, heheheheh!

Love yah!

The scarf was handmade? Gee, so pretty & you even turned it into a wreath!

jaime said...

hi hi xiaoyi,

Happy New Year! I hope you and your family a very prosperous and healthy 2008!

I am slowly adapting to the Tokyo lifestyle. I love everything about it, eventhough I cannot communicate to 90% of the people I met. I hope you can spend your next vacation here too. Please do not hesitate to let me know.

love .... jaime

jaime said...

hi hi chinggu,

so happy to talk to u again. I am so touched to receive your call right before I left for the airport.

hehe, do u realize we are almost at the same time zone? BUT I can tell u that if HRH drops by in Tokyo, I'll be ready to abandon all my house chores and follow him around :) hehe, just kidding. I'll save a seat for u, ok chingu?

love ... jaime

bb said...

love that scarf!! it looks all soft and fluffy and sweet and it's pink-u!!!

anyhow, hope you're more or less settled in already... that's wishful thinking huh? no way a person can settle in a new environment in just a week... :p but am sure you'll do fine...

p.s. save ME a seat too!

Toujours_BYJ said...

My dear Jaime

I'm very glad to see you enjoy your new home. I'm sure our HRH will visit Japan this year, so please be ready for it and don't forget to report all the details to us.

gosijo said...

Hi Jaime, so glad you have found a few minutes to record your early impressions!

Ah, that was a sweet get-together we had with Ivy! Thank you both for everything! Btw, I too got a lovely scarf and Ivy must be very perceptive because she had guessed my preference perfectly. The purple one seemed to call to me "pick me, pick me!"

Wishing you and your family all sorts of wonderful things is your new home, dear chinggu!

jaime said...

hehe bb ..., save u a seat? how can I afford those front row seats that you are so used to? :)

love .... jaime

jaime said...

my dear camille,

I sure wish u can pass some of your luck to me, so I can catch a glimpse of BYJ. To be honest, eventhough I am in Baeland annex, I still don't have high hopes to see him in person. HRH is sooooooo low-key :(

love ,.... jaime

jaime said...

hi hi gosijo,

hehe, pick me pick me? I agree, your purple scarf sure looks great on you. And Ivy is just so sharing!!

Thank you so much for the gorgeous pictures of HRH, I brought them with me to Tokyo and they are my BYJ treasures now!

love ,.... jaime

bb said...

errr... think i've never had front-row seats leh... the closest i had to that was when i was sitting at the second row during the blue dragon handprinting ceremony back in nov 2004.... :p