Friday, January 11, 2008

'Barefooted Youth' screening

I really look forward to today (oopsies, I passed that midnight cutoff again, hehe I meant yesterday) cause I am attending the first day of ‘Barefooted Youth’ screening in Toho cinema.

Hehe, I am not a stranger to this cinema anymore as I had the pleasure of watching ‘Winter Sonata’ here this past summer while in Tokyo. I have such fond memory as that was the first time I met cloudnine, kiyomi, baba-san and other Japanese sisters. I remember when I was sitting in this big cinema together with hundreds of BYJ sisters, the theme song ‘From Beginning to Now’ started playing as the powder snow blew onto JunSang’s beautiful face, I was so overcome with emotions and tears was swelling up in my eyes.

You see other Korean dramas, 'Jumong' and 'Autumn in my Heart' are shown here too.

Hey, but this time I am like a pro, hehe sort of, with some handy instructions from my kind and sweet cloudnine onni. “Hadashi no Seishun, ichi mai O kudasai” (or simply Yonsama movie?), hahaha there, I bought my first movie ticket! In fact, my seat was pretty good considering it was almost a full house.

To be honest, I have only watched ‘Barefooted Youth’ once, never really like the story or settings. But hey, BYJ is BYJ, it really doesn’t matter even if it’s a frozen screen or no sound, and that’s exactly what happened. Ten minutes into episode 1, the sound was filled with static and was hardly audible, the audience started whispering and grumbling. To make the matters worse, the screen was suddenly frozen (see, I told u I am jinx)! Toho cinema was very lucky though, the screen froze right at a close up shot of Yonsama! Then a very courageous male staff came up, disregarding his risk of facing 500+ dissatisfied women, bowed 90 degrees, said something (funny?) and the whole audience broke out in laughter. OK, I guess then he is excused, so I just patiently stayed back in my comfy seat. Before long, Yeo-Suk is back with vengeance, gorgeous enough to drown us for the next 2 hours.

Good times didn’t just end there. After the movie, dear Kiyomi (leader of ‘April Snow & Now) has kindly organized a lunch get-together in the premier lounge for about 15 of us. Continuing with the waterfall design in the cinema, the premier lounge has an elegant modern d├ęcor with water running down 2 large glass panels backing onto natural lighting. The set menu is actually quite simple : choices of pasta + salad + drinks. I kind of like the self-serve hot/cold drinks that you can enjoy throughout the meal, perfect for a long chat with your friends.

Cloudnine was so nice to stay by my side and translated for me the whole time. Thank you cloudnine onni, I know this is your precious time too to socialize with your Japanese sisters, but you didn’t want me to feel left out, I appreciate it so much. I was very happy to see some ‘familiar & friendly’ faces again from our August Gosireh ‘omoni’ lunch. Some of the sisters cannot really converse with me but I can tell from their sincere faces that they welcome me with all their hearts.

Hehe ...... I guess this time I can really say “Same time next week, sisters?”

This New Year card is from Kiyomi, in front of Yonsama are thousands of 'good luck' paper cranes :

This is the MinHyung's scarf that cloudnine showed me from the Chinese sisters during BYJ's Beijing tour. I take lousy pictures but the color of the scarf is very beautiful and brilliant :) Thanks for sharing, cloudnine.


gosijo said...

Seems like a good time was had by all, despite the little hiccough at the beginning!

So sweet of cloud nine to provide simultaneous translation!

Thanks for sharing your foreigner's journey in the Bae Annex with us. Looking forward to the next instalment!

vegasbyj said...

Me too - I am enjoying your adventures in Tokyo as you get settled in. I can only imagine what is must have been like/felt like to be watching Yonsama on the big screen with other fans. *sigh*

I'm happy you are meeting the other Japanese sisters. Please say HI to cloud nine for me. What a wonderful experience to be enjoying BYJ with other fans.

Till next time....take care!!!
thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaime, gosijo, and vegas,

I'm happy to witness that Jaime's Bae day has started smoothly with a very welcoming mood and I'm quite sure that is mainly because of HER charming character as you already know.

As for the 'hiccough' (thanks for gosijo, I've learned such a witty expression) at the beginning, there heard some big noise which spoiled the dialog then the viewers started booing and that was why the screen was frozen. Then that male staff came up for apology and said the screening would re-start very soon SO please wait for a while. This last comment of his made the audience laugh being puzzled. Whew! but I'm glad it was not a very long stop. As Jaime reported, 2 other Korean dramas are also screened, BUT only Yonsama movie has a full house. BYJ movie is shown at the second largest theater of 360 seats
and other 2 at the theater with 120 seats. So you know How Special Yong Joon is for Toho Cinema, too.

I'm flattered by being mentioned
'kind and sweet', but to be honest
I'm not good at interpreting much less at simultaneous translation!
I just enjoyed talking with everyone around me, and keep in mind dear Jaime that I'm also learning a lot from you. Actually there are quite a few Japanese sisters who can speak English. Moichan didn't show up yesterday but would like to see you sometime this month, and flowerbossa, who happens to be my junior at college, is true bilingual I think and in our circle there's a professional simultaneous interpreter who is a real sister-in-law of chonko tanko. So don't worry much about not being able to speak Japanese well. So sorry for such a long writing!! Gomen!

cloud nine

bb said...

hey jaime!

thanks much much for sharing your bae-day :)

yea, i totally agree with you that wuri cloudnine is very kind and very sweet... so gentle and thoughtful, right?

hee, are you gonna be watching it every week? :p

HeippieH said...

Dear Jaime, thank you so much for sharing your first Bae-date after settling in Tokyo. I read it with much interest. I looks like such a joyful experience, with so many bae sisters to talk to and sharing feelings. It's so great that you have friends like cloud nine to help you translate the conversations. After knowing HRH, the world just started to fill with more and more nice sisters.

Looking forward to reading more of your bae-dates, and one day with bae presenting, yahoo!


jaime said...

hi dear gosijo,

good to hear from you. yes, I am sooo lucky to have cloudnine taking care of me. I don't even know how to begin my thanks.

Tokyo is very windy and cold today. I hope it's better in TO. Have a great Sunday!

love ..... jaime

jaime said...

hi hi dear vegas,

it's so uplifting to hear from you. Yeah, the Japanese sisters are always very hospitable. I truly enjoy their company. Thank you for reading my journal.

Now, are you ready for Yonsama coming your way? I am so envious of you West coast girls :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hehe my dear cloudnine,

thank you for clarifying the details inside Toho cinema. Actually, moichan just emailed me so I hope we will be able to see her soon. And see u tomorrow at TWSSG screening? :)

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hehe princess,

Yeah, cloudnine is just amazing. I sometimes have to pinch myself at how lucky I am. Also thanks to your blog that many sisters are able to establish our friendship.

hehe, I love to watch HRH on big screen, any drama any time :)

jaime said...

My dearest h,

I am so happy to hear from you. I really miss you girls a lot. are u excited that HRH is coming to the States? You know Philip Lee is from Boston, u think they will go there?

love ... jaime

coco said...

Hi Jaime and Everyone!

Jaime, I have just now read your blog back to Dec. 31st - mianhae that I couldn't keep up, life has become sooo busy! (And on top of everything else, I begin my next Korean class this week, yay!!)

How wonderful your journey is! You have moved away from your old friends and blood family, but right into a "ready-made family" of such amazing sisters! When I finally am able to go to Korea, I plan to stop in Japan to visit you all!

And our timing is interesting - I, too, am watching BY now, with sweet Mika translating for me. We are having so much fun, drrroooling over Yosok, soooo gorgeous! And I am only watching him on a small TV screen - I think I might faint to see HRHH as Yosok on a huge movie screen, hahaha!

I just wanted to say Komapda to my Japanese sisters for welcoming our Jaime so warmly. She is wonderful, and our loss in North America is your gain. Please all continue to have tons of fun together, and have a Great 2008, everyone!


regie said...

Dear Jaime,

Congratulations on buying your first movie ticket in Japanese...I'm happy to hear that you are settling down ok in a new country.When I read it, it looks like you have such a wonderful time with other Bae-sister and a new experience also.

Thanks for sharing your story with us. I'll be waiting your next story.
Take care.

;ove n peace,

Anonymous said...

You seem to be sttling down very well in Japan.
I'm very glad to hear this, plus the wondeful baesisters that are there to share with, they do seem like a family.

Thank You for sharing your days,
It is my pleasure reading about them.

Hope youand your family are very well and happy in your new home.


jaime said...

thank you chief for your warm message. I am so touched. It's very overwhelming uprooting our lives to a new country, but I am trying to make the best out of the situation.The Japanese sisters are wonderful, they are a strong source of emotional support for me.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hi dear regie,

thank you for your comments and I am sorry for the late reply. I am doing fine here and I hope life will get back to normal soon. Have you been drawing lately? I wish I can do that soon.

love ... jaime

jaime said...

Hi dear moontime,

thank you for dropping by and write me a comment. it means a lot to me. The Japanese sisters are really nice, I cannot be luckier.
Please take care of yourself!

love ... jaime