Tuesday, January 15, 2008

TWSSG Screening

It felt like a special day when I woke up yesterday, I was going to meet up with Mariko to watch TWSSG in Shinjuku Wald cinema. To be honest, I haven't really seen or written much to Mariko since my summer visit, but I remember very fondly of her warm and sunny smile. She was nice enough to dig me up knowing that I have arrived in Tokyo and invited me to join her friends for a fun-filled BYJ day.

Mariko didn't disappoint, not only that she brought sunshine with her, she brought along our MYMY too! Yes, our cute and sweet mymy, blossoming into a young lady now. I remember last time (also the first time) when I met mymy, I was on a packed schedule between dining the Omoni lunch in Gosireh and attending the Four Seasons concert in Tokyo Forum. I only had less than an hour to see mymy in this smoke-filled and stuffy coffee shop near a subway station. I was pretty overwhelmed as I always think mymy is an amazing young BYJ fan. I could also see from mymy's eyes that she got pretty emotional herself. I felt both apologetic and grateful to mymy, mariko and cloudnine for arranging that meeting as I didn't know (at that time) if we will see each other again.

Ha, fate brings us back together. Mymy, mariko, we meet again! We hugged and smiled, and proceeded to Shinjuku, which is a super busy hub for shopping, entertainment and dining. Another sister Olivia was waiting to join us to the Wald cinema. This is the giant billboard for TWSSG at the entrance :

Wald9 cinema is located on the 9th floor, this is the sign at the entrance to the elevator :

Since this is a national holiday, the cinema was quite packed with young people. Near the ticket reservation counter, I discovered there is a display case of BYJ merchandise! Can you recognize all these? (hehe sorry, no prize even if you get them all right :)

My smart Japanese sisters got ourselves a set of 12 tickets for 12,000 yen and mariko held it up for me to snap a shot of it.

We really didn't have much time left, so we ran downstairs to grab a quick bite. Olivia started telling us about their Taiwan trip to Yong Joon's AS Tour with mariko and bb, this is when I discovered how wonderfully cheerful this sister is. Olivia's account of their adventures was so animated, it made us burst out laughing and almost forgot that we were late for our show! We met up with another sister Cherish and stumbled into the pitch dark cinema, feeling our way to our seats. From the very occasional bright shots from the screen, I could tell the cinema was very big. We finally got settled in the seats and oh btw, we were watching epsiode 4, so the handsome adult Damdeok has not appeared yet, phew!

Wow, this drama is really made to be enjoyed in the theatre complete with 3-D and surround sound effects. Aside from the obvious benefits of seeing HRH in his full gorgeousness? on the big screen, this time it's the sound effects that really impress me. you know, every single sound is produced to perfection. Remember that scene when Sujini was a little girl, she brought Jumoochi to Bason's blacksmith shop and he threw his axe and chopped the tree stump into halves? My gosh, that quick, sharp chopping sound was so powerful that you felt like the axe was hitting at you! It's even more captivating during the polo match when the historical music, galloping horses and the sweeping weapons all combined to create this wonderful symphony. Since Wald9 is showing 1 episode per showing, so we had to leave the room and re-enter for episode 5.

The elegant Cloudnine onni joined us for this next episode and I was very happy to see her again. There seems to be a few other Japanese sisters that cloudnine was talking to. Then all of a sudden, a very graceful lady emerged and called me "Jaime!" and cloudnine told me "this is Pallet". Pallet? You mean the very famous artist Pallet, whom I have written to and admire?

Mymy and I were awe-struck, this was totally unexpected. We both admire the artistic talent of Pallet and love her recent drawings on the different 'gaze of Damdeok'. It was just too much happiness happening to me in one day. We didn't have much time to chat as episode 5 was about to start. In my heart I know we will have a chance to meet again.

As we were about to leave the cinema after episode 5 was finished, cloudnine pointed the stage to me where Hogae-nim (Yon Ta Young?) held his autograph session on the first day of TWSSG screening. I could imagine the crowds and excitement on that day already :

We still liked to talk a bit more, so we went to a coffee shop for desserts. It was another stuffy and smoke-filled cafe! Since it had been a long day and we all have obligations as housewives and mothers or students :), we decided to call off the day. Thank you mariko, mymy, olivia, cherish and cloudnine for another wonderful Bae Day!

Ha, but this TWSSG day did not end there, stay tune .......


gosijo said...

Can't wait for more, dear Jaime! This is wonderful!

vegasbyj said...

Wah! I feel so happy for you!
(ok a bit jealous and envious, but not too green)....LOL

How exciting to see HRH as DD on the big screen. The surround sound must be awesome - to hear and feel - I can only imagine.

And watching TWSSG with other Bae sisters - *sigh of happiness for you*

I can't wait to read more. Please do share!!

Take care!

bb said...

wow, sounds like an exciting day! and, you've met cherish and olivia! me and cherish sort of go way back when i was translating fanfic on quilt... my impression of her is that she's a very intelligent and sensible lady. friendly and diplomatic too :)

and... you've met olivia too? i haven't met her once in taipei and twice in tokyo :) very slim and yea, animated... :)

mariko is so warm, ya? in fact, me think she's so sunshiny-warm that it's so easy to warm up to her in no time... :)

and our dear cloudnine... yea, elegant and fine woman... love that sensitive and considerate soul of hers...

funny how women of such diverse background and personality all grow to love this man so much... :)

p.s. me soooo... jealous you've met mymy and pallet!! our lovely flowerbossa wasn't there today?

p.p.s. glad you're enjoying your japan stay so far.... and thanks for sharing...

p.p.p.s. me taking a mini-break from my packing, gotta go back to it now... sighs... so much makeup!! i really should stop buying mascara, powder and lipsticks!! :p

Yee said...

Hi Jaime,

You lucky girl ... I envy you.
Can't wait to read more.


jaime said...

dear gosijo,

thanks for reading. I know maybe it sounds repetitive (even boring) always going to a BYJ drama screening, but the joy of meeting other BYJ sisters are extraordinary.

love ... jaime

HeippieH said...

Dear Jaime,

I am reading with eager and interest. Now I am wondering what language did they use, the original Korean? With Japanese subs or English subs? Episode 4 later half has Damdeok HRH, right? Is Japan version the same as the original MBC broadcasting version? Read from bb that they are going to show the TWSSG in cinema in Korea too, sisters living in these two countries are so lucky.

Are HRH and Phillip Lee truly coming this way? Maybe they are already here, but how are we gonna find out?

Have a nice day, love ... miss you ...

jaime said...

my dear vegas,

you are always so kind amd supportive. It must be really nice to have a friend/sister like you in 'real' life (hehe, you know what I mean by real life). Yes, the experience of watching BYJ with someone who can 'ooh and aah' with you is just amazing :) Any chance you are heading this way?

love ... jaime

jaime said...

hehe princess,

yes, it's wonderful to meet olivia and cherish. sorry this time i didn't get a chance to talk to cherish too much, maybe next time when i see her.

but no matter which, who, when and where the BYJ gathering is, your name always come up in the conversation. You are almost as famous as our Yong Joon! So, when do u think i can write 'I have met bb today'? :)

love .... jaime

jaime said...

hi yee,

thanks for dropping by and read this. I just hope to share what I see and experience as a BYJ fan coming from a BYJ non-existent place entering into a BYJ Fantasy Land. Much like Alice in Wonderland or a kid going to Disneyland for the first time! Hope you don't find it boring or tedious.

love ,.... jaime

jaime said...

oh my dearest h,

How happy that I hear from you again! I miss you and the sisters so much!

Yes, half way into episode 4 appears the handsome adult Damdeok :) THe drama is shown in Korean with Japanese subtitles, I don't think the Japanese sisters want it any other way. The same with the TV broadcast on NHK Hi-vision. But I heard from cloudnine that it will be dubbed in Japanese when TWSSG is broadcasted on public channel in April.

Hehe, you lucky lucky girl, what if Philip Lee brings Yong Joon to his hometown Boston? You might bump into him in Quincy Market drinking Lobster Bisque or strolling along the banks of Charles River outside MIT or Harvard? Oh, I really envy you, my dear h! Hehe, I am sure some very well connected and resourceful sisters will share with us as soon as they know. hang in there, ok?

Please take care in the cold winter, don't work too hard, ok?

love ... jaime

flowerbossa said...

Hi Jaime,

Lucky pallet got to meet wuri Jaime! She didn't know you were going to be there, so she was very excited to run into you! (She apologizes for catching you by surprise... you must have wondered who this strange woman was calling out your name in a country quite new to you! But she was so happy to see you at last^^)

I hope OUR paths will cross sometime soon...

Till then, take care♪


jaime said...

Dear flowerbossa,

We are under the same beautiful Tokyo night sky now. Yes, it was a very pleasant surprise to run into Pallet. The pleasure is all mine to be able to meet her finally. I understand you are a very busy mother, I also hope to meet you in the near future :)

Please send my regards to Pallet.

love ... Jaime

bb said...

jaime, you HAVE TO meet flowerbossa, k? hee, even if you have to go to yokohama :p she's lovely, and i've a feeling you will like her much much :)

p.s. ah... so my name sometimes pop up? great! then i can make-believe that i almost was there too :p

p.p.s. hehe, while i'm at it... the next time my name pops up, can you pls pretty pls mention my name in the same breath, or better yet, in the same sentence as wuri yong joon? :)

Anonymous said...

Hi jaime,

What a wonderday TWSSG day you had! You know my eyes have turned all green (or in Chinese turned all red). I admire you could meet our Great King on the big screen with so many famous, talented bae sisters.

gosijo, should we start to plan for a trip to tokyo? We definitely want to visit Gosireh, meet all bae sisters and watch TWSSG in Theatre and if possible meet our HRH in person, right?


jaime said...

hihi princess .... me too, looking forward to meet flowerbossa. hehe btw, the talk is always HRH and you, and they are all good :)

jaime said...

hi hi Ivy,

so nice to hear from you. how's TO? Are you girls going to get-together for Chinese New Year?
I'll be so happy if you and gosijo are coming to Tokyo. But looks like HRH is coming your way though, right?

love .... jaime

coco said...

Hi Jaime -- what a wonderful time you're having!! Like everyone else, I am so happy for you, as well as just the tiniest bit greeeen!! hahahaha!

I look forward to coming to see you in Japan on my way to Korea -- it's a dream I still hold dearly in my heart....

Please say hi to all the Japanese sisters that you meet for me, ok? And please keep having such a wonderful time in your new life!!


Toujours_BYJ said...

Sorry I'm late my dear Jaime as I was too busy. I'm very happy for you to meet so many Bae sister and to be able to watch TWSSG at the movie theatre, I'm a little bit envious lah.

jaime said...

my dear chief,

Thank you so much for your warm message. I miss you girls very much. I hope I will be more settled next month so I have more time to write to you all. I look forward to you visiting Tokyo. The Japanese sisters are very warm and caring. I am sure you will enjoy meeting them personally.

Please take care, ok?

love ... jaime

jaime said...

my dearest camille,

I am so happy to hear from you. I have been thinking about you, know that you are very busy with work. PLease take care of yourself. I'll write to you later, ok?

love ... jaime